The Sugababes Discography Rate

I rated the songs as fairly as I could, I knew every album from Angels to Sweet 7 extremely well having played them on repeat over the past ten years, obviously depending on the release date. One Touch was the album I could never get into and believe me I tried ridiculously to. ... Sorry if it sounded brash with what I said earlier @beyoncésweave , I just saw the minor comment about my 0 and snapped a little.
Oh, honey don't worry! You can' force yourself to like something you just don't. I was just trying to pick apart your logic a little (and as @londonrain pointed out, you happened to be the lowest scorer for this). As I've said before, it took me quite a while to come around to One Touch too. Maybe you will as well, and maybe you won't.
At one point on this forum people didn't even take you seriously if you didn't like it, discrediting your 'fandom' if you were a post Mutya fan.
That is completely not what I feel, and a sentiment I really wanted to avoid in the rate. I have my favourite albums, but I genuinely think each of the lineups offered something worthwhile (yes, even 4.0), and I don't think their discography would be as rich or interesting without each of them. It's far beyond me to shit on people's preferences amongst them.

To be honest, results like these were just inevitable because this is in many ways a rate of four different bands; the lineup changes signalled pretty large changes in sound and songwriting. As a result, there are more incongruities than for even a single artist across large time spans. Messy results are just inherently guaranteed, and this is but one of the first of many.
The art for this last elimination is everything.

I don't need this Mended By You hate, the "you came up I swear that it was just like something from a movie scene" part always makes me swoon.

Finally, the nostalgia thing cuts both ways, since a lot of fans who came on board when Amelle was drafted (including I think you?) rated Change and Catfights much higher than the others. I dunno.

For the record I came on board during Taller I think? So it kind of holds true for me although I acquainted myself with all the albums and lineups pretty quickly. I just like the look and sound of 3.0 best. Amelle's voice and attitude just do it for me especially in the context of 3.0. There was something very sophisticated to me about the styling and the way they carried themselves, and vocally I think that they were at their apex.

Someone called it idiocy up the thread and it hurt my feelings because I have every right to my unpopular opinion, and I love all of the lineups to death (except 4.0 of course lol but even that gave us Freedom). I completely understand why most people would prefer Mutya especially on this forum, she is amazing and I stan hard for Real Girl, but the cool thing about Sugababes is all the different permutations, like four different girl groups in one, so as we debate our faves can we keep it cute and respectful?

ETA: @beyoncésweave I didn't see your last post above before I posted this! So erm...great minds about the four groups thing it's totally redundant now lol!
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Same Old Story is a mediocre album track, y'all gotta calm down.

Same Old Story is WEAK album track, even One Touch b-sides like Dont Wanna Wait and Little Lady Love are miles, MILES better than this.

The thing about One Touch is that they have crazy good highs (mostly singles but not only) and the rest is either mediocre or weak but lots of people value it more because of "raw and great harmonies" etc which is fair enough but stuff like Same Old Story is just boring b-side material. If you want more One Touch-like material that isnt boring listen to Reolution In Me where Siobhan took OT sound to another level

Now lets bury Just Let It Go!
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Now lets bury Just Let It Go!
Let's leave this downright mess for another day.



We Could Have It All
Score: 6.780
Highest: 10/10 x 3 (@tylerc904, @AlexD, @marie_05)
Lowest: 4/10 x 3 (@Solenciennes, @Epic Chocolat, @roux)
My score: 5/10

This is all very blah, and fine to exit now. For me, it’s the weakest on Three besides “Sometimes”. The elimination of both would have made the album that much tighter. As an ode to lazy passing the time, it’s fairly appropriate, but the whole thing feels too sullen. There’s not enough of an uptick in the production to make it memorable. It's a case of almost there; if the pace had been slightly hastened, this could have worked. It suffers particularly from following the similarly plodding “Twisted”, though thankfully there are better riches immediately afterwards in “Conversation’s Over”.

Noted pothead kal (9) of course loved this: “The Chili Peppers song.” The carefree attitude this abundantly exudes is amazing. I love a song about not taking life seriously and smoking blunts.” Also lost in the weed smoke, specifically Mutya’s weed smoke, is Blayke (8): Whilst I enjoy the smoky vocals Mutya brings, it doesn’t really elevate the album much. I believe it does diversify the sound of the album but still prefer other tracks. I appreciate that they didn’t try too hard with the rock/grunge influences but definitely had them there. It’s a nice change. I think this song could have worked well live too. I’d have enjoyed that!”

Ironheade (7) is seemingly also on the good kush: “Mutya Eats The Other Two For Breakfast, Part the Umpteenth. Her smoky rasp fits this song like she was engineered just for it, the perfect musical partner for the prowling wah-soaked crunch of the guitars, and there's a vicious, almost feral edge to it that I feel could have been exploited a lot better. Meanwhile, Keisha and Heidi both sound rather confused as to what they should do with this song. Not to mention, the drum programs are just… weird. The drums in the bridge sound like someone whacking a dumpster, and there's a rather irritating ringing percussion accent used throughout that I really could have done without. Oh well.” “Sorry the government, smoking is super cool now because of this song,” says a slightly out of it Filler (8). Remorque (7) stands up for it: “I know this is generally disliked as being “too moody” or “boring”, but I really don’t see it that way. The production is great and even though the chorus is a bit of a non-event, the song does build up nicely to end with that outro… I don’t really get the hate, but hey ho, I guess…”

DJHazey (9) is surprisingly on board: “I'm not even sure why I love this song because the template would normally scream "run away Hazey" with its seemingly monotonous ways, but something about those guitars in the production work for me. The highlight is when they rise up and help finish the chorus in that lower register. Always does it for me right there.” Chanex (7) also found something to like: “Dependably grimy? I don't always love this side of Sugababes but it's a perfect example of it.” Constantino (7) finds some other words for grime: “I love the kind of down-trodden and distant nature of this track and I especially like the guitars; they add that much-needed element of grit to proceedings.”

Finally, a smaller chorus of hunties agree that this is the album’s weakest point. Solenciennes (4) puts that “This is the least memorable song off the album for me, the title doesn’t summon a hook or a beat to my brain. I like the ominous backing track but I think “Disturbed” is far superior and would have been a better addition to the album. Terminally forgettable but a serviceable album track and another display of their musical versatility I guess.” “Probably Three’s weakest moment but it’s no disaster for mrdonut (6). “Boring,” blahs PCDPG (6.5) while “Alright,” alrights acl (7). “There's a really good song in here, and I like the vocals, but the production makes it painful to listen to” for VivaForever (5). “This is just dull. In the first 40 seconds you've basically heard the whole song,” observes londonrain (5). Indeed.

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'Same Old Story' is that chavtastic bop from the year 2000, I'll be in the park with my CD Walkman and a curly-wurly.

'We Could Have It All' is a decent album track, but we have bigger fish to fry.
Good riddance to Freedom and Same Old Story.

We Could Have it All is solid, deserved to outlast Nasty Ghetto if a Three song had to be cut.

Gotta Be You though... how on EARTH is it still here?
It's very MOR and bland which is only magnified by basically all the songs on Catfights.

Except Hanging on a Star. That can go before Nothing's As Good As You.