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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. I'M SORRY BUT 58???



    *citation needed
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  2. @Monkey0 you better run.

    I already bought my plane ticket to Poland.
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  3. I'm honestly about to throw my work computer out a window.

    ETA: I'm actually not done yet. I have never been so hurt by this forum. Not when I was dragged for improperly stanning GFriend, not when I was UNJUSTLY voted out at the last second in Escape From YG's Dungeon, and not even when High Heels only barely made the top 20 in the 2016 SOTY rate. To think I was just starting to trust y'all heifers again and you all go and do THIS.

    Who hurt y'all?
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  4. Hang on, how long have you been Irish?
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  5. He


    I’m actually playing Hwi Hwi now to see if I can be persuaded. But it just doesn’t click with me.

    I’ve tried, unnies.
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  6. [​IMG]




    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    BEST FICTION // @Island // Ohnostalgia
    RUNAWAY // @send photo

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    @Alouder98 // @karmarisma // Sanctuary


    First the voters bid adios to latin-infused boperoos and whistled a fond adieu to the brightest power pop on display so was there any real hope for a slice of brooding honky-tonk blues? Lee Hyori much improves on album track Mute's placing with the actual single Black but it still couldn't muscle its way through the harsh dry desert to oasis we know as Top 50.

    Those who are newer to K-Pop may not have sat through a comeback by or even really know the name Lee Hyori. I admit I was in this boat too having only really started following K-Pop religiously since 2015 and Ms. Hyori's Bad Girls (her last release) was a 2013 release. However, if the name passed you by before then pull up your chaps and whir your spurs because Environmental Outlaw L.Ri is here to whip you into shape:


    Oh. Wait. I almost forgot:


    Yes, this is K-Pop with a high gloss independent lacquer but when I say independent I don't mean r'n'b - this is a grimy, animalistic bluesgrass, deep Southern strut of a tune with an underbelly of trap/near-dubstep that may be subtle but turns this into a fusion smokehouse special I didn't know I needed in my life. Whilst I previously bemoaned the lack of K-Latin taking off properly in the mainstream, i'm also low-key a bit livid that a track this musically brave bold and straight up fearless couldn't spring a wealth of serious harmonica-riffing, writhing in the desert like an Alannah Myles video hoe K-Blues bangers into our midst.


    Of course this genre skirting could've sounded totally cliche and trite if it wasn't for the sheer attitude Lee Hyori sells it with. The whole package from that near-slurred, sensually drawn out vocal delivery and the self-searching visceral lyrical imagery to the short film desert western water hunt MV with some of 2KPOP17's most visually arresting images (the above cowboy hat stroll through the sandstorm, L.H's tribal wolf dancing caked in mud, the cute doggy she saves, the deserted gas stations at dusk, dawn, day and night, those roaring driving camera cuts, the sepia inflected cinematography) is truly breathtaking and i'm kinda mad at myself for only giving it a 9 when really it's more than worthy of a 10 just for being so daring as a post-hiatus comeback. Also if you've not listened to Black the album then CATCH UP UNNIE because it's one of South Korea's very best full lengths from last year. Alongside this, Mute and Seoul from the Beige Class round, a quick shout-out to the frankly threatening brilliance of White Snake, that really deserved to be here too:

    Seriously, put this and Uhm Jung Hwa's Photographer on a two track playlist and you'll suddenly find yourself wanting to be a PVC adorned dominatrix brandishing a whip alongside a butt-length ponytail weave I guarantee it. The veterans did THAT.





