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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. We've already had Scream: The Next Generation on MTV and overall it wasn't very good. Let's just...make sure Sidney stays alive and beating the shit out of killers while being aware she's the star of her own movie. Look what the latest Halloween movie did for Laurie Strode after H20! I want to see Sidney have that level of care taken over her character again. She's every bit as iconic as Ghostface.
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  2. If these new directors and writers are as big of fans as they claim then I don't think they will kill off the original trio at least in the opening scene. I know some people want that because it would be shocking (really though lets not act like we wouldn't be able to guess it based on the trailers alone) but it would be a slap in the face. We don't want a Halloween: Resurrection all over again. Also with Kevin being involved I don't think he would let that happen either. I could maybe see Dewey or Gale bitting it if done in an emotional way but Sidney deserves especially to survive.
  3. That was 10 years ago though. I know she does the odd TV show but it’s not like she’s swamped with Movie offers.
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  4. They’ve already sort of did that version of Sidney in ‘Scream 4’. ‘Scream 5’ Sidney, Dewey and Gale should be them travelling across the country by van Scooby Doo style solving Ghostface killing spree after Ghostface killing spree.
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  5. Also, where do we think the main 3 will be? Likely Dewey is Sheriff in Woodsboro but will he still be married to Gale? She seemed pretty fed up with her life in Scream 4. I wonder if perhaps they've since separated and maybe he re-married Hicks?

    So perhaps Gale went to LA or New York to try and re-launch her career. I'd imagine Sidney wouldn't have stuck around in Woodsboro either. Perhaps she wrote another book or (in Gale style) her book was made into a TV show or movie and she's now caught up in that world.

    So I do wonder if something will happen to Dewey at some point in the movie and then prompts the return of Gale/Sidney.
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  6. It’s going to be a long time before release date.
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  7. I don't think Scream 4 will count. Or Scream 3.
  8. I don’t think they’ll erase them though, you just won’t need to have seen them, kind of like how you can jump from ‘Scream’ to ‘Scream 4’ and not really be missing much beyond Dewey and Gale getting together.
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  9. They better not recon Scream 2.

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  10. Is it time to retire ‘Stab’ ladies and gentleman?

    I love everything ‘Stab’ in the ‘Scream’ series but i feel like between ‘Scream 3’ and ‘4’ we’ve taken it as far as it can go without becoming annoying.
  11. If they're all about the legacy of Wes they aren't going to pretend Scream 3 and 4 never happened..
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  12. I agree with the Stab references, it could work as some kind of wink (someone streaming Stab on Netflix or whatever), but it would not add anything else of value to the saga.

    I don't think there would be any need to retcon 3 and 4, though. Other sagas have done it to simplify storylines or revive characters, but I think Scream's very straightforward in that regard.
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  13. I don't understand why anyone would want the original trio to die. Even as a "shock" or whatever...just no.
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  14. Yeah, I don't think they will bring up Roman or anything. Maybe Kirby if we're lucky. The main plot points are still Maureen, Billy and Stu anyway.
  15. Kirby isn’t getting brought up. They’re gonna avoid all mention of the ‘flop’ Scream, especially if they’re returning to Woodsboro as they’ll want people to look over the fact the last sequel literally just did that.
  16. I wanna see Scream 5 going somewhere else location wise. A new setting.
    A cabin, mountain, resort, winter...something different.
    Just like when they went to the island in I Still Know.
    I don't know, just something else!
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  17. Definitely. I felt a strong sense of ‘Really?’ When Kevin Williamson said the original plan for ‘Scream 5’ was to go back to college.
  18. They’re missing a trick if it’s not set in space.
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  19. I wonder if Sidney has children now? She surely still cant be single, of course being stalked by multpile killers througout your life isnt exactly a positive for a prospective partner :)
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  20. She should definitely have a man after being (understandably) single for two movies. It’d also be interesting to address the trust issues she must have built up in regards to men (Both due to her experience with Billy and Derek.)
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