The Staircase (HBO Max) - Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey

I watched the documentary. When it got to the part with daughters, it weirded me out the whole time, laughing and giggling, etc. surrounding his entire trial about cigarettes and "hope". It was creepy. Can't tell if he really did it or not.
I saw from the description that Michael Stuhlbarg was in this and was amazed at how great and versatile he was in this role. Until halfway through the first episode the lawyer made his first appearance and I realized that Stuhlbarg wasn‘t actually playing Peterson.

Anyway, suprised at how much I like it this far having already seen the documentary.
I'm on the fourth episode now and I find it all so unnecessary if it's almost frame by frame similar to the documentary?
The casting on this was a stroke of genius. Firth is Peterson. The voice is identical, it's crazy.

Toni though. Wow. I already worshipped the woman but oh my god, the work she did in episode 2 with the fall and then again in episode 4 was frightening. I didn't expect this to be so disturbing. She's incredible.
I'm on the fourth episode now and I find it all so unnecessary if it's almost frame by frame similar to the documentary?
Yeah that's my main thing. I really absorbed the documentary and when I started watching the actual show, it just felt like I already knew every twist and turn so what's the point? The performances I guess but dunno, it feels like I'm already spending way too much time watching TV to spend another 8 hours on something I've essentially already watched.

Patrick Schwarzenegger can use all my holes though.
I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes but am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I’m not familiar with the story at all so every twist and turn is new to me, which I think is adding to my enjoyment. It’s hard to believe it’s based on a true story!

And yes the staircase scene from episode 2 & the rimming scene from episode 3…have stuck with me.
I started watching this two days ago because of the iconic names in the title of the thread and wow, thanks for the recommendation! I have no idea about anything related to the case, so each twist and turn manages to surprise me, and even though I usually spend hours researching series on Wikipedia, I’m now trying very hard not to spoil anything.

The fall scene in episode two is really a lot. It left me so uncomfortable, as if I were watching a snuff film. That’s acting.

I bet Ryan Murphy is seething that he didn’t think of this for American Crime Story.