    Serg.: It's very cute [SQSH: insert Tiffany Pollard gif here]



    Empty Shoebox: Maybe it's because I don't speak the language, but I don't find this really memorable. The song seems to be structured round the vocals, but I can't sing it back.

    karmarisma: Lee Hyori is a queen but I just can't appreciate this out of the fray attempt from her and a sudden derailing from something as feminist and iconic as Bad Girl to Black. I appreciate the effort but the song fell flat for me. She still knows how to work it and build a concept though. [SQSH: I think lyrically this is still quite a strong statement for a solo female artist in the industry? I admit I like this more from a music perspective than Bad Girls though so maybe i'm biased]



    EccentricSimply: Oh yes, the heavy ass beat in this is amazing and I love the almost bluegrass sound the acoustic guitar brings to it. I hadn’t actually given this particular song a listen before and I was pleasantly surprised by it.

    He: Queen of country and queen of Jeju. This is actually so moody, I appreciate it.

    Ryan_Riot92: Back when this first came out, I wasn’t too into it. It may have been the fact that her competition at the time was just too overpowering and I never really got a chance to sit down and listen to this absolute gem. I really regret not giving this more love back then because now I find it to be one of the most amazing songs to come from this year. Such a diamond.

    Slice of Life: Kween of the Environment ddddd. It's hard for me to separate this from the visuals because the visuals are such big part of this campaign. But with that said, the song can stand on its own. I don't use this often because again, I'm a flop but whenever I do, I always find this utterly amazing. Hyori can stay in her Jeju home for eternity for all I care but I demand her to release more important works like Black. K-Pop needs her.

    : Sophisticated, classy track. She sound almost as if she's not interested in singing this which adds to the charm of the song. There's slight tribal rock feel to it.

    Eliminathan: Lee Hyori won me over when she gave the puppy her water. Generous goddess.

    ThighHighs: Unlike anything else I heard last year and I’m SO into it. I don’t know much of her stuff, but whenever I have to rate it I’m always so intrigued. One of these days I’m going to dive in.

    Kuhleezi: Is K-ountry a thing? I dig it.

    Send Photo: This is massive and y’all are hateful shrews for sleeping on it. [SQSH: Whilst I do agree because Black is pretty amazing, I could also say the same about your score for Hwi Hwi so win some, lose some heaux].

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  7. it’s the princess



    She’s back
  8. I'm indifferent to Lee Hyori.
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  9. This was oddly prophetic of me. It takes me longer to absorb some of the more popular tracks here...
  10. Why do I feel this is directed at me specifically?

  11. I was going to do this elimination last night
    but y'all kicking out my 10s back-to-back is



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @eliminathan // @junglefish // Squashua

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Monkey0 // @PopZeitgeist // @Serg.


    Confession and admission time:
    Due to the way the numbers fell in the ballots stage of this epically long, seemingly never-ending rate (my fault entirely) i didn't submit a full ballot because all the Beige classes wouldn't have been equal. I did however get chance to add a couple extra to fill out Beige Class 1 and, lo and behold, Gfriend's album track from the highly lauded The (momentary) Awakening somehow managed to wade its way through the pools of beigedom and almost to Top 50 despite not a single buddy including it in their ballots initially (and only the ever-reliable KPJ buddy captain @junglefish coming to this song's aid with a 10). POOR DAT.

    Further confession time:
    I do believe that is the BEST GFriend track of 2017.
    Heck, i'd go as far as saying this is top 5 of their whole discography so far such is the level of on-trend yet on-brand HYPE song boppery on display in this quick three minute pocket rocket tornado.

    Come collect your MoR rate accolade cystren of the Travelling Moon Night Gummy Sobbing:


    I know that the above is probably an unpopular opinion (my fave 2017 Gfriend track, not Yerin) but whilst I love Pingatip now, I wasn't blown away initially and still think the chorus isn't quite on the same level as the pre-chorus and, especially, THAT middle 8/dance break which is truly one of their greatest single moments. But more of that later because this is Hear the Wind SANG 's time to shine front and center and HO BOY what a rush. What a tour-de-force of bubbly, razor-sharp, modern loveliness bundled up in a package you can dance, spin and twirl around various locations to. Seriously, if you didn't give it the time of day before, try it now, on loud as you wander around your Springtime environs and feel that gust of faux-Clean-Bandit-when-they-were-actually-good pure pop wind. The girls' vocals sound fantastic, the handclappy pre-chorus is built for bouncing along to and the double whoosh in chorus is transcendent.


