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I wonder what will come first

MKS getting the name back

or the winner in this rate

I rated GBY far too high. Its aged like milk from when I rated it, and lets be real It Aint Easy is a bigger bop #sorrynotsorry.

It's not even the best-song-named-Gotta Be You-by-a-band, that honor belongs to:

Yeah, as much as I love 'Flatline', I don't think it should be number one either.

On a different note, does anyone feel there is something off with the vocals in 'Bruised'? They sound very compressed and I hear a lot of those 'bubbly' artefacts you get from low bitrate audio on the background...



My Love Is Pink
Score: 7.524
Highest: 10/10 x 8 (@etienne, @SmashHitter, @londonrain, @Epic Chocolat, @Uno, @chanex, @supersoon, @Remorque)
Lowest: 2/10 x 1 (@AlexD)
My score: 5/10

YAAAAS the evil is defeated! I can’t tell y’all how frustrating it was to see this race to the Top 50 and not budge at all when it is a terminally basic piece of SHITE. It’s just such a generic, faceless effort where nearly everything is subsumed by that Kidz Bop instrumental. The girls voices sound like echoes off of cheap Singstar microphones while your PS2 is having a DLL error. The lyrics are nonsensical; Brian and Miranda thinking it’d be cute to do a colour-themed song, half-heartedly writing some lines and going off for a ciggy break to never come back. All this curtails even getting a kii from the “butthole tight” mishearing. While I appreciate the dance-pop direction, it’s just executed to far, far better effect on “Never Gonna Dance Again” and (to an extent) “Denial” where the girls sound distinct and aren’t swallowed whole by the song. The result is what sounds like the most knock-off song to be issued by Xenomania to the girls. Worse than a Girls Aloud B-side. Worse than a Florrie B-side.Worse than a Mini Viva B-side.

“My Love Is Pink” is almost ground zero as to the identity crisis represented by Change. The album starts on a basic pop gear before accelerating into a dance-pop-y one with the one-two-three punch of “Never Gonna Dance Again”, “Denial” and this, before sliding into a basic ballad with the title track then … driving off the cliff with a series of turgid, grey midtempos (with a slight recovery right at the end). If this was followed up by more songs on the dance-pop track, or if the latter half consisted of the pop-rock efforts the era’s B-sides and extras, I’d look upon this far more favourably. As it is, it sorta fades into the album’s generic descent without much distinction.

I was gonna categorise the comments according to those who brought up their tight buttholes and those bringing up Girls Aloud, but that turned out to be all of you so let’s have a scramble. Solenciennes (6) spews a lot of words about how this is shit, “much like Never Gonna Dance Again, this is a perfectly fine pop song, it just doesn’t really have much of an identity and would feel like the obligatory album filler whose only purpose is to tie the sounds and themes together, except the album’s all over the place and doesn’t have an obvious coherent theme or narrative to it, so this just feels especially pointless and out of place. If it had been pushed as a proper single, it might have moved past its questionable place on the album as so many singles do, but they didn’t push it and I’m not sure it would have done well on radio anyway. Basic bop that doesn’t feel particularly Sugababes-y but they were trying to figure out what Sugababes should sound like after Mutya so I can forgive the experimentation up to a point. The boy hold tight/butthole tight misheard lyrics thing is the most notable thing about the track, to sum up.” VivaForever (6.5) bops sullenly, “fun, but could be more fun if it weren't a little irritating. So, My Love Is P!nk.” Keep it!

londonrain (10) keeps stumbling disastrously in the rate, ‘One of their best. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who always thought it was "butthole tight"’. The Stockholm syndrome is strong with Chanex (10): “I love how relentless it is, it was immediately a standout to me the first time I heard it and the chorus is really clever. Upon repeated listens it never disappoints.” And upon repeated opinions, you always disappoint. acl’s 7 is too generous I feel, “I like the production on most of this -not the chorus- but hate the lyrics and the middle 8 is dirge. Keisha’s pre chorus is the highlight.”Lost In Japan. (7) calls it derivative, reductive even, “I don’t know, the production on this one feels a bit derivative of “Something Kinda Ooooh”/”Girl Overboard”. But it’s still a bop.”

OTOH, down with the rhythm on another beat is Filler (5) who lays down some delicious shade, “I wasn't even that keen on Girl Overboard when it had a personality.” xondus (5) also reads palms and tells no lies, “I can see why Keisha hates this these days. I mean, it’s fun, but rather unfortunate for them and the whole ‘butthole tight’ lyric saga is well, also unfortunate.”

Speaking of unfortunate, here’s kal (8) who is never beneath being shameless, “By the numbers shameless pop. I still sing the “butthole tight” line.” tylerc904 (8) at least aims for some sort of realism, “Butthole tight aside, this really is a fun track. Very Girls Aloud-lite, sounds like it was meant for Tangled Up (which was rumored).” Stopthestatic (8.1) was also distracted by the Moroccan Chanteuse’s mumbling “It’s a bop but what’s with that ‘butthole tight’ line??? Amelle’s enunciation is worse than Ariana’s.” And speaking of Ariandé, here’s mrdonut (7) who tries to pretend his faulty hearing is somehow unique, “FOR YEARS, no lie, I thought they sang “My love is like the colours of the girls so butthole tight”. An impressive and promising intro is sadly replaced by rather ordinary verses and a pedestrian chorus.” Likewise, “Not that special and the lyrics are a bit weird,” is enough for a 7.5 from PCDPG. Constantino (7.5) of course loves anything that’s cheap and tacky, “The Booty Luv (remember them? [Ed: ΝΝΝ yes unfortunately]) teas are STRONG here. The production is ridiculously cheap but for some reason it just works.”

