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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. It's too iconic the forum couldn't handle it the first time


    As you little Prescottes aka little Cici's probably already know you can see James Cameron hater Cici Cooper wandering around the background in these early scenes.
  2. Do we know why that was cut, too gory? (groan). It looked ICONIC.
  3. SBK


    Yeah, it was a great shot, was a bit confused when it wasn't in the movie... Probably too gory I'd imagine, you'd have thought by 2011 they'd be able to have had it in.
  4. Whilst we wait for Scream 5 I hope they use the build up/hype to give us expanded editions of the movies. Perhaps even re-release them in cinemas early next year, leading up to the new one?
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  5. Uno


    So... Kirby is unlikely to return then, huh?

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  6. Kirby getting Jamie'd would break my soul
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  7. Are we getting a Gale and Dewey opening death scene? I don't know how they can have a meaty storyline alongside the cast mentioned in the above video.
  8. Erin Moriarty is being rumored for the lead. I don't watch The Boys so I don't know how good she is as an actress.
  9. Does seem like the story will not focus much on the main three, which is... interesting. I hoped Kirby would return but maybe it just didn't make any sense to the story-line.
  10. Uno


    She's not bad in it - by far the superior of the only 2 female leads on the show.
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  11. Idk how I feel about this...the way the main character sounds from the video, I think this character easily could have been Kirby as we didn't really know anything about her. If she survived I’m sure she left Woodsboro, maybe the whole family moved but she was still having issues so she left the town the sister and characters are in now? And the tragedy I thought...maybe it's not even the opening murders, maybe one or both of the parents die in a non ghost face type of way and that's the only reason Kirby (or this new character) Came back. {I have this whole in my mind scenario in my head I won't continue to bore you with but...if they wanted Hayden they could have made it work.}

    I'm wondering what the plan with the trio is though? If they aren't in Woodsboro, could Dewey and Gale possibly just have moved there and Dewey is the Sheriff in this new town? When the murders start up they just assume it has something to do with them but the twist is that it really doesn't and it really is a new story. So they are around to keep fans happy but aren't really in any danger unless they try to get too involved (a phone call warning one of them (my preference Gale) to stay out of it and she and Dewey naturally don't which keeps them around but mostly out of harms way (except for a Dewey surprise kill I wouldn’t mind but they better dare not touch a hair on Sidney Prescott or Gale Weathers-Riley’s heads!)
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  12. Characters seem interesting to me.

    Calling it now at least one of the twins is the killer.

    I have no idea how our trio fits into this story.
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  13. One of the twins and the younger sister were my immediate thoughts.
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  14. I feel like one of the three could be a killer since their roles don’t really seem to be that big. It could be some dramatic twist ending.
  15. Edu


    Hmm I can kinda see the new lead reaching out to the original trio for some help when a Ghostface copycat starts killing her sister's group of friends or something like that. They will probably link her traumatic dark past with the Woodsboro murders too but this all feels very Scream - The Force Awakens to me.
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  16. I still can't believe we are actually getting a new Scream film.
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  17. This Kirby erasure is unforgivable. She's likable and wasn't confirmed dead and was one of the breakout characters from the last film. Would have liked her to survive and play a part but who knows?

    The new characters sound interesting and hopefully it isn't like Scream: The Series where most blended into one another and you had only a handful of people who stood out and became favorites/had their own characters. I can call a huge Costco chase scene after closing or having to stay and do inventory, you get the picture or something happening there for sure.

    I do feel Sidney and the trio will be a cameo or the very least one will die. With less focusing on them and the new group researching or hearing about the murders in some regard. I could be wrong but just my thoughts. I am intrigued how it will pan out.
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  18. Justice for Brooke from the awful tv series...they didn't deserve her.
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  19. Product placement in movies always annoys me so I'm not loving the fact that Costco seems to be a central part of the movie but having said that a big ass chase scene in one would be pretty cool.
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