    I'm still a bit bummed that this wasn't the direction they decided to go after Fingertip because I think it perfectly encapsulates GFriend's pure, unashamedly bright yet powerful musical identity whilst also pushing their sound forward into something that's still current, both SK AND international fanbase appropriate and not too sexy (as I seem to the recall a couple of the girls had an issue with?). It's just so uplifting and an actual BOP in full capitals the likes of which GFriend don't really release all that often (I love Rough but it's not something you could whip out in the klerb now is it?). Using the Clean Bandit template could you imagine GFriend's very own Tears or Real Love to HTWS's Rather Be? Eurgh, i'm so sad this didn't happen.

    I'm also thankful this actually got the music show treatment with some pastel 90's graphics, white confetti showers and lovely choreo (even if poor SinB finds out she can't completely rely on Yuju as a dance partner around the 2:55 mark followed by it looking like Sowon is waving their mishap in the middle goodbye straight after):


    Oh and that means SINGING IN THE RAIN by the good sis crimped haired rap dork JinSoul is officially your favourite BEIGE CLASS 1 track. Well done everyone for letting blue prevail, I guess being the best of the barely remembered is still the best of something.





    Salami: It’s less generic than some of their other ones...but it’s no Fingertip.

    Empty Shoebox: I feel a bit short changed with this one. I think the strings are a bit underused, but maybe it's just the audio mix. Anyway, I'd like to hear more of them here.



    EccentricSimply: This sound works really well for them, so it for real makes me lowkey mad that they are beiging themselves so much lately. [SQSH: EXACTLY, thank YOU.]

    ThighHighs: GFriend feeling their Clean Bandit oats in an obvious attempt to have a top ten in the UK. I see right through you, girls. It knocks tho.

    The only thing that didn't sit as much for me was that I felt the vocals didn't match as well with the song but all is forgiven when you're GFriend and make a party disco track like this. What even is that funky violin...Orchestras are shaking

    Slice of Life: Yath so festive. Clean Bandit found rotting. Also this gives me disco vibes which is actually something I'd love GFriend to tackle.

    Ryan_Riot92: FUCKING BAWP! This literally could have been the title track too!!!! … OMG … am I slowly becoming a Buddy? Time will tell.

    He: Ok, but bop! Gfriend always has little gems hidden in their minis.

    GeiPanda: I could see this as being a much more successful title track for this era (despite me personally liking Fingertip a lot more). The instrumental is literal Clean Bandit.

    Eliminathan: This track is better than Fingertip and they should have done a double single. Tbh Squashua is a shady noona for choosing a video where SinB falls.


    Cotton Park: One of the best album tracks of the year. This is so precious. It's the song newborn babies hear in their little minds when they drift off to their first blissful dream (right before their young lives get ruined shortly afterward). [SQSH: This took a very dark turn I did not see coming at the end there.]

    Aries: Clean Bandit feat. Umji hwaiting!



    Serg.: Classic GFriend [SQSH: Consider your underwhelming 5/10 score, i call SHADE on that comment. Get ha Buddies].

    Monkey0: Subpar, GFRIEND by the numbers on 1.25 speed.

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  12. Whatever
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  13. T A L E N T
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  14. That's too bad. I really love this song. I should have tenned it. I thought I did, but I guess it was a nine. My second favorite G-Friend song. Still. It and "Rainbow" (and some other songs, of course) got me through a really, really tough time when my Dad died... (hence the darkish comment, I think.)
  15. .
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  16. Causing HTWS to lose their tie
    by a single 10 pointer...

    (@GeiPanda where was your gummy buddy loyalty?)



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Cotton Park // Ryan_Riot92 // @ThighHighs

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:


    What's this?
    The very first song to get ZERO Beige or Iljin scores???

