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One Touch: 12/12 | 0/4
Angels With Dirty Faces: 11/12 | 0/12
Three: 13/14 | 5/6
Taller In More Ways: 11/12 | 2/4
Change: 9/12 | 0/2
Catfights and Spotlights: 10/12
Sweet 7: 1/12
Extras: 5/7
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Surprise (Goodbye)

Score: 6.529
Highest: 10/10 x 2 (@P'NutButter, @scottdisick94)
Lowest: 2/10 x 1 (@roux)
My score: 6/10

It’s time to start the Change cull. As the album passes the halfway mark, it truly crosses into generic tedium and this is one of the surest markers of it. The thing is that some of the requisite pieces for a good song are here, including competent vocals and a good theme, but the lackadaisical production and the odd-stuttered nature of its pacing really bring it down. For a supposed revenge bop, the really languid tone is especially hampering. Whereas 2.0 served up such cuts up stone cold with tongues stuck out, this goes for the Marks & Spencer changing room music approach and falls flat (literally in some places ΝΝΝΝΝ).

“One of my personal favourite Suga tracks,” declares P'NutButter (10). VivaForever (7.5) racks her memory: “This is actually pretty good? But I never have any memory of it (or, indeed, half the songs on this album).” CasuallyCrazed (6.5) also gets over their amnesia “Completely forgettable, but suprisingly enjoyable upon a revisit. Surprise!” Chanex (8) is also surprised that it’s “even better than I remember, gotta love that revenge bop.” As a revenge bop, this has about as much bite as have fun with her, Ryan but werk.

“Sounds a lot like “Back When”, again a bit cheesy and beige. But overall a good song,” says beige and cheese appreciator PCDPG (8). MrJames (8) “loathed this with a passion at first but really love it now. It's so joyful.” Solenciennes (9) also gets a bit too praiseful: “Amelle is great on this track, it’s part of that cohesive half of the album that touches on rock influences (to these ears, at least) and it’s quite a jolly send off to a failed relationship, serving a very watered down kind of sass that we’d come to expect from them. Heidi’s bit is fantastic too!” Epic Chocolat (9) also likes the sass: “Another sassy Sugababes joint.” Meanwhile uno locates their G-spot: “9 is probably a bit too high for this song, but it's always hit the right spots for me. I love the sass. "It's you that's crying tears, and I like the way it feels"(!!!)”. londonrain (8.5) bops but wants more: “This has aged pretty well. It could use a bit more sass but I quite like it.”

Blayke (5) disagrees: “This used to be an album favourite of mine. It hasn’t stood the test of time for me and the use of the vocoder (ha!) is a bit of an overkill. This also sounds like B-Side material. The “ho-ho-ho” parts are nice.” “I have no comment for this,” comments kal (5). And “Goodness knows what Mutya would have made of this. Cathy Dennis, tut tut” tuts king tut mrdonut (5). “Fine I guess, I’m not sure” says acl and gives it an uncertain 5. “They're no Cilla Black,” observes Filler (3). “Generic 2007 pop,” blahs Mina (6). Runawaywithme (6) deems it a “nice little filler with a catchy colourful chorus that reminds me of nice summer singalongs in the car but it gets boring very quickly and it’s quite forgettable but good while it lasts.”

Constantino (6) commences his disappointment: “Oh … well the quality had to dip at SOME POINT I guess … yeah … this is a bit bland unfortunately.” Similarly, “surprising it is not,” begins Ironheade (6), “and though it tries a little to break the album out of its over-polished AOR miasma, it stumbles in the attempt to do so. The low-range synth guitar is an interesting musical idea, but the vocal melody is weirdly clipped, the girls' singing sounds a bit halted for some reason, and the awkward rhythm throughout the entire song doesn't do much to help it. And the hook's not particularly memorable either, particularly with Dr. Luke inserting his usual ultra-sampled sparkly guitar in the upper range and failing to get the song back on its feet. I do like the synth programming and Heidi's vocals in the middle 8, I guess. Could we be facing an actual Side 2 Slump from the Babes? I won't have it!” Well you’ll have to have it, sweetie, cos the slump is real.

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@beyoncésweave your One Touch overview thingy is potentially my all-time favourite post on this forum. Every word is beautiful in the way only absolute truth can be xx

I'm kicking myself daily that I didn't take part (I was only properly familiar with the first 3 albums and couldn't commit myself to the rest at the time) but what a wonderful way to explore the rest of their discography this rate has been. Thank you, one & all.