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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. It would make sense to be called Scream rather than Scream 5 (5cream) so as people don't dismiss it thinking they need to see the first 4.
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  2. Unless one of the OG trio has lost their shit and is the killer....

    Seriously though, I don't want Gale or Syd to die (Dewey should have died in 2 so...) but I think it's inevitable at this point. How many times can they escape serial killers, while dozens of other people (who are arguably smarter and more savvy than them) are killed.

    Yeah, I see that, but the only way they wouldn't need to see the first 4 is if this is a hard reboot, with no reference to the previous stories, or the relationships of the killers to Sydney, or how it all started in the first place. And the only way I can see them pulling that off is if they kill the original trio early in the film, clearing the space to carry on with a totally new story. And that makes me anxious.

  3. So long as we get an epic chase scene and a few surprises I'll be happy.

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  4. I am ready for True Crime podcaster Gale Weathers.

    Of course Gale would come running back to Woodsboro with glee at getting to cover another series of murders.
  5. This is what she's good at superglowy, this is what she knows how to do.
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  6. BTG


    Nn girls I wouldn’t get too attached to the idea that they’d kill of Gale and Dewey in the opening scene. They’ll kill Gail and you will watch two hours of David Arquette grieving, and Sidney rushing back to comfort him.
  7. No I want Dewey killed in front of Gale and Gale going full third act ‘H20 Laurie’ on his ass before going down with an epic fight.
  8. I'll honestly walk out of the cinema if Gale dies.
  9. One of them has to die, minimum though. Three characters all surviving a FIFTH killing spree?

    Plus Randy dying in two is iconic, so one should be on the chop.
  10. I’m not too concerned about how realistic it is to survive a fifth spree. I mean, none of these have been random killings? They’ve all be specific attempts to kill Sidney at the end of the day. She IS the target, so the fact that she keeps getting targeted is... not surprising?

    It’s not as though Sid and Ghostface are just bumping into each other while they’re out bowling with friends
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  11. Here for Scream 6.
  12. Although to be fair, how many times can the same person be targeted with either revenge or celebrity as the motive before it becomes utterly ridiculous? If this movie sticks to the two killer pattern, Sidney will have been the target of nine separate serial killers.
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  13. But only four motives. And if the fifth film is going to go down the root of a return to Woodsboro and a copycat killer, it will be far more believable than Scream 2 or 4 (and might not even see Sidney specifically targeted)

    I also still am unable to think of a way to kill Sidney that is fitting and satisfying but there isn’t one.
  14. I suppose in a way she is the ultimate target. Look at what I achieved compared to what you couldn't do.
  15. Gale Weathers is so iconic that when I watch SCREAM I never think “Oh, that’s Monica from Friends” like I do with the other Friends cast members.
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  16. The only one I where she felt more like Monica to me was Scream 3. It was really the tone and writing though. Courtney has always brought it for sure. Gale's performances: 2> 1> 4> 3

    I love Gale's arc in 2 so much.

    "There are no cameras here. I just wanna find this fucker! I really do."


    As far as the opening I just want them to make it really scary like the opening to the original. Maybe some people don't see it in the same light now as its been parodied so many times but my entire audience was literally shook when I seen it for the first time. That scene is actually pretty brutal. Bring back the scariness while of course keeping the meta-ness and humor. And some god damn chase scenes!
  17. I don’t want Gale or Sid to die but they’ve got to do something iconic for old and new fans.

    They’ve all survived a lot of attacks. Maybe, in a nod to the original trilogy ending, they can twist the story somehow to make one them the one that planned all of them? Like they’d planned to do with Stu and Billy?

    Just being the first kill doesn’t feel iconic enough anymore.
  18. I'm a lil scared Gale and Sidney could get endings like Leia and Luke.

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  19. I think I would be gutted (ironically) if we lose both Sidney and Gale. Surely they wouldn't be so cruel?!
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  20. Completely agree about Gale.
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