The Sugababes Discography Rate

As a huge Amy stan i laughed out loud at the "Push The Button" comparison, but I began to think about it and I think that with its cheeky lyrics and catchy chrous if a horn section and hip hop beat were added, it wouldn't sound out of place on Frank!
The fact that the next elimination is taking a while to come through is making me worry it is a great number. Let it please be something dreary instead!
Sorry for the delay, Sugarettes. This earthquake business is making running a rate simultaneously slightly difficult.
The fact that the next elimination is taking a while to come through is making me worry it is a great number. Let it please be something dreary instead!



Score: 6.719
Highest: 10/10 x 3 (@tylerc904, @Island, @marie_05, @Zar-Unity)
Lowest: 1/10 x 1 (@scottdisick94)
My score: 5/10

Yeah, this is about right as one of Three’s first cuts. It’s a fairly standard, and in many ways well executed, ballad, and Heidi’s vocals (and Keisha's kii) are generally in fine form, but it stretches on for too long which really ups the dreary factor. In the context of the album though, this is just a misfire on multiple levels, isn’t it? Firstably, the album was not really in need of another ballad, after the stupendous run of three immaculate Sugaballads in “Caught In A Moment”, “Too Lost In You” and “Conversation’s Over”, plus “Situation’s Heavy” and “Maya” for you alternate types. Then you have the solo track per member gimmick which Heidi comes worst off on all fronts, being the face of not only a forgettable song compared to “Whatever Makes You Happy” and “Maya”, but one that shows her off in a decidedly expected light (as opposed to the surprising lights both Keisha and Mutya come off their solo spotlights, in being respectively far more poppier and introspective than assumed). It manages to say precisely nothing about Heidi as a person or singer. She wasn’t obliged to at all, of course, but unfortunately her bandmates really raised the bar in that regard. Something about its retro-schmaltzy lounge number vibe also conflicts with the punchy or intimate tone of the rest of the album. Finally, “Sometimes” suffers from what I’ve mentioned before as the album’s hit-and-miss sequencing. Putting it right before “Maya” was a disastrous choice in that it pairs two ballads and two solo tracks together, inviting comparisons and leaving Heidi looking worse off as a result.

Members of the Aunt Margaret Crochet Club were out in force. tylerc904 (10) laments that “this won't do nearly as well as it should. Heidi sounds gorgeous, and even though Keisha hijacks what should be Heidi's "solo track", I'm not mad because her part is epic.” AMCC Secretary Chanex (8) cheers from their armchair: “Go on and get it Heidi, walk into that spotlight. It's yours, you've earned it. And don't ever read the comments on PJSC regarding this track you regal goddess you're better than that.” Constantino (8) also had too many digestives: “At first I thought ‘FUCK this is dull…I really want to like but alas, there is nothing to grab onto…’ (mostly because it’s Heidi led), but you know what? This is an absolutely gorgeous ballad. Yas Heidi! Break the chain!” Solenciennes (8) gets his stitches in a slight mess: “Heidi sounds beautiful on this, her voice could sound quite frail at times but her talents as a vocalist are on display here and I think people do too much on her vocals in general. She has the perfect pop voice and it’s nice to get to hear her properly as a lot of their material up to this point is basically swept away by Mutya’s skills and they only threw Keisha and Heidi some scraps as an afterthought.” While DJHazey (8) gets a bit tew inquisitive: “Okay so who told Heidi to come for wigs with that big pop chorus?” Well, no one.

“My favourite song in middle school. I was troubled,” confesses a troubled ssa (9). “Bond theme loveliness,” bonds mrdonut (7) rather accurately. “The weakest solo track but in the context of the album, it’s okay,” okays PCDPG (7). londonrain (7.5) finds that “This is nice but not amazing. Had this been an actual group song instead of a Heidi solo I might have given it more.” kal (7) is on board yes yes: “This is very saccharine but I highly enjoy it nonetheless. Heidi’s shining moment on the album,” somehow forgetting “Caught In A Moment” and “Too Lost In You”. Remorque (7.5) is here to defend Heidi: "I’ve always loved this as Heidi really gives it her all on this one, but ultimately it’s a little too plodding for me to be a total 9 or 10, as those are the scores I gave the other solo songs from Three… Keisha making an appearance is a bit extra, because Heidi can damn well hold her own and Keisha and Mutya are fine harmonizing with her during the bridge and the chorus".

P'NutButter (5) kiis that “Heidi demonstrates her range”. When I copy-pasted this from “P’Nut’s scores post, this read “Sometimes Heidi demonstrates her range” ΝΝΝ. “Very middle of the road isn't it?” middles theincredibleflipper (5). Sprockrooster (5) is, for once, baffled “how the queen of middle rights has one of the weakest in their discography in her own solo.” Is this Keisha shade? “Oh good. It's the Heidi solo song,” relieves Filler (5). Blayke (6) takes 66 words to say boring: “The worst song on the album unfortunately but it’s still okay. I wish they gave Heidi something more poppy to work with. Honestly it’s not that hard. They gave her this boring slice of tripe only to be saved by Keisha’s glorious and almost holy (thank you organs) middle-8. In saying that, I think Heidi sounds great on the song. It’s just a bit boring love!”

VivaForever (5) opines that “this is so bland it goes by completely unnoticed. Draw your own conclusions about Heidi...” CasuallyCrazed (5) does: “This lacks all the energy and originality of the other ballads on Three. I blame Heidi.” On the other hand, Lost In Japan. (6) gets too interpolative: “This feels like it could have been on a Britney’s debut, and not just because of the title.” *Nervously looks around to see if any Britney stans have migrated here from the Glory threadhole.*

Ironheade (6) writes some words about Heidi: “OK, we all like to pick on Heidi as the filler member circa 2.0, but when she gets a part tailored to her, it can be fantastic. That said, she's better-used as a light-hearted counterpoint to the more forceful Mutya and Keisha - over the course of an entire song, her reedy voice gets a little wearying. Not that she's got fantastic material to begin with. "Sometimes" is a fairly rote piano ballad, and though I do like the jazzy guitar accents and classic feel to the playing, it's just the teensiest bit dull. You can't say Heidi's not trying her best at emoting, but nah, not for me. Leave the solo career at home, love. (H-hey, Keisha, get out of here! Do you understand the concept of "Heidi solo"?)” Let’s end with uno (5) who very perceptively says “While I do love Heidi and think she is integral to the Sugababes' sound, she was definitely the only one I couldn't see going solo. She was made to be in a girl-group, and this song kinda supports that theory.” Quite.

Not to shade Heidi too much, but if you wanted your palette cleansed, here is a "Sometimes" that could have been. A demo recorded by 1.0 which is all kinds of soul-envelopingly lovely. The run-on notes by Siobhán ... Oprah_crying.gif

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Sometimes (6/10) is nice, quite beatiful at parts even, though a little bit boring. Buster and We Could Have It All should've been out earlier though

As for Heidi "solo-ish" track i much prefer Betcha By Golly Wow. Its miles better and even though Keisha appears in the song its pretty much Heidi show through and through

So even though it isnt part of this rate a 10/10 from me