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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. We love facts.

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  2. Okay there, Fox News.
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  3. Body Talk is quite possibly the best Red Velvet song here

  4. I love T-ara but What's My Name should've been eliminated by now.
  5. The song I want out the most is Dinosaur. It's just an average tropical song that should've left 40 places ago.
  6. Hobgoblin, Where Are You, Dinosaur, A Girl Like Me, Love City, Perfect 10 and Shangri-La can quietly leave the premises.
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  7. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    BEFORE TOP 20???
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. [​IMG]
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    ARE PEOPLE'S 11s



    DEAD @ IT 11s:


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Eliminathan // Junglefish // Kuhleezi

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    @Sanctuary // @send photo


    If there's one slither of advice I can give you unnies going into the top 50 it would be:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Rates, especially this one, seem to be cursed up to the contact-lenses sporting eyeballs with the ability to turn your faves into mid-table flops if you so much as utter their names in a comment, let alone post a sassy gif concurring with said predictions. Likewise, the songs you want out? It might well just have the opposite effect, keeping them in the running in place of your tens and elevens (watch yo juju for calling out Eodiya & Hobgoblin @junglefish, that's all i'll say). That being said it's a pretty stark and impressive achievement that Red Velvet have managed to get so many songs, and 2/3rds of them album tracks no less, into the top half of this final stage. A shame it had to be Body Talk that took the hit first because I certainly like it way more than Zoo or Look, which i'm not convinced should have even made the top 100 honestly but that's a story for another elimination,

    Although on the plus side, this is their second Beige accreditation so
    T A L E N T ( E S Q U E )


    If you know me well by now you not that, along with sexy trash bops, bubbly pure pop belters, anything with bossa nova/rumba/samba elements and jazzy indie downtempos, one of my personal music staples is literally ANYTHING with an 80's influence. Production that can summon up a nostalgia for an age I never lived through but felt immersed in from a young age thanks to my mum literally drowning me in Duran Duran, A-Ha, Spandau Ballet and 80's compilation cds. Body Talk isn't as in-your-face about its retro leanings as say last year's winner Someone Like U or Ending Credit / Where Are You? that are still in the running but it certainly has that air of synthy, emotional power that the very best power ballads of the era contained. It's a slow burn [by Kacey Musgraves, from the album Golden Hour] of a contemplation with the beautiful, always on-point harmonies of the chorus laying waste to the emotional landscape around it pleading for a lover to show how they feel. There's a real quiet power to this, which is a clever move considering the subject matter, and the bubbling-on-the-edge of letting go, falling to pieces is far more intriguing to me than this song would've been if it had turned into a wailing overwrought belt-a-thon.


    Who knows, maybe if there had been an actual MV feeding into this song's sentiment or sonic influence then I would've rooted for this even more but, as it was, I listened to it a lot in transit - looking out of train windows for the most part - but never found myself in an everyday mood for it. The more overtly buoyant 80's throwbacks have infinitely more playability for me personally but I can still respect just how stellar an album track this is. The fanmade video i'll relink again below does a great job at demonstrating what could have been for a full package Body Talk (although Wendy's storyline has literally no relation to anything else so i'd have probably cut that part dddd). Would SK have accepted it as the lead single at that point? Probably not, in fact it's the LOWEST charting song from Rookie so almost definitely not but hey - it can be our little secret.




    Empty Shoebox: Verses are a bit too long for my liking, and the chorus doesn't quite hit the highs of the bops, but a decent track nevertheless.

    Ceir: Like…I love Red Velvet, but why was this super-trashed? It’s a solid album track, and I wouldn’t skip it, but as gorgeous as their vocals are, it’s pretty anti-climactic. Also, that “Talk your body” part is so off-kilter in the chorus. [SQSH: To be fair, that little part is probably the only reason I didn't give this higher than a 9.]



    EccentricSimpy: Because Rookie is by far the Red Velvet title I like the least, it lead me into the false idea that the mini was not worth the listen. However, it actually has pretty decent b-sides and this together with Talk To Me are pretty high in my list of Red Velvet songs.

    Serg.: The pause after Wendy's high note leading into that massive final chorus is probably my favourite moment of 2017, Body Talk is Red Velvet at their very best, combining all the elements that made them the best b-side monster of the year.

