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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Everyone wants a piece of her, she's an icon, she's a legend and she will always be the moment.
  2. Perhaps Sidney will just commit suicide because she can't honestly deal with all of this shit anymore.
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  3. What in the name of Gale’s streaks made you write this.
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  4. Guys, stop. There's literally no way to do it.

    The franchise has always been about manipulation and control and Sidney breaking free from that. The only way to kill her off without removing her sense of agency and shitting all over the franchise is for her to take down Ghostface with her in a double death scene, leaving the next generation of kids free to continue their lives.

    Which would be fine if it weren't for the way Maureen's death hangs over the franchise and how Sidney's survival is already presented as breaking an already existing chain. Which means that even if Sid dies in a self-sacrifice and takes Ghostface down with her, it won't be a sad but satisfying ending, it will come off as a cyclical tragedy.

    Which would also be shitting all over the franchise by presenting manipulation, rape, and brutality against women as a continuing cycle that they'll never break free of.

    And besides any of that, it would just be unwatchable. Over the past two decades I've watched this character survive rape and violence, face trauma and overcome it, and find strength and identity in a world that only wants to define her by her victimhood. Do I want to see someone dressed up as her original abuser stab her to death after all of that? Absolutely not.
  5. I’ve grown to realise over the years that I would put 3 above 4 in my rankings (1/2 >> 3 > 4).

    The more I rewatch them all, there’s just a tone that doesn’t allow Scream 4 to be ‘scary’ at any point. It really failed to provide genuine scares, and then reduced Gale to a few 6/10 one liners when she has so many more levels than that.

    That’s not to say I dislike it, they’re all good to iconic. But for all of 3’s pitfalls, its final act really helps elevate it for me, and gale’s humour and whit never felt forced in the same way it does in 4.

    Also, the fact a character as fun and watchable as Jennifer dies in 3 while in 4 someone as flat and one-dimensional as Little Miss Lemon Squares survives in 4? Choices.
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  6. I have to assume it is because she was shoehorned into being a suspect right up until Jill taking Sydney out at the house/when Dewey finally arrives. Knowing the hospital scene was shot after the fact makes it less of a glaring choice to have Hicks even involved in the final sequence/surviving it.
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  7. Scream is Sidney's story. This 'next generation' won't work without Sidney. Halloween without Laurie was fine. It was okay. Scream without Sidney will be fine and okay. I want to see the characters I Iove taking on (and eventually triumphing) over horror movie obsessed nuts. Reductive, possibly. But that's what I want. Make it smart, funny, meta, and scary. Then everything will be fine.
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  8. I wonder who they’ll get for the opening kill?

    A list of possibilities:

    Kim Kardashian
    Jennifer Anistion
    Selena Gomez
    Demi Lovato
    Billie Elish
  9. Excuse me lay-deh but no one is smarter or more savvy than Gale Weathers!
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  10. Wouldn't Sidney be a mom by now?
  11. Oh god no. I’m not here for Jamie Lloyd Prescott getting threatened by Ghostface over Tik Tok.
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  12. Should be David Schwimmer and Tori Spelling tbh
  13. While we are putting things out in the universe:
    Dewey and Hicks for the opening kill.
    Dewey and Gale got divorced after Scream 4.
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  14. No well-known celebrity cameos. Give me unknown actors over them any day. Scream doesn’t need a gimmick. Keep the celebrities for Stab cameos if that’s part of the storyline.
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  16. You just know that Tori Spelling lobbied hard for roles in Scream 3 and 4 and will continue to do so for 5 too.

    And they should let her see the harvest, tbh.
  17. How would you guys rank the Scream's in term of cinematography? For me I like them in order of release.

    Scream- I love that it looks slick yet natural at the same time. Some really nice atmosphere as well. The shot when Drew looks out into the wooded area of her backyard as the killer's asking her about Jason....MOOD! Kinda sucks that Mark Irwin got fired as he was pretty solid like his work in the Blob remake. I think it had more to do with his crew not having their shit together as he worked with Wes before. Love the lighting in this part

    [​IMG]and this Cinema!

    Scream 2- This is when Peter Deming came in full time and this comes close to the first for me. He went a bit darker for the image but it worked. Some really nice shots like the shot of Mickey's eye when he is killed by legend/makeover queen Debbie Salt. Some really nice compositions.


    Scream 3- It was fine and nothing more really. I do love the high angle shot when Sidney is calling for Dewey after being chased by the stairs. I didn't like how brightly lit it was when Dewey Jr. claims it's to dark to read the fax and then gets blown up. I did like the spooky lighting in this scene. Uninspired overall.


    Scream 4-

    Sorry I know this is a dorky as hell post but I've always been fascinated by cinematography.
  18. 3’s cinematography is so bland, feels like a DTV late 90s release by Miramax. 4’s glossy Vaseline lens was a choice. Anytime there was a group scene I was like -

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  19. I mean the gif of Drew/Casey alone says it all. The absolute terror radiating off of that 1 second alone is superb.
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  20. Scream 2 was so good in terms of cinematography! Maureen's death scene at the cinema, the whole Cassandra Aria, Sidney and Hallie getting out of the car- they're all beautifully shot!
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