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The Sound of Arrows

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chepedro, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. TSOA3??? In our lifetimes??
  2. SBK


    Didn't he say that Annie's Dark Hearts was the closest we'd get to a Sound of Arrows album for a long time?

    (To be fair its a great album and I'd quite happily have it as the third Sound of Arrows release)
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  3. There is still hope.
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  4. I love anything Stefan touches. I wish they’d done more Kids of The Apocalypse stuff, it was so dark.

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  5. My heart skipped a beat when I saw new posts in this thread, as I would KILL for the new TSOA album. Annie's Dark Hearts was fantastic, maybe the next step should be a full on collaborative effort with her duetting with Stefan on every track?

    Lemme go listen to Miracle Mile a bit and daydream about this third part of the trilogy we will manifest into existence.
  6. SBK


    Wouldn't be mad
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  7. I'm 92% sure the singer is Stefan.
    The group Blackbook started releasing music in 2018, so now we know what he's been up to other than working with Annie and Firefox AK.

    Their sound is a progression from Stay Free.
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  8. He co produced this gem.
  9. jtm


    Sweden is not Switzerland though, so something is not adding up.
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  10. All the songs are written by Albert Den Dekker and Matthias Kräutli who were in a Swiss band called My Name Is George together:

    Albert performed vocals in the band and Matthias was a drummer, and their 2010 song "You Are Under Arrest" was used in the Netflix show Under Arrest.

    Don't think Stefan is involved.
  11. I am very disappointed in this band. I loved their first album, Voyage: My Shadow, Ruins Of Rome, Conquest. But I don't like their Remixed and Stay Free albums at all. They have totally changed their style of music. What a big disappointment.
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  12. Not this getting me excited that Sound of Arrows is dropping a RSD surprise!
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  13. Hahaha, I had two tabs open and somehow this post jumped a tab!
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