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The Staircase (HBO Max) - Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Mar 30, 2022.

  1. "It is weird we're had two Mum's die at the bottom of the stairs..."
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  2. I'm actually enjoying this way more than I thought I would. It helps that I don't remember anything from the docu-series.
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  3. Oh he totally did it. I had no idea they exhumed the mother of the two girls and she didn't have an aneurysm after all but it was just something he said.
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  4. Uno


    At first I thought he did, but the owl theory is really checking all the boxes for me in terms of plausibility.
  5. Reading up on the case, there are a lot of inconsistencies in his account. He said he was only out on the pool for like 10 minutes (who sits out at the pool in the middle of the night in December?) but when the paramedics got there the blood was already drying and she had been dead for over an hour. There was indication of him trying to clean up the scene and trying to stage evidence (for example there were two wine glasses but neither had her fingerprints on them). I truly think he is a narcissist and a liar and he killed her because she was his meal ticket and wanted a divorce after she found out about his affairs. The way he never even seemed that bothered about her death in the documentary and just kept puffing on his pipe and telling stories about himself... That said, the state did not prove he did it beyond a reasonable doubt and leaned a lot on homophobia to get a conviction.

    I urge you to read up on it more if you're interested, especially on Reddit.
  6. Yeah, I go back and forth on my opinions a lot. Two deaths by staircase is way too much of a confidence, but the fact both didn’t come back with the conclusive evidence you would need for death by homicide.

    The owl theory is out there, but it explains the marks on her head, and I also believe there had been reported cases of owls flying around in the area.
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  7. Juliette Binoche is an absolute icon, and things keep taking me out, like them keeping the murder scene intact for months between occurance and the trial, and everyone just living on that house with the blood stained staircase.
    I mean
  8. It's chilling. And they were having dinner right there.
  9. In every scene it looks like Toni is slowly having diarrhea. I love her.
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  10. The final 2 episodes were perhaps the weakest for me but I very much enjoyed this miniseries, fantastic acting and a great pace.

    I do believe that Michael murdered Kathleen, the fact he ditched Sophie immediately after getting out of prison is very telling. Also the original wife not dying by an aneurysm as said is too shady for me to ignore. I see a lot of love for the owl theory online but it seems pretty far fetched to me; how would Michael have not heard Kathleen screaming, I know he was on the other side of the house but he surely would have heard something. Also why would Kathleen even attempt to go up the stairs when the kitchen with towels, sink etc is right there? Just doesn’t make sense.
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  11. I think he is guilty 100%. I don't know how anyone can think he isn't to be honest.

    I'm glad they had the owl theory scene as it showed how absurd the idea is.

    It is not a coincidence both women died on a staircase imo.

    I wasn't sure about the casting of Colin Firth but I think he did a good job and overall I enjoyed this series. Toni Collette was great as always.
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    Not sure about the original wife - the forensic evidence in this whole case was such a mess I don‘t trust any of it. The trial was also extremely unfair. Having said that, I also believe he is guilty of the second wife‘s death (but I‘m easy that way, I tend to vote for guilty in a lot of these unsolved cases ddd). It‘s just too bad that the investigation once again was so bad we will never really known the truth.
  13. It's a shame because that woman really was a force of nature and she died in such a terrible way. First female engineer at her college. I still cannot understand how that deadbeat man made all these women fall in love with him and fund his lifestyle when he just sat there, smoked his pipe and cheated on them.
  14. I had to look this up because I thought she'd be nominated at the very least – but she has one for her role in The Sixth Sense - and that's it?! She deserves so much more, a true, underrated talent.
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  15. I didn't expect Binoche to be getting that definately a murderer Firth D!

    I can't believe this is all real
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  16. Sorry but the pace DRAGGED for me. Could've just done four episodes by Campos and call it a day. The episodes he directed were the best ones.

    I'm glad I got to see the almost nakedness of Patrick. He's so fucking hottttt.

    The last shot was chilling. Even Campos thinks he did it. If you read up on stats, when a spouse is killed, it's always the actions of the one who's still alive.

    Colin + Toni were amazing in this but Juliette's performance really pulled me in.
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