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I'm happy to see Someone In My Bed exit because I swear I heard "Something's in my bed" at first and then couldn't unhear it. All I kept thinking of was a spider in one of the girls' beds...eek.
This covers post is spectacular. Enjoying the break at the half way point since I know it will be rough going soon enough. Reviewed what's left us already and for me the only real heartbreaks are Girls, Freedom, Mended By You and One Touch. So not too bad all things considered. Have I mentioned how much I love this rate yet? xoxo
Let's arrest the B-side massacre for a bit...



Nothing’s As Good As You
Score: 7.252
Highest: 10/10 x 10 (@tylerc904, @Voodoo, @Jonathan27, @DJHazey, @Reboot, @Robinho#1, @AllSixSugababes, @Mr.Arroz, @acl, @Blayke)
Lowest: 3/10 x 1 (@LE0Night)
My score: 5/10

I’m sorry, I do not care for this at all, and it should have left a long time ago. It’s so very … dreary? The vocals are fine, especially Heidi who does a good job on the first verse and Keisha who does her best to adlib this out of a dead-end. But that can’t save the rather terrible chorus; the melody is so halting and shuffling and I find it really hard to connect with, and Amelle’s rather flat delivery does not help things at all. The production tries to ape the 60s girl group vibes the album was going for, but in an oddly muted and uninteresting way. I’m willing to forgive failings in musicality if the lyrics provide some interest, but unfortunately they do not at all here, being a cohesive but unimaginative series of platitudes about a lover. Basically, on an album with a large number of impressive tracks from production, vocal and lyrical angles, this just doesn’t cut it. For me, it’s weaker than “Hanging On A Star” and “Girls”; the album could do without it altogether, even without a replacement.

Solenciennes’s 7.5 for this is not quite reflected in his commentary: “this feels like a Change leftover. Solid chorus, just a bit of a disappointment overall when the quality of the rest of the album is so outstanding. The ooh la la la’s buffering Keisha’s middle eight are great, as is the middle eight itself, and Keisha injects some excitement into the song with her ad libs towards the end.” Blayke says pretty much the same thing for 2.5 points higher: “This is a lovely harmony infused track. Heidi and Amelle on the verses was a good touch with Keisha smashing it on the middle eight. They all sound so good. I love the “ah-uh-uh-uh-ah” moments in the song too. Keisha adlibbing her life away on the end of the song is just lovely.” Similarly, “Keisha’s middle 8 is fab” for mrdonut (7.5).

Ironheade (7) finds it going downhill a bitsy, “Brilliant first verse, beautiful first verse. Heidi's vocals sound perfect here over the soft, unadorned electric guitar… and then comes the weirdly herky-jerky chorus where Amelle sounds oddly flat. Although, the payoff line is quite nice, but it disappoints in not really leading to anything. Thankfully, Amelle recovers in the second verse, and Keisha gets a nice bridge backed up by some sweet wordless harmonies, so they do enough to recover the song. Almost makes up for the weak chorus, but overall this smacks of a lot of wasted potential. Shame about this dead spot.” CorgiCorgiCorgi (7) concurs in less words that “This has potential to be a much better song than it actually is.” “Cute, but doesn't warrant commentary longer than its title,” says Filler (7) who goes on to definitely exceed said title, “Except for the bit where I say that it doesn't warrant commentary longer than its title, and also this bit”.

PCDPG (6.5) is correct for once, “The only bad track on this album, which completely misses the mark.” “Dull, dull, dull,” shrieks londonrain (5). “Oh, did I praise the lack of saccharine too soon? Here it is in all its power,” scathes kal (5). Meanwhile, here’s Chanex (4) to taint my rate with this steaming mess of an opinion: “Yikes this is like a Disney Avril Beatles soft rock abortion. But it's on Catfights the best Sugalbum ever... ugh can't give it a 2... It’s really bad though.”

Runawaywithme (8) is here to cleanse with a bit tew much generosity: “I just love the opening of this as it reminds me of a more hopeful “Too Lost In You”. The little moment after the first chorus with their harmonies and the twinkly electronics just gets to me.” Except “Too Lost In You” is a masterpiece of hopeless love sung across purgatory into the ether, and this is a quick voicemail to your partner to assuage your guilt before going out on a Friday night. “A pleasant album track,” says Epic Chocolat (8.5) clearly listening to something else. Constantino (8) coos “This is really beautiful, the girls are serving us emotion and melodrama once again and I am living for it.” Well they can keep it!

Sprockrooster (9.5) needs to get a bit more punitive: “The slight staccato chorus delivery is a bit annoying and prevents me to 10 this.” DJHazey (10) who has no such qualms gets pretty much everything wrong on this one, “I wanted to write this song off because Heidi's opening stanza isn't exactly thrilling, but this bop is just too good to ignore. After a few plays everything clicked for me and I actually call this a favorite now.” In completely upside down land is Deborux (9) who calls it “a bright spot in an overrated album.” Okay, gorl.

Poor Robinho#1 (10) is going to be very disappointed, “I was going to give my eleven to this but in the end decided to give to one of their singles. Either way, it would be a complete injustice if this fails to make it into the top 20. Laidback and vocally distinct album track.” acl says rather correctly that “To save time just see Sunday Rain” and yet still throws it a 10. tylerc904 (10) also refuses to get off the bandwagon, “Heidi giving a flawless vocal. This is a perfect execution of that throwback girl group vibe. Short and sweet; one of my very favourite 3.0 tracks.” Yes, its brevity is really the best thing about it.

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Aw, I quite like Nothing's As Good As You - though listening to it now after not hearing it for a while, it's not as good as I remember.

Still, a pleasant song. Definitely not a 5.
I like all three but I would personally rank them:

Sugababes (potential to be higher if more finished)
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Please get back to discussing the covers and/or the latest elimination and/or the soft/sultry/shady lewks the gerls are serving on the "Nothing's As Good As You" cover. Thank you.


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Thank GOODNESS we've got rid of Nothing's As Good As You. Loooong overdue.

Ugly, Sunday Rain and Unbreakable Heart can follow it in short order as far as I'm concerned. Colder In The Rain and Someone In My Bed deserved better.