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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 27, 2013.

  1. Thought this might be of interest, there is a documentary on ITV at 10pm tonight to mark the 30th anniversary of the Now That's What I Call Music! compilations which charts the history of the series. Hopefully there will be classic clips, interviews with popstars etc. Even though I stopped buying them in the 20s the early releases take me back to my childhood as some of the first albums I ever bought and Now 12 from 1988 will forever be my favourite!
  2. Yep, I need to make sure I don't forget this is on!

    Was an article about it in last weekend's papers, with the WRONG sleeve for NOW 7 (they used the American one, doh). Hopefully there won't be those sort of silly mistakes in the actual programme.

    There's also a tie-in CD set - NOW 30 Years.
  3. I wish they would re-release the first 20 Nows on CD. I had hoped when they reissued the first one the rest might follow. As a kid I bought them all on cassette, my first being Now 9 through to somewhere in the 20s.

    Of course I would already have 90% of the songs but they would be nice to have in those big chunky CD cases. I only ever see the later ones in That's Entertainment.

    Just had a look at the Now 30 Years tracklisting and it's got Into The Groove on there - I don't remember Madonna ever featuring on the Nows?
  4. Ha, that's a good start then...yes, Madonna was never on a NOW compilation. Early on, it's most propbably because she was a Warners act (although that didn't stop Howard Jones, Matt Bianco etc). And then once HITS started, the Warners acts would be on those, although again I'm not sure how many Madonna tracks - if any - made it onto those.
  5. As far as I know only La Isla Bonita and Cherish were on the Hits compilations but I didn't buy as many of those.
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  6. Of course I just had to go and look up all the early HITS tracklistings, haha....

    Dress You Up was on HITS 3

    Borderline was on HITS 4

    ..and that's pretty much that.
  7. The Madonna thing was a bit weird, they made out True Blue completely missed out on no.1 due to 2 Now albums and she was so pissed off Warner basically pushed for the compilation chart to be created to keep her sweet - haha, OK.
  8. True Blue was #1 for weeks, even with the NOWs for competition. Not sure how er, true, that story is. Warners were up to their necks in the compilation war anyway, with the Hits series (which outsold the NOWs for a while in 1984/85).
  9. HITS 4 was my first HITS album and I would play the hell out of the first few tracks on side 1 (A-Ha, Wham, Bangles, Madonna) and 2 (Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Alexander O'Neal, Five Star, Paul Hardcastle). Great stuff!

    I had to skip Fergal Sharkey a lot though.

    Just sitting down to watch this now on ITV+1
  10. The Compilation chart was created in 1989 are you thinking about Like A Prayer?
  11. It was a bit odd, I've never heard her name connected to that Now and the compilation chart story before, it was more about artists in general being deprived of a no.1 album.
  12. Oh it was in the show????

  13. No - True Blue. They showed the TB video and showed Music Week charts with it sat at no.2 in its 20th week, or something, as though it was being held off the top again and again.
  14. Just seen it. Totally twisted story about Warners but must be some truth behind it.

    They showed the ONLY two weeks True Blue was at #2 behind Now 7 (her seventh week on the chart when she fell from #1) and NOW 8 (3rd Jan 1987 when the charts go crazy and she briefly jumped up to #2 behind NOW 8 which had been #1 for weeks) this was made out to be Madonna being stuck at #2 for "months" and being deprived of #1.

    It's almost finished and I'm a bit disappointed. It's very "I Love The 80s".
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  15. ^ Oh dear. That's a shame they feel the need to distort the facts. But it's so common these days.

    Anyway, yes the rule about compilations was more to do with their dominance overall between 1984 and 1988, and how many acts were deprived of a #1 album (a prestigious achievement even then) because of a NOW, or a HITS, or one of the other variants. CBS (now SONY) were particularly cheesed off, as the likes of Sade and Bros had been robbed of debut albums being chart-toppers. Madonna, despite what this show tries to suggest, was never really that affected beyond the odd week here and there during very long and successful runs.
  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It started off well but descended into the usual talking heads nonsense.

    I cheered when they showed a clip of 'Ooh Stick You!' by way of representing novelty songs. Whoever did that is clearly a fan, as Mr Blobby or Teletubbies would have been the obvious choice!
  17. Saw bits of it on ffwd as I edited out all the ads etc...swear I saw a clip of David Sylvian's Red Guitar (from Now 3)...hurrah.
  18. They seemed to rush the last bit, I was hoping some mention of the 90s/00s NOWS like the Million Selling NOW 44, or when NOW reached 50 volumes. Guess not.
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Everyone has a copy of Now 44, don't they?
  20. I did catch a glimpse of the almost mythical, 400-quid-to-you-sir, NOW 4 CD!
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