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The Streaming Wars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Trinu 3.0, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. They got my attention now.
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  2. Lucy Liu and Nicole Kidman, yasss knock me out Queens.
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  3. With my sister getting Disney+ for her kids, I now have access to virtually every platform out there except for Apple TV+. But the idea of browsing all those catalogues makes me tired so let me just rewatch Drag Race.

    I did download two Mandalorian episodes to see how that HD works on my tablet and I'm screaming at the 2.4 GB jhgjkdfjsl
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  4. So I’ve been rewatching The new adventures of Superman on Prime and I’m having so much fun even with the awful 90s Microsoft art graphics.

    Terri Hatcher’s Lois Lane really is my favourite ever.
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  5. Add this to your watching lists:

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  6. Just watched The Lie on prime and it wasn’t half bad. You’ll enjoy it if you liked The Killing

    The plot twist is ridiculous though
  7. So... Foundation is gonna start filming in my island.

    Going *plane emoji* Lee Pace st*lker!
  8. I just got discovery+ with my Sky package as it has some programs I usually watch that Sky aren’t showing for some reason. I do wonder if this will be the future if channels like Discovery are going to basically have their own Netflix style hub of all their channels!

    I do now wonder if I even need Sky if they aren’t showing the shows I want to see and theyre only on subscription platforms now
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  9. I guess HBO cut all of the founding and moved the development team for HBO GO because the app is a mess of epic proportions, to name a few bugs/slips:

    The app rarely updates the row of the shows you’re currently watching, I’ve been watching Westworld for 2 seasons and it never showed up there. I have to search for it every single time.

    The app rarely remembers the moment you left the episode and starts from the beginning even if you choose resume. Also sometimes the subtitles won’t show up, and my favorite for 2 days in row all of the content was in Italian and I couldn’t change it.

    In WebOS sometimes the app gets stuck on the HBO logo at the beginning and it only starts if you press any random button in the controller.

    I have been logged off at least 4 times without any reason? It usually happens to the Spotify WebOS app if you update but in here it just happens from time to time.

    I have now discovered is better to actually watch HBO on Prime because their platform is just WAY better.
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  10. I’m fairly certain they’ve moved all resources to HBO Max, so you’re right, there likely is no one dealing with the HBO Now app anymore, which is why it’s a mess.
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  11. So with the dozens of new streaming services consistently popping up in the US, internationally we're either getting the content from those services on our own local services (for example, HBO Max original content is going to be available on Crave TV here in Canada BUT you have to pay an extra fee on top of the subscription fee to access it), or offshoot services such as Disney+STAR, again, with an extra fee on top.

    The whole thing is just getting more and more confusing now and we're in desperate need of some kind of aggregate (which is what Netflix originally started out as and then ended up being the reason we're in this mess now ddd). I find the most convenient thing is to be able to subscribe to 'channels' through other services, such as subscribing to Hayu through Amazon Prime or STARZ through Apple TV, but each service only has very specific channels available. Content is also seemingly overlapping between services now with deals not having run out yet or multiple deals being in place, so a lot of shows don't really have a 'home'. At least that's how it feels here in Canada. A lot of the ABC shows such as LOST, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters are on Amazon Prime, but will also be available on Disney+STAR when that launches. Does that mean they'll be taken off Prime?

    It seems like a non-issue to most people, but as time goes on it's driving me more and more insane and also getting increasingly pricey. Legitimately might start taking the train again for the most part unless a better solution becomes available soon.
  12. I took the train a while ago. There are just too many now to even keep up with. Then stuff moves across platforms and stuff like that. Impossible. I'd settled on Hulu but now the TLC stuff I watch on there is moving to no sis. I'm not paying another $6-$10.
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  13. I mean won’t this just create an uptick on piracy again????
  14. I think it’s only a matter of time before the bubble bursts a bit. Things like Netflix and Amazon Prime certainly aren’t going anywhere, but with every network/studio/conglomerate putting out their own subscription-only platform, it just isn’t sustainable for them all to succeed. People are confused about where they can find the content they want, and they can’t find reasons to justify ALL these monthly fees.
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  15. A lot my streaming plans come free with various plans, so Netflix and discovery plus is free with Sky and Apple TV is free with my EE phone plan.

    I’m only paying for Disney plus and Amazon prime atm.
  16. So much for cutting the cord. Now it's all even more expensive than a standard cable bill. I miss the days when Netflix was under $10/month. Now it's close to $20!
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  17. I'm growing super fatigued with the aggressive increase in streaming services in the past year (with more to come) but it was inevitable. Of course the companies are going to go where the money is since so many people have jumped ship from cable.

    We're now seeing "Streaming Bundles" and "Streaming Packages" emerging and it's only getting worse.
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  18. I got Apple TV + for free for a year thanks to my new iPhone and well, it's by far the most boring service of them all but it was a nice addition, if only for Defending Jacob. Yesterday I got an email saying they'll expand my "free trial" to July so... Let's keep this scam I gues?!? I'm never paying for this Apple and I think you know it.
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  19. @Sonny Ammbo I've had it free for a month so far and I'm yet to watch anything.

    All these streaming services are overwhelming me. I got Disney+ free for 6 months but I only watched Never Been Kissed.
  20. Apple TV has a lot of great shows like The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest etc. It might not have a lot on it just now but the shows they do have quite stellar.
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