    Brave Gherls continuing to smash through barriers despite Brave Sound's best attempts to impede them properly exploding like they should by reaching a milestone in rate scoring that only 11 songs will have the honour of achieving (and hilariously, neither of the actual Top 2 will manage). Guess we better come up with a new accolade for the inventors of stoolography and Sassy Gurrrls:


    Although it's a bit anti-climactic really because, whilst I like this song a lot and get my hairbrush-warbling, low-key body-lollinlollinlollin on to it everytime it comes on, there's no denying that this is just an album track with no promotion whatsoever and even some cut'n'paste elements from other places like the "Woo!" part of the notorious Yeah! Woo! sample that is to music what the Wilhelm Scream is to film. Brave Bros. are known to put out some massive megabops and yet it's almost a running joke at this point that their own attempt at a girl-group seemingly gets their most half-baked, perfectly-fine but on the trashy side instrumentals.

    Luckily for Memory, these girls know how to sell the crap out of all the scraps they get given and, whilst not as iconic as Rollin' or High Heels, this does have moments worth giving a damn about. Hyeran, the baseball-attired rapper in High Heels, took the Solji route and provided vocals for the mini album whilst not participating in the Rollin' promotions/MV due to health reasons but you can hear her spitfiring away her with the best line "I DON'T THINK I'M READY FOR DISSS SH*T!" which should really have made Rollin' just so more people can understand the reference when I mutter it under my breath at life.

    Still, this is an album track so I don't have much more to say aside from express my surprise at it not only making & surviving Beige Class 3 but also leapfrogging far more notorious tracks from 2017 like Signal, Don't Say No and Hwi Hwi. The power of Brave Gurrrlss lives on long after the high heels have been slung on the shelf. I should put a related gif here or something so have a creepy Dr Kawashima one because Brain Training for DS - "Memory", get it? Look it's all I got okay, don't @ me.





    ThighHighs: THIS is the album track of the year (besides my 11 kiiii). Rollin’ itself was a huge hit among my friends, but this one was also well known and liked because it always auto plays after Rollin’. “I don’t think I’m ready for this shit” is one of my favorite pop moments of the year, and I die for the vibrato on the second half of the chorus. [SQSH: What is @ThighHighs 's 11 you ask? All to be revealed in due course...]

    Serg.: See, this is actually quite nice, shame it wasn't the title track

    D is for Danger!: This is single worthy!

    Ryan_Riot92: As if the almighty Lollin’ wasn’t enough for us, Brave Girls gave us one of the best b-sides of the year! Also, shout out to Hyeran for giving us a spitfire rap even though she wasn’t part of the promotions for this comeback. I’m hoping for her return next comeback … but I have my doubts.

    Monkey0: EDM punch to kick off girl's night out [SQSH: This was not the commentary or the visual I expected from our nefarious rate villain. Girls' Night Out with @Monkey0 ahoy - foxay gurrls report to the cocktail bar!]

    Cotton Park: Oh my God. Like Namyu, BG completely owned me for a period of about three months with the Rollin' LP and this one is an underrated, uplifting anthem of get-your-shit-together-and-move-on-ness.

    Slice of Life: I DON'T THINK I'M READY FOR THIS SHIT. YATH CYST SCREAM IT FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. This is very fun and actually reminds me of Stellar's Brave Brothers bop, Cryin, with a mix of Sistar. Not the most original, sure, but a bop is a bop.

    [SQSH: @Slice of Life when that line comes on -
    [​IMG] ]

    Eliminathan: First time hearing this song and wow it's really good. Why do I keep hearing about Rolling when this exists. [SQSH: Ooft, you in danger from these other unnies gurl lemme just say that]



    EccentricSimply: I like this more than the title but it’s not by a very wide margin nñn



    karmarisma: Oho Brave Guhls. This could very well be the sequel to my favourite Brave Girls song after Lollin', which is Whatever. But unfortunately 2017 was diseased with choruses that go nowhere so not quite there. [SQSH: The chorus is actually really nice in this one though, especially with the ad-libs over the final one]

    Empty Shoebox: Bit basic, but I still like it. [SQSH: If Grindr had personal reviews]

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  17. You know what, I'm proud of us for allowing Memory to get this far. Especially with the absolute MESS that the last 4-5 eliminations have been, this is a bit of a PopJustice.