109 words from Ironheade (8.5) cannot convince me, sadly, “Hur hur hur, now there's a title! Yeah, the vocals on this one are slightly dodgy, particularly Heidi's, but I don't care in the slightest. It's crackling with energy and crammed with more hooks than a meat locker, and the girls attack it with an admirable amount of enthusiasm, and a passel of classic Keisha vocal inflections to boot. There's some genuinely thrilling cut-and-paste synth work flying in from all directions and some excellent nu-disco guitars (dig the way they build a slow intro before things kick up), and the hustling beat keeps things charging forward nicely. More fun than a barrel of magic mushrooms. Something something butthole tight.”

Surely on a barrel of magic mushrooms is Runawaywithme (8) who recounts disco night in Soho, “My gay ass can’t help but love this crazy ridiculous disco banger, it makes me think of wearing Kylie’s gold hot pants at a roller disco with a bunch of drag queens, fairy lights, sequins, cocktails and hot topless men AKA Heaven and a possible hell.” HRH (8) goes off the deep end and recommends that this “Should have been a single. Fun, fun, fun.” No, no, no! uno (10) also bleats for a single release, “I always thought Amelle's line was "70 different ways to misbehave – get in the backseat now, we'll make it 80" - kinda bummed it's not. Either way, this song was robbed of it's destiny of being a single. "If I could make a man, he'd look a lot like you" is up there among my favourite Suga-lyrics.”

Fresh from giving “Angels With Dirty Faces” a 6, P'NutButter’s 8 for this and “Xenomania always deliver the bops” claim shows that he shouldn’t be the go-to for tasteful opinions on the production outfit. “Xenomania power!” cries Epic Chocolat (10) in similar, faulty vein. MrJames (9.5) claims it’s “the closest Sugababes got to the full on Xenomania treatment. Very Annie, Very Girls Aloud.” Hmm, I’ll have more to say on this as we get to them, but one of the things I love about Xenomania is that they really played to the strengths of the artists they worked with, and so their songs with the Sugababes don’t sound like their ones with Girls Aloud, and vice versa. Except … here, where it just sounds like a generic Girls Aloud B-side.

That, of course, is why DJHazey (9) is stanning, “Oh what a Girls Aloud-style bop this is! Keisha's transitional line "If I could make a man he'd look a lot like you" is just pure magic. Yes the "butthole tight" line is always good for a kii too.” Blayke (8.5) also bangs the Aloud drum, “STOMPER. I love this song. This would fit perfectly on Girls Aloud’s Tangled Up but Sugababes are much better. Keisha owns this song. This would have been a great solo song for her. I would like to hear Mutya’s version as well.” CasuallyCrazed (9.5) feels likewise and then not, “this song is flawless but if we’re being perfectly honest, we all know it belongs on Tangled Up, not Change. Nadine was born to belt this chorus and Nicola should be on that heavenly middle 8, not Heidi.” ΝΝΝ that’s it, someone sounded the California Gwerls klaxon, which is a good place to sign off:

Let's give the very last word to Saint Quiche:


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What are the actual lyrics to the 'butthole tight' line? A random internet search seems to come up with varying interpretations.

This is a great example of a Sugababes song where I never listen to the lyrics, which is just as well, really (what on earth are they on about?)

I basically scored it on the fact that it's a proper bop and would probably have been a smarter choice than "Denial" to save the campaign after "Change" missed the top 10.

(I know a radio version was released as a single on iTunes but with a basic-ass cover and zero promotion, I'm not even sure why they bothered.)

Really surprised My Love Is Pink is out so soon. I'd always assumed it was really popular with fans, but then again I thought the same about its parent album so I've probably got the wrong idea. Great song, though. I love the title.

What are the actual lyrics to the 'butthole tight' line? A random internet search seems to come up with varying interpretations.

I think it's meant to be 'so boy hold tight'.
Could Flatline win this? I think it definitely has a shot at top 10.
It does start to make sense more and more.

I honestly thought Ace Reject would have it. But that ship has sailed long ago. I am not sure how Hole In The Head and Round Round will battle it out. It might even make a third party claiming it unexpectedly, such as Stronger, About You Now or tragically Push The Button.
C'mon, as if PJ wasn't going to like a song like this. I apologize for nothing.

The weird lyrics about basically nothing are just sort of something you have to take with Xenomania ("jumping on my tutu"?). I like it, though. At least they stick out in the smooth-milled world of pop lyrics.
Yes we can take "My Love Is Pink" and replace "Can't Speak French" with it. Making a perfect album even more perfect.
That, of course, is why DJHazey (9) is stanning, “Oh what a Girls Aloud-style bop this is! Keisha's transitional line "If I could make a man he'd look a lot like you" is just pure magic.
Yes! I just re-listened to it and her deliver of this line is great.

As a mid-2000s pop song I can't really fault My Love is Pink other than for being a bit of a copy, the Xenomiana poppy production is everything, but I can see why doesn't really sit as a Sugababes song. I could see The Saturdays doing it but then, Muffy sis the vocals.....