    Slice of Life: This is so Scandipop (it probably is teebs dddd) and I love it for that. Red Velvet need to tackle more emotional (but not snoozy) songs like this. It really suits them. Seulgi's and Joy's vocals especially exhibit so much emotion.

    Eliminathan: I was never a Red Velvet fan or follower and Rookie turned me off of them more than usual, when The Red Summer came out I really started to like them and Perfect Velvet is even better. Props to whichever unnie supertrashed this song because I would have never heard it and I absolutely adore it. [SQSH: What can I say, @ThighHighs has great taste when it comes to bops]

    GeiPanda: This is so epic, brooding… would much prefer this as the title track instead of Rookie. Also, the fanmade music video that Josh used in the YT playlist is so great. [SQSH: Thanks Oppa, even if I had absolutely no hand in that lovely video i'll take some of the credit purely for my promotional services]

    Kuhleezi: They are truly the best. This song feels just so spacious and atmospheric, striking that perfect middle ground between melancholic and sensual. A perfect 10.

    Monkey0: That pulsating 80s synths are great, chorus pops and it tells a story. Well done SM A&R.

    Karmarisma: This was one of my ex's favourite Kpop songs so I was ready to give it a low score, but it can't be's really good. Wendy really shines in this song and it captures the mood so well. [SQSH: You're better off without him sis, why have a 50th placer when you can go for a top 10 oppa? <3]

    He: Queens of constant quality releases. This could be an f(x) track. It’s so cool and effortless.

    Cotton Park: Honestly, my favorite part is the fake concert crowd noise at the end. I don't know why. I guess I imagine that they actually performed it live when I listen to it. My new KPop bucketlist group-I-have-to-see-before-I-bite-the-big-one would have been Red Velvet if not for awestruck hours of watching shitty fan videos of Dreamcatcher. Well, fuck. I guess I have have two bucketlist groups. I've watched hours of shitty-ass Red Room fan video, too. Anyway. I love this song, but it's not my favorite on Rookie, which I think is easily their best mini yet. Easily. [SQSH: Wait at the developments to this narrative since the start of the year! Just Dreamcatcher to go now right? Look at that bucket list conquest!]



    Sanctuary: They have much better r&b-ish tracks that this ends up just feeling like it plods along too much.

    Salami: I find it a bit boring. I’ve tried to get into it a couple of times but it never clicks but I reckon it’s a grower so I’ve been a bit generous.

    Ryan_Riot92: I know everybody raves about this track but maybe it’s because I didn’t listen to it enough that I don’t get the hype? Or it could be that “Rookie” was so terrible that I just didn’t bother listening to the rest of the mini until being forced to.


    ThighHighs: Let me just copy/paste my commentary from the monthly charts in February so that y’all can truly understand how long and hard I have loved this song. “This song is everything I didn't know I needed from RV. The extended into is stunning, the vocals are amazing, and the overall melody is just so impactful. I will always have a soft spot for an emotional mid-tempo banger, and this ticks every box. Probably my favorite Kpop song of the year so far, and I will be S T A N N I N G D O W N in the year-end rate for this one.” And STAN DOWN I FUCKING WILL. HOW? How does Red Velvet continually put out the BEST album tracks? The fucking middle eight? The synthesizers zooming back out of the track right before the drums come crashing in for that final chorus? Throughout the year, I’ve come back to this song whenever I needed to escape from the world, and that was pretty often this year. It is my favorite thing Red Velvet have EVER put into the world and when it bows out in the mid-50s, I will be FURIOUS with you all. [SQSH: Silver lining - at least it crashed out at 50 rather than the mid-50's I guess?]

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  11. At least this time I wasn't the one to initially bring up my 11 and jinx it immediately before it being eliminated, unlike in the Underrated Kweens Rate (I still haven't recovered).

    Body Talk got me through the first quarter of last year when Minnesota was doing its Seasonal Affective Disorder worst on me, so I'm just happy that it made it into the Top 50.
  12. Sis delete this post.