    I don't like the way this sounds, unnie.

  18. [​IMG]

    I REPEAT -



    DEAD @ IT 11s:

    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Ceir // @He // Sanctuary

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:


    Fuhgehtahbout that Brave Girls song from before because the true tawp Rap Madam of Korea just went a did a one-up on their rate score trophy by not only getting no haters or beigers but ALSO receiving a hallowed 11/10. TOP PRIZE Y'ALL HEY HEY (a.o.a *sobs into ChoA wig*). That success is kinda short-lived when you realise Don't Know You (But Really I'm Blaming You For My Own Douchery) limps in with a mere 3 10s and could only get to 54th place.

    Either way, there are prizes to be had in the shape of completely worthless, badly edited moving-visuals so Heize - c'mon down!


    Heize, as she is indeed known (although I always read it as He-zee in my head when I think it's pronounced like Haze? Someone help a sis out), is an interesting anomaly in the K-music scene. Starting off in 2014 under a company i've never heard of, and I doubt anyone has heard anything about since, Heize real name Da-hye was a little-known rapper/singer cutting out very mixtape-esque hip-hop-meets-jazz music that's surprisingly not wildly dissimilar to some of her now more well-known material. Her first "single" so to speak was this little ditty:

    A bit rough round the edges and more traditional hip-hop deep cut leaning but still with dashes of the artist she would become. Then an appearance on the female-championing rap battle show Unpretty Rapstar (where i'm still DISGUSTED her, Yubin and Yezi lost to Rap washout Truedy a.ka, Who?-dy) and subsequent pick-up from new media company CJ E&M came along that soon saw Heize's STAR ascend quite literally because within the space of a year and a half Star the single had imploded the GAON charts, hit #1, sold OVER A MILLION copies and propelled H-Dawg to the very upper echelons of SK digital behemoths. That's not even taking into account two big hits earlier in 2016 with the omnipotent Dean and an equally massive (and actually really good) Florence-apeing alt-pop track that found its way onto the OST of SK's biggest TV drama.

    How does one address such sudden appreciation of TALENT?


    By slaying some more apparently. So let me not ramble anymore and get on with this, Heize's big 2017 comeback and eventual second #1 hit and million-seller in Korea (the other single from the mini, You, Clouds, Rain would go on to do EVEN better but y'all hate ballads and men so that was never going to do much here). Don't Know You is probably the perfect encapsulation of Heize's indie-nurtured, underground roots with a more pop leaning, hook-propelled construction, which in turn kinda reflects her double persona in the Jazz lounge singer and the no-holds-barred rapper. Let it also be mentioned that with prior success comes a big ol' MV budget increase which meant she could finally get out of that grimy, crackden her & Dean were mooching about in for the And, July video. Speaking of the video, you're in for a visual assault (quite literally) as we are welcomed into the world of:


    Yes, you did indeed read that (in)correctly.
    No, your eyes do not deceive you.


    They did indeed completely misspell the titlecard of the whole frickin' premise, not once, not twice but actually THREE TIMES on the same shot. Not only that but it pops up completely wrong EVERY TIME A NEW WAY TO MAIM BEARS APPEARS. I remain, to this day, baffled, stumped, flabbergasted how absolutely no one on the production team for this video acknowledged this easily fixable gaff on a intro credit that stays on screen for just over 3 seconds and provides the crux, the gateway to the whole visual at large and thought to tell the post-prod dude "Hey mate - you might wanna re-read that". It would've taken 5 seconds to hit the delete button and knock out an O but apparently, we don't proof-read things at CJ E&M. As someone who's placed themselves into serious debt studying the English language for reasons that don't apparently include employability, things like this really make me facepalm on a radioactive scale.

