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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. THATS IT!!! And! Just no!

    The spoiler I read said nothing about him being the killer but that he would be playing the son of Billy Loomis and Deputy Hicks, which is ridiculous and not how DNA works!!!
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  2. Oooh @Alenko so maybe...

    He does have a connection to Hicks and they’ve got him back to CGI him Samuel L Jackson in Captain Marvel style to establish a connection to Hick.
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  3. It would make sense why else would she tag Skeet? But yeah sorry doesn‘t mean he will be the killer too but why else build that connection
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  4. Now that filming is underway and the spoilers are starting (real or not) I’m going to remove myself from this thread, I’ll be back Halloween 2021 when I do my re-watch of the first 4 in preparation for #5. Have fun y’all!
  6. Well let’s step back in time and revive Cece thank you very much.
  7. Paramount made the production designer delete his entire account because of a picture of a chair? What are they gonna do with Ms. Lemon Squares for tagging the wrong people?

  8. The fact this thread title has the AUDACITY to have Tori Spelling in the title but not also include the true star of the ‘Stab’ franchise Jennifer Jolie, I just...

  9. For what it's worth Michael Kennedy the writer of the upcoming movie Freaky (which looks like a blast) said the movie is going to be very good so I'm assuming he read the script. Christopher Landon also said the same thing a while back. He also makes a nice point that Scream 5 will be the only Scream sequel with an actual completed script.
  10. Yeah I'm gonna do the same - love y'all but I have already had too much "spoiled" so to speak by this thread. See ya in a year.
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  11. I guess I have no issue with them bringing in past characters if it's CGI-ing them to look younger and giving us some type of backstory to help set up the events in 5/6/7.

    I have always suspected that Judy was always planned to have more of a relevant role in Scream 5 (the original trilogy) as I never got why they had that creepy scene of her at the top of the stairs, in the shadows, reminding Sidney they used to go to school together... Sure, it could have just been to throw us a red herring but it never worked unless it was more like a subtle hint of what could come later on.

    Obviously they went back and re-shot the ending and then Hicks came in to help save everyone [even though she was useless] but we all know that wasn't the intended original ending.

    Also seems odd to bring her back to this new Scream 5 unless they plan on making her part of something more than just the police force again.

    Maybe she's married to Dewey? So this creates more tension between Dewey and Gale and if Hicks does have something to do with the killer or Billy it would be a big blow to Dewey.

    I wonder if they would include Roman in any potential flashback???


  12. And are the bangs making a re-redemption arc for part 5?

  13. [​IMG]
  14. A side bang is fine with me.

    That sounds wrong.
  15. A ‘Stabathon’ indeed.

    I’m sorry.
  16. I love that Courteney has fully embraced how truly iconic the bangs are these days.

  17. Some of the cast celebrating Jenna‘s 18th birthday.

    „Do you like Scary Movies?“
  18. LOL, Courtney embracing the bangs ever since that Halloween video last year truly is a vibe. I think in time and since the passing of Wes, she found a new appreciation for the series and for Gale. She doesn't seem like the same actress that begged for her character to be killed last time.

    As far as cameo goes, if we're not getting Kirby (I know...but in my heart of hearts I want the last part of the trailer to be someone answering a phone and it is Hayden and we here "Hello Kirby" and then like maybe a Ghostface pop up out a closet behind her (a la Sidney & Cici). Kind of an oh shit! moment like when we thought Gale was about to die at the end of four.

    Since that ISN'T going to happen, if they are going to mention Stab again, I want to watch Tori Spelling punch Parker Posey w/ some other actress cameo playing Tatum (I forget if they ever mentioned who played her) recreating that scene of course.
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  19. Jennie Garth would do it for cheap.
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