    I can't wait for Fingertip to get top 2 queens!
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  13. I can't wait for CLC to get a top 10 hit and become the new Nation's GG.
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  14. It's going to be fun when 'Likey' finishes number one.
  15. Jokes on you sis CLC are already at rock bottom, you can't jinx flops!
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  16. [​IMG]




    DEAD @ IT 11s:

    @Empty Shoebox // Junglefish

    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @digitalkaiser // Eliminathan // Squashua

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    3 - @karmarisma

    I did prewarn that these things happen when you least expect it and honestly, from this point onwards the people's faves are going to be hanging on precariously from the edge of SOTY oblivion. It may have been @junglefish & @Empty Shoebox's 11 but it was also @eliminathan and mine's 10s so ultimately NO ONE WINS, writing this up on an actual Friday Night proved dramatically ironic and the curse claims more talent for itself. Regardless of its somewhat awkwardly early exit here, SONAMOO's ode to a weekend two days shorter than Dal*Shabet's 2016 equivalent (that's just the climate we live in these days) has the strange honour of both being one of only SIX songs to receive more than a single 11/10 in the whole rate but also only 1 of 2 to receive scores in all four of the sections emblazoned above. That means no Beige-Approved sticker, no Un+versally Tolerated plaque - just a resounding din of true divisiveness.


    Which is actually a kind of improvement for the gals of the less-likely-to-be-racist MOO who, pre-this single, spent a good three years been jammed into weird not-really-anything concepts of which none really stuck with the South Korean netizens, the international audiences or even KPJ, as seen in the Underrated Rate where they... weren't the worst? Deja Vu kicked things off with some Missy Elliot-apeing early 00's r'n'b crushin' only for that somewhat intriguing start for a nugu girl-group to be slowly watered down with every release up to early 2017's I Think I Love U?

    The schoolgirl outfits, the "comedy" screwball narrative that makes little to no sense, the aeygo, the featherlight chorus with cheerleader shouting, the unnaturally pitched voices for girls who had already demonstrated their natural tones... I may or may not have already somewhat bashed this during the Underrated Reunion but since Happy Box Project began (and birthed Friday Night & I (Knew It) into the game) I can at least perceive the potential that has since been fulfilled in The-Literal-Korean-Translation-For-Pine-Tree [SONAMOO just in case your hangul is rusty].

    Because first it's the switch-n-bait intro that has nothing to do with the song.

    Then it's the echoing voice pool of slinky silhouettes.

    Then it's the bubbling jazz and twisting turning vocal rhythms of the verses

    THEN there's the multilingual rapping about not breaking curfew

    and then, just when you thought you were getting the measure of it all,
    when you think you know what's coming:

    AH AH
    AH AH






    If they didn't have your attention before then seizure-inducing twerking complete with slo-mo splashes will certainly have woken you up by now. Sure, it's a gratuitous tactic that I hope the girls were okay with doing but I like to think of it as a bold visual strike-through of their previous discography and a rallying booty-pop in the name of progress rather than a purely uncle-fan pleasing inclusion. If this song was a Drag Race archetype, it would be the "crafty queen". Sure, your expectations were low and their budget was even lower but she absolutely makes use of all the talents and assets the Shaman above gave ha - beautifully done lighting silhouette, visually arresting choreography (in water! Splashing!), wardrobe that's simple but effective and a frankenbop of a party track that pretty much features a section for every girl to shine whether she be a crazily strong vocalist, a youthful ice cool rapper or... well... there's beauty shots for the visuals.

    I admit I underestimated this when it was first released as I think most people did. It's A LOT to take in on first listen - a sheer wall of unrelenting corkscrew shifts of tact and tone - but with repeated plays, it explodes into three minutes of pure scream-a-long hype, even more now that i'm listening whilst writing this up. I got into it so late that I regret not having the whole of last summer to bop profusely to it (although i would dance in the swimming pool changing room cubicle to it since I know most of the chorus choreo anyway). It's stacked to well above sea level with hooks, repetitions, not-annoying vocal samples and perhaps one of the greatest examples of vocally brutalising all your peers with sheer ad-lib POWER in the form of High D's inferno of middle-8 + belted long note ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FINAL CHORUS. Like, that's one of things Friday Night does so well is showcase how talented this group is - as much as I love LOONA and like a lot of Twice's material, the lead singers in SONAMOO (especially High D) make them all sound like Selena Gomez with the flu doing a mukbang ASMR stream. Facts are facts.