    If you manage to get past this you'll be instead treated to another fabulous Groovyroom production (if you'd like to know more about this production duo I suggest you raid @Ceir 's music library a.k.a the K-Indie thread) full of staticky fades, a whole herd of cowbells and beautiful vocal harmonies that give a real soul side to Heize's more rap heavy sections. Also on the bill is a smattering of carefully ordered ways to not loose your teddy bear (which is terrible grammar regardless of spelling geez) but in fact seemingly torture, mutilate, gaslight, kidnap and generally piss about with a man in a giant bear costume.

    Think of it like Dua Lipa's New Rules for complicated furries.


    The fact the first three commands are essentially Hit, Hug then Hit and "Oh wait, use a tool/baseball bat this time!" are madcap to the extreme and make for a vicarious visual that turns all live action Tom & Jerry once it escalates via golf club decapitations, burnings, flare-guns and a hearty slap over the breakfast table. Take what you want from this narrative - where as just a cartoony representation of the break-up regret expressed in the lyrics or a wider commentary on abusive relationships - but there's no doubt this will be one that will stick in your mind longer than it probably took SHINee's Onew to get cut away the rope tying him to a chair in Heize's basement using only the paws of his bear onesie.





    Empty Shoebox: Another of those that just fades into the background.

    Monkey0: It's listenable without any interesting qualities..

    Slice of Life: I don't hear the amazingness y'all are hearing from this but Imma let y'all be cute. It's very competent though. [SQSH: Pffft I see you for that shady attempt at a positive to limit how much the mob comes for you sis - lemme just highlight it for the K-indie crowd to hunt you down with vinyl records and usbs full of soundcloud downloads]



    Cotton Park: I love the video more than anything (and it is really special) but it really doesn't compare with her duet with DEAN, "And July."

    D is for Danger!: Heize finally manages to release a song that isn't another one of those boring rap ballads! [SQSH: Don't you be doing all her pre-Don't Know You discography like that oppa - Star is literally transcendent celestial melancholy and i'll hear nothing less about it].

    Karmarisma: Heize's voice is so lovely and the chorus has a nice sound but it didn't strike my fancy, and I did feel like there were a few similar songs I heard this year.

    Eliminathan: I hate that it says 14 ways to loose your teddybear. [SQSH: If you hate that, then you'll have loved my post above kindred spelling safeguarder]



    Sanctuary: The video for this is easily the best k-pop video for 2017.

    ThighHighs: I don’t know enough about her, [SQSH: Ha! Good one sis] but this is a bop. I’ve heard some of her songs before, but this one seems especially up my alley. I’ll have to look into her more, because this is a lot of fun. Love the video, too.

    He: This is still sooo good. Than you once again @Ceir.

    Serg.: I'm glad people are supporting Heize, she's an amazing artist, I'm not a big fan of this song in particular but I love everything about Heize and I really appreciate her as a woman in male dominated genre and what she's doing there.

    Salami: I like this, hadn’t heard before but will be listening again.

    RUNAWAY: a fucking 10 - fuck yes 2017 was Heize’s year. This song FUCKING SLAYS and throws me to the floor EVERY SINGLE TIME. [SQSH: Which number teddy-takedown in the video was that?]


    EccentricSimply: There hasn’t been a single moment since I listened to this song for the first time that I didn’t think it was absolute perfection. Heize is a pretty decent rapper and not a bad singer as well, but the entire vibe of this is just amazing. The highkey social criticism that accompanies the music video is just another extra to make this song even more worthy of praise. It’s been my 11 from the start, so I was glad it made it to the top 100.

  19. Nñn I'm a practical person, I like Don't Know You as a song more than I do Move.
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