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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. You know what...I’m not mad at that.
  2. It appears the cinematographer is indeed the guy who shot Ready or Not. I am fine with that as I thought that movie looked really good. Thankfully we should be free of Scream 4's rather interesting look. A deleted scene from part 4


  3. Ghostface’s fat ass needs to chase a few more teenagers and do some stomach crunches!

  4. Little Matarazzo’s let’s get in formation!
  5. “Little Matarazzos” nfndnsndnsnd
  6. Jack Quaid and Melissa Barrera filming

    Looks like they may have swapped out Costco for a bowling alley. Give me a chase scene in the creepy area behind the pins.
  7. This reminds me of:

    The bowling episode of the Scream show in Season1. I always thought that would be a great place to shoot a scene.
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  8. I've always loved that scene. Genuinely tense and scary.
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  9. Happy 47th Birthday to our Queen Neve!
  10. So there’s rumours there will be flashback sequences in this movie and now I heard a rumour that Maureen Prescott could be the opening kill... Thoughts? I know it’s all speculation at this stage but I do quite like the idea of seeing Maureen’s death sequence.
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  11. Uno


    Even if it's just a rumor, please put spoiler tags on it.
  12. My thoughts are that you should put potential spoilers behind a spoiler tab
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  13. I still say the shocking twist of 3 should have been that Cotton actually did kill Sidney’s mom...I wouldn’t have seen it coming, especially after then ending events of 2. I’ve always toyed with writing down all the little things I wish were different...not so much to share but just for something to pass time out of boredom. I used to love writing and was always told I was great at it in school but haven’t sat down to write more than a forum post or a work email in ages!
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  14. Jesus fucking Christ.
  15. Very much doubt it because

    That would imply that the movie/killings are all tied to Sidney. AGAIN! Sid should play a mentor/guardian angel role but the killings and reveal and reason shouldn’t be tied to her in my opinion.
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  16. I mean... unless cast members themselves are being duped, 2 of them now have tagged Skeet in Instagram posts, which have then been removed. So if he's returning... That would imply a flashback of some sorts as I don't think they'd bring him back from the dead. Either way, it would suggest there is still an element of this which revolves around Sidney and her backstory.
    There are set photos of some cop cars for Woodsboro which also look quite 'dated' as if for a flashback sequence. Again, it's speculation. I wasn't seeking this info out I just came across it and thought it was an interesting idea.
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  17. I think it would be interesting if we had an opening scene with two girls lets say Selener Gomez who dies and Jenna Ortega with Jenna surviving the attack. This would be similar to what Kevin wanted for the opening to 4 with Sidney getting attacked at a party and surviving. Also that could be what draws her older sister back to town.
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