    And as I said before THIS is how you turn low-budget / our-company-is-practically-bust into visual DELIGHTS. The shapes and colours in this video alone oh my I love:



    It's really nothing ground-breaking but it's the unexpected promise of a group's potential wrapped in an expertly made, carefully thought-out package (yes, that purple one with the box on top). I (Knew It) would arguably crystallise this sentiment into a slice of near-perfect latin Namyu-apeing boppery but let's not forget what set the groundwork.




    EccentricSimply: I'll never understand that intro that leaves you expecting something that when the song starts is definitely not there, BUT I'm not mad because the actual song is really good. A lowkey bop, even with those trumpets.

    ThighHighs: This song is all about the chorus. The “doo-doo-doo-doot-doooooo” is so infectious and the post-chorus gets my hips moving every time. That lead up to the high note after the middle-8? Snatched. D.ana is also such a goddess in the video. [SQSH: A goddess never sleeps, she raps eternally]

    He: This is a great 80s bop. I never warmed up to it, but consider me converted!

    Slice of Life: I'm still screaming at how Sonamoo totally owned 2017 with their one-two punch of iconic singles. Friday Night just pops tf off. Thank God TS Entertainment seemed to stop giving Sonamoo the worst concepts and just focused on giving them a masterpiece of a single.

    Ryan_Riot92: Wait … did SONAMOO actually come though?? Did they not serve us another basic, bland track? YAAASSSS!!! It’s about time these ladies started getting the knock out tracks they deserve! This track is full of energy and playfulness and I couldn’t be happier to stan SONAMOO again after this track. They’ve shown us that there is still hope for them!

    Serg.: Very good for summer time boppage

    Eliminathan: This was the best way to be introduced to Sonamoo. I listened to this song on repeat all during August, Gashina is shaking! GEUMYOILBAM PALLI NAWA DO DO DO DOO DOOOO

    D is for Danger!: Whoever is responsible for Sonamoo's musical turnaround in 2017 deserves a raise! Let's all forget everything that happened in between Cushion and this, shall we? This is modern disco at its finest. High.D always kills the high notes. I love the addition of the electric guitar during the final post-chorus section.



    Salami: I really like the video for this, it’s simple as hell but the choreography and the water and the twerking out of nowhere are a lot of fun. The song’s OK but a bit forgettable.

    Monkey0: What a lovely song to put on your "Before going out" playlist. Overall, it's brought down by some girl group tropes. Best part is post-chorus, worst those cheap saxophones.

    Kuhleezi: This is pretty bad, but it’s so endearing I can’t really hate on it. Those crazy adlibs are truly something else. [SQSH: I mean a 5 is pretty much considered a bottom score for anyone that's not @Monkey0 or @Salami at this point]



    GeiPanda: Not massively intriguing. [SQSH: I feel like yours & @junglefish's low-key impending rivalry is something I can't wait to see unfold]

    Ceir: Why? It’s just a run-of-the-mill nugu song. I mean, I don’t hate it, but it’s nothing special. [SQSH: Still preferable to a run-of-the-mill Apink song though.]

    karmarisma: The KPJ subforum seems to really enjoy slow disco/80s influence songs and I feel like this song had a lot of potential...but once again I found this really slow and I felt like it didn't go anywhere. 'I (Knew It)' was the superior Sonamoo song this year.


    Empty Shoebox: I'm not counting that first thirty seconds or so of the video as the song. Should I be? If no, love all of this song. If yes, love it all apart from the first thirty seconds. [SQSH: You were correct to discount it don't worry - they were just musically catfishing us is all]

    Junglefish: We love a good underdog story. Who would have thought that the better -MOOs would come back with such an earworm after their string or bad to mediocre singles? So, okay, it flopped, but who cares when it feels like the girls finally found a concept that suit them? Many top-tier groups would kill for that chorus, but not many could deliver it as well as High.D, Minjae and Euijin. And it's not even only the chorus that's great, the whole song is full of attitude, charm and sass and is the perfect Friday night anthem for us KPJ hunties. [SQSH: AMEN, well if I wasn't writing these entries alone in my room then definitely]

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  18. Okay goodbye!
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  19. Oh wait one more thing:
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