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Score: 7.009
Highest: 10/10 x 2 (@Zar-Unity, @Blayke)
Lowest: 3/10 x 2 (@GhettoPrincess, @CasuallyCrazed)
My score: 7/10

This is a cute little electro-garage bop that furnishes the non-single component of Angels. Compared with their other cuts in this vein, “Twisted” and “Disturbed” in particular, this has hung around for too long. But there’s an assured and controlled quality to this that’s very reflective of how in command they were, even at these early stages. The chorus is extremely catchy, and while the verses are paced rather slow, lead in very well. That breathy, dream-like middle eight is really weird, but somehow works in the context of the song. Production-wise, the garage quirks add quite a bit to this, making it like it’s stuck in some industrial hallway, though one that’s not too messy, mind. I do find this to be quite a jarring song to follow “Stronger” on the album though; something like the title track would have been more appropriate.

“Sound the Bloodshy & Avant klaxon! My goodness they know their way around a bop,” screams mrdonut (7.5). Solenciennes (7) is quite fair: the chorus is seductive and Mutya sounds great. I’ve never been huge on this album as a whole and this track falls into the same trap as most of the other album tracks, that they sound very dated and while I can find merits readily, we already know what Mutya and Keisha are capable of so there’s no wow factor. Keisha’s middle eight is fun. Heidi feels anonymous.” Tell that to Blayke (10) who keeps shedding 10s like dandruff: “I remember this song being slated so much on the previous official and unofficial Sugababes forums but I really like this song. It’s not really trying anything new but it’s pleasant. Mutya’s voice all over the track may be a key reason to my enjoyment of this and its 10 scoring worthiness. I also really appreciate Heidi on the second verse on this. She sounds great.”

Ironheade (7) quite reasonably finds it “Another interesting electro experiment, but not quite as good as its predecessor "Blue". The stomping beat and processed synth-guitar pulse hug each other a little bit too tightly, rendering things a little bit too cheap and static in sound, while Heidi's vocals sound distinctly dodgy here. It's a shame, because Keisha and Mutya both come in with careful, restrained vocal performances, but they both sound a little flat and unlovely too. There's some nice elements, though - the fuzzy 8-bit synth breakdown in the bridge and what sounds very much like a bitcrushed organ (!) in the prechorus, namely – but otherwise, it's just kind of a nothing song, catchy but not too special. Unfortunate, girls.” Speaking of unfortunate girls, here’s Mina with the same opinion for a two points less: “Catchy, but not amazing like some of their other material”.

PCDPG (5.5) squirts out not just one terrible opinion but two!: “Just like “Blue”, it sounds very dated and doesn’t have a nice quality.” Similarly, “The worst filler of 2.0, there’s barely even a song there,” declares CasuallyCrazed (3) forgetting “No Man, No Cry”, “Twisted” and “It Ain’t Easy” among others. Chanex (4) tries to emulate slow-mo: “Sounds like it's slooooowed doooown and goes on forever. It's factual.” Constantino (5) is also bored: “EH… this is a bit too clunky for my liking… especially considering the lack of hooks and the awful lyricism.”

Remorque (6.5) is not impressed: “Has never really been a favourite of mine… Heidi’s the only one that doesn’t sound bored out of her brain and Keisha does her best on the ad-lib front, but Mutya sounds as if she doesn’t give a fuck here. She probably doesn’t… It’s a bit of a typical early ‘00s R&B song and it kinda goes on a bit. But after the four-way punch of the first songs, I was bound to be a bit disappointed.” londonrain (6.5) finds that “This is decent, but doesn't really stand up to the singles on Angels with Dirty Faces.” kal is more generous for a less generous score of 6: “This sounds so dated, but I still bop. The pre-chorus is infectious. I haven’t listened to it in a long time and seems to overstay its welcome. Should be cut short by a minute or so.”

Filler (7) is determined to remind us of ha “Virgin Sexy” stanning: “It's no “Virgin Sexy” as strut-down-the-street anthems go, but it has a decent stab at it. Yes, look at me, civilians, I am supernatural on this pavement! I am international! I am unstoppable! I am practical! I am actual!” And they say “hey sexy”. acl (7) wants to like it: “The sentiment of the lyrics in the verses is nice but it’s all a bit ploddy. I like the middle 8 as well as the ad-libs after." Runawaywithme (8) summons she of the supernatural vocals into this rate: “The only thing that comes to mind when I listen to this is that it would have been amazing on In The Zone and that’s really not a bad thing.” Yaaas Spookeyney! Witchney! Magicvocalsney! DJHazey (8) notes that “The beat keeps it from straying into bland territory.” “Should have been a single,” splurts P'NutButter (9.5). Finally, uno (8.5) is also popping ha spooky tumblr pussy to this: “A good example how they were able to make their sound radio-friendly but still very them. A perfect balance of the two.” Quite.

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Change, One Touch and especially Angels suffered this round, while Taller, Catfights and Sweet 7 (with "About A Girl" hanging on doggedly) passed through unscathed. Three and Taller continue to clutch onto their B-sides. The next ten cuts will ... clarify matters a bit further.

As I said, Sugadandies, I am off on my travels shortly (I'm waiting at the airport right now kii). Eliminations will be sporadic, but I will try to keep the Sugatap flowing. Please do look after yourselves this holiday season, try to see off this horrendous year as best as you can and enjoy a Sugbababes song or two. They have plenty, if you're feeling festive or not.

This mild hiatus is also a good reminder to send any C O M M E N T A R Y you may have in. If the preceding eliminations have shown anything, it's that no song is safe (*sniff* #Justice4JustLetItGo). If you really love a song, then let me know why. I'll pass it on. Kisses!
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How the fuck is Ugly still in. It's like the Sugababes version of Girl's Aloud I'm Beautiful Cos I'm Ugly.

This is the weird thing about Ugly. On paper I should hate it, deem it to be a cheesy piece of cod philosophy, etc. But somehow (probably due to those 2.0 harmonies and personalities) I find it really moving

The Aloud's equivalent only moves me to tears when I remember it was the choice of farewell single over Every Now and Then or On The Metro

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This is the weird thing about Ugly. On paper I should hate it, deem it to be a cheesy piece of cod philosophy, etc. But somehow (probably due to those 2.0 harmonies and personalities) I find it really moving

The Aloud's equivalent only moves me to tears when I remember it was the choice of farewell single over Every Now and Then or On The Metro

I don't think Ugly is as bad but it is bland. I think it helps that Mutya is singing it rather than Chimola having the lead vocals on the Girls Aloud track.


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No big loss there. Enjoy your travels @beyoncésweave and good luck with all the work! I'll come and share thoughts tomorrow (been working most of the weekend including all of today and counting...) and maybe even work on that ooky spooky Sugababes Halloween playlist that I've been thinking about seeing as they have so many downright weird songs that suit the mood, I think.
Ugly is gorgeous and 100% worth it for Mutya's ad libs.