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The Stab Franchise starring Tori Spelling

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I would never say Emma Roberts is a great actress but I think she plays a great evil bitch. I 100% bought her as a fame seeking sociopath who would kill her friends (and her iconic loopy mom #justice4kate) just to have what Sidney had. I thought she delivered. Also the entire motive if anything was a few years ahead of its time and still totally holds up.

    When she says "I told so many lies today that I started to believe them. I think I was born for this." and when she does that little smirk after Sid says "You'll fall, they always do." The acting chops!
  2. That scene when Jill's mimicking Sidney's body and then she's carried in a gurney with all the paparazzis flashing their lights and calling her a hero, making you believe for a second that she got away with it (and it would've been very interesting if the movie ended right there) - that validated her existence.

    Also, regarding Roman;

    Take your medication, Roman
    take a short vacation, Roman, you'll be okay.
    You need to know your station, Roman,
    some alterations on your clothes and your brain.
  3. There should always be two killers. Roman being the only one in Scream 3 was such a let down.
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  4. Well, that's because he wasn't. Roman had nothing to do with the original Woodsboro massacre. He was involved in the plot to kill Maureen, that's it. The massacre was a year later and was completely the work of Billy and Stu, and pissed Roman off because it catapulted Sidney to the Hollywood fame he was still struggling to reach.
  5. I never understood the concept of Maureen being in B-movies and them taking Scream to Hollywood... Why go there? There were a million other stories they could have told and backstories they could have given Maureen and Sidney...
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  6. They were taking the meta concept to the next level, exploring what Wes already started in New Nightmare. I don't think it was a bad idea, it was an interesting setting, but the explanation was lazy and the added backstory a bit convoluted.
  7. That's the worst part for me. Scream always felt intimate and relatable. It was as much a slasher as it was a teen drama (shoutout to the much derided scene of Derrek giving Sidney his letters). High school, college, the tone of the dialogue... it was something I could imagine hearing in my peer group albeit obviously heightened. Them doing an overblown Hollywood satire felt so incongruous and corny and the labyrinthine backstory of Maureen being an actress and having a secret child was just silly.
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  8. Scream 4 worked much better following on from Scream 2. 3 just seemed... a bit like a spin-off episode.
  9. Scream 3 is much more in line with the campy, Hollywood slashers that the first Scream inspired. Valentine, I Still Know... fun and entertaining in a brain dead sort of way (no offense) but has zero of the bite and grit of the first two.
  10. Wes Craven did Scream 3 better with New Nightmare.
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  11. I've pretty much come to terms with Scream 3 ("and with mother") and whatever they were trying to do with it, mainly because they pretty much redeemed themselves with 4. Also, it's pretty fun when you really take a look at it, even if it doesn't really feel like a Scream film.

    But I will always find it bizarre that they never had any Sidney and Roman scenes before the big reveal. It would have been nice to have them build up some kind of relationship before it's all torn away from her. Instead her initial reaction to the reveal pretty much mirrors the audience's.
  12. It would be really cool if they did a ‘New Nightmare’ sort of Scream film with Neve, Courteney and David being stalked by some crazed fan.
  13. Yes I really feel like Scream4 was a few years ahead with the „doing it all for the (internet) fame“ angle.
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  14. Yesss. Rose McGowan unveiled as the killer.
  15. A cultural reset.
  17. Unmasking her like "we got you. We got you".
  18. Scream 3 was supposed to be a mirror image gag - what's real vs. what's not and the blurring of the divide, two of each character, is the killer in Stab the killer in Scream etc, but they fudged it and it doesn't work properly.
  19. Yeah, someone actually enacting the script in "real life" and the juxtaposition of movie violence vs. real violence could be an interesting approach, especially in a post-Columbine world, but it ended up being a cheap gimmick. If only they had more time to actually write it.
  20. Celebrity Opening Kill confirmed.

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