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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. 4 has this weird filter going on. It looks like a very violent Hallmark Christmas movie.
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  2. BTG


    4 is one of the worst looking movies I’ve ever seen to get a mainstream release. The Drag Race season 1 aesthetic was a choice.
  3. Which is strange as the cinematographer for 4 also did Scream 2 & 3.
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  4. Scream 4 and that Rampage movie with Dwayne Johnson are two of the worst offenders I've seen. Looks like they shot that one with a puke green/brown filter. I also didn't like the coloring they did on that awful new Grudge re-boot.
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  5. Uno


    I just know they’re gonna have Sidney die saving the new final girl and we’re all gonna end up hating the new lead for it.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I remembered I downloaded it and could've sworn it was a bootleg cam release....until I double-checked screengrabs!
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  7. That‘s the problem. I just don‘t see how this could work out.
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  8. They should remaster Scream 4 to remove that horrible filter effect, as well as adding in the deleted scenes (especially the coroner’s scene at Jenny’s house).

    And throw in Red Right Hand somewhere too.

    I love Scream 4 but in terms of its look and sound, it’s definitely got the least Scream vibe about it. Even if Mr Ghostface himself is in top form.
  9. I never understood them redoing the opening scene put keeping in the line about the killings resembling the original murders. Keeping the scene with Jenny tied to the chair to the chair like Steve and poor Marnie (Britt Robertson was robbed of her main focus intro, her chase good have just extended into the garage instead of Jenny..) being hung from the ceiling fan a la tribute to Casey Becker would have just been better, especially since they got such a short opening kill. I think it turns into a throw away line when in the end you discover Jill was turning herself into the new Sidney. I've also wondered if that's why Dewey and Gale weren't targets originally (and why Gale was only stabbed in the shoulder when she easily could have been killed)---did Jill need her to write the book for the movie to be made?
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  10. The gaussian blur on everyobe's faces was the most horrifying part of the whole movie.
  11. They kinda fucked up the ‘Stab-a-thon’ Sequence. It had the potential to be another ‘Maureen at the cinema’ type of scene and it just never quite got the pieces together to pull it off.
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  12. THIS...I think this could have been a great place for Rebecca to die, maybe she was annoyingly following Gale after Sidney fires her, almost a in a Jennifer Jolie type way...or even one of the cops like Adam Brody? Or used one of the girls from the triple opening (can you tell I didn’t like it) dressed up like Drew Barrymore (or I guess Heather Graham technically) and the audience thinks it’s a performance for Stab A Thon, but that might be a little too on the nose like Scream 2’s opening.
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  13. Yeah sometimes I skip the barn scene on re-watches. They really had the opportunity for an epic set piece but it ultimately feels like filler and just the Scream 2 opening that is not as good.
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  14. That barn scene definitely needed a longer chase scene with Gale. Imagine how epic it could have been if Gale was first stabbed, managed to roll away and drop down (as she did) then pick herself up, look above and ghost face has disappeared. Then Gale rushes outside to her car but can't get inside as she's lost her keys or something then ghost face re-appears and there's a drawn out chase scene outside the barn... eventually Dewey would show up and save her but it would have been super creepy her hiding from ghost face in the wilderness outside. Lots of shadows and strange noises...

  15. I'm kinda pressed you posted this because it would have been amazing!

  16. The more I think about it...

    - Sidney is the axis of Scream and must be in every film and never die
    - David Arquette really wants the work and will gladly rock up at a moment's notice
    - Courtney "I'd rather not participate if you don't mind?" Cox... is not going to sign-up for another unless...

    Gale is going to be our iconic pre-credits kill isn't she? As long as it matches Drew and Jada I'll come to terms with it...
  17. They clearly want this to reboot the series and from what we know so far, it appears the movie is going to focus on a new group of characters and likely unrelated to Sidney/Maureen and the past killers. So it would make sense that one or two of the main 3 could end up dead. I don't see them being essential to the new movie or future movies if they want to take the series in a new direction. That said, would any of the main 3 sign on just to be killed off in the opening act?
  18. Courteney literally requested this for Scream 4, didn't she?
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  19. I don't know... as someone said, Scream has always been Sidney's story. I understand if it's more tangentially related to her or if she's in the background more but she always has to be in them. The story they had for 4-5-6 was pretty good with involving a younger set of people but still keeping it Sidney-related, even it was about the legend of her and Ghostface.

    In short, you can't kill Sidney.
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