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The Streaming Wars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Trinu 3.0, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Yeah, it’s the two I instantly noticed too but they can be ‘villains’ without being killers. I feel like we still haven’t met the killer. I feel like regardless of the whole Apple products thing, it will be too obvious. Let me get my clown makeup just in case though.
  2. @spaceship Mythic Quest are airing a quarantine special next week!!
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  3. Wow! I’m definitely watching since I miss them so much!
  4. Enjoying Defending Jacob although I feel like I've seen a fair few shows in the past with a very similar plot so I'm interested to see where it goes and if they're able to differentiate themselves.

    On different note, I find the user experience on Apple Streaming kinda annoying. Maybe its because I'm too eused to the navigation of netlix.
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  5. I finally finished Little America on Apple, and it really is one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. Every episode left me in tears, and it’s not a sad show by any means, just incredibly affecting.
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  6. Okay so I'm on ep 5 Defending Jacob and...

    Jacob is aggravating and doesn't deserve any sympathy.

    Damn, I didn't realize they were dropping episodes weekly rather all at once. Urgh.
    Smart though, guess I'll have to pay for the month ha ha.
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  7. ???

    Apple is like one click and you’re watching something and Netflix is a clusterfuck I try to avoid so I don’t really get this.
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  8. The new episode of Mythic Quest was actually really touching
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  9. The last scene is the best Lay’s commercial ever.
  10. Wow. This week's Defending Jacob had me on edge all the way through.
    Didn't want it to end.

    Some annoying troll in the YT comments of a review video has spoiled the ending for me based on how the books ends but it will be interesting to see of the show follows suit.
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  11. It was so so good. Next week is going to be such an important episode. I wish they showed next week’s trailer.
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  12. You [redacted]'s really want us to watch that, huh
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  13. I think they’re only getting 3 and half streams (Nwonder, Aidan and I) so we need all the help we can get if we want this renewed.
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  14. Nn what show? Defending Jacob is a limited series and Mythic Quest had started filming season 2 before lockdown or was due to?
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  15. Defending Jacob. I feel like Mythic Quest is even more niche.
  16. I meant Defending Jacob!
    My go-to TV blogger has also been raving about it. Apparently is the biggest Apple TV show? It even got new posters.

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  17. Apparently it's one of the biggest hits on Apple TV
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  18. Maybe it’s because I have my Apple stan goggles on, but I really think everything they produced has great quality. It’s clear that they’re spending a lot on the product.

    I think they’re marketing is weak and somehow not reaching their target audience.
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  19. On the free trial of Britbox. Damn, it's so disappointing (except Thunderbirds which is pretty awesome). It's better then Acorn, but that's not really saying much.

    Seriously, the BBC and iTV have so many classic shows and content they could churn out on there. Where is it? It's just the same shit you can find on other streaming sites and even BBC iPlayer...
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  20. Have you watched Truth be told? I was thinking about watching that or See next
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