The Sugababes Discography Rate

TOP 50


111. Miss Everything
99. Get Sexy
98. Don't Wanna Wait
97. No Man, No Cry
96. No More You
95. Groove Is Going On
94. This Ain't A Party Thing
93. Crash & Burn
92. Sugababes On The Run
91. Forever

90. Twisted

89. Hanging On A Star
88. Thank You For The Heartbreak

87. Little Lady Love
86. 3 Spoons Of Suga
85. Back When
84. Wait For You
83. It Ain't Easy
82. In Recline
81. Girls

80. Surprise (Goodbye)
79. More Than A Million Miles
78. Down Down
77. Look At Me

76. Sometimes
75. Freedom
74. Same Old Story
73. We Could Have It All

72. Nasty Ghetto
71. Better

70. Virgin Sexy

69. Mended By You
68. Good To Be Gone
67. Just Don't Need This

66. Just Let It Go
65. Switch
64. One Touch
63. Disturbed
62. Undignified
61. Supernatural

60. Joy Division
59. Who
58. Beware
57. Colder In The Rain
56. Someone In My Bed
55. Nothing's As Good As You
54. Open The Door
53. Spiral
52. Buster

51. Real Thing


Right, after a round where we blitzed through the B-sides, five albums still retain more than half their tracks, with Taller doing (disproportionately) very well, even keeping the lone remaining B-side.


We're getting to the business end of things now, and things are gonna start hurting, especially if you're a fan of a certain two albums...
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Buster is a decent filler track but nothing more than that

Real Thing is a disappointment. Its starts as a nice bop but then it never delivers.

I hope next we'll get rid of Like The Weather, Blue, Angels, Gotta Be You, Side Chick, Ugly and Soul Sound


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This is awful, Obsession was in my 10 lowest rated tracks in the rate and it's made it to the top 50. Angels With Dirty Faces and Gotta Be You should have vacated by now too. Next tier of needing culled would be Easy, Situation's Heavy, My Love Is Pink, Never Gonna Dance Again, About A Girl, Shape, Red Dress and Blue.

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I'm quite shocked Gotta Be You is still in. I used to like it quite a bit but it hasn't aged too well.
I'm surprised "Gotta Be You" hasn't gone yet, but I'm not going to complain, because I do like it a lot. (I have a bit of a weakness for that pounding bass synth sound.) It's getting a little inexplicable at this point, though, so as much as I like it, I wouldn't complain if it left soonish.