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Yes, get out, hell beast. Such an anonymous song and I find it weirdly annoying now after watching it haul its tight butthole up to 44th. I'll take ooky spooky Halloween B-side 'babes over beige sleek faceless 'babes any day.

P.S. @constantino seeing as you brought up Booty Luv, I thought you'd like to know that about two and a half years ago I was waiting for my suitcase right next to them. Being the normal human being that I definitely am, I took a sly picture of them.


Change can honestly be picked apart, not because I want it to, but because I know it's inevitable. As long as "Denial" cruises then I'm happy.
Aaaaand we get rid of all the B-sides...



Like The Weather

Score: 7.528
Highest: 10/10 x 13 (@Deborux, @Robert, @marie_05, @ssa, @Robinho#1, @kal, @Voodoo, @Sprockrooster, @CasuallyCrazed, @Remorque, @Zar-Unity, @Jam, @Blayke)
Lowest: 3/10 x 1 (@AllSixSugababes)
My score: 8/10

While I’m not quite sure this deserves the accolade for the best Sugababes B-side (one last prayer for “Who”), this won out amongst y’all by quite some margin for good reason. One of the B-sides on "Push The Button", there’s such a breezy vibe to it, aided by some nice production which balances piano, strings and guitar effects nicely (an uptick in any of these would have pushed the song even further). While the weather theme seems a bit hackneyed, the controlled-but-frenetic nature of the production really does approximate the theme well, making things less rote. Vocally, the girls are on great form; Mutya shining once more, and Heidi and Keisha really pushing through with the harmonies. I also really love how the chorus slows down the melody for one little “like the weather”.

This, of course, really warranted inclusion in the album. It is better than at least three of the tracks on my count (all three on that unfortunate mid-album slump: “It Ain’t Easy”, “Bruised” and “Obsession”). It really wopuld have rounded out the polished-pop vibe the album was going for, while adding some genuine interest to it on account of not being on some generic track. As such, it’s the only baffling B-side blunder from the album (“Favourite Song” and “Future Shokk!” are really too sonically discordant/roughly-made to argue for inclusion), which compares well, I guess, to Three’s record – for one last time, justice for “Who”, “Disturbed” and “Colder In The Rain”!

“Can I hear the intro sound to “Get Sexy” in this?” asks mrdonut (6) who seems to have been distracted listening to “Baby I”. Meanwhile “nothing special,” claims PCDPG (6). Filler (7) clocks the band’s B-sides always being ready to go awf, “How do 75% of their B-sides only sound a couple of cello stems away from being their most lushly grandiose album closing track since “Run for Cover”?” Runawaywithme finds a lot to like for their 6.5, “I like this one. It sounds a bit unfished but it has a lot of potential and I like the little sound effects and the vocals. I also find the lyrics cool and clever.”
Ironheade (7.5) quite likes this, “Weak production seems to be a theme for the Taller in More Ways B-sides, and this is no exception. The drum machine sounds too thin to support the song properly, and the synth embellishments lack depth. Otherwise, this isn't bad at all. The little diddles of tapped electric guitar add a bit of spice to the beat, the girls bring it on the vocal front (especially Heidi, who fits in very well), and with better mixing, the piano and string swells of the verses really could have been something. The light, sparkly chorus, with its strokes of acoustic guitar, has a genuinely sunny, enjoyably breezy quality to it that I honestly didn't think 2.0 were capable of. [Ed: you forgot “Better”!] Yeah, fairly cool.” acl (7.5) picks out one of my favourite bits, “I like elements of this like the production in the verses and I really love love love the the last “like the weather” at the end of the first and second chorus.”

DJHazey (9) finally finds a B-side to stan, “Dark and interesting production, daring delivery of the words, and bam this song is scalping me right now. Probably too basic for some voters, but I'd take an album of this shit any day!” He was probably thinking of Epic Chocolat (7.7) who”[likes] this song but I feel any other act could have sung it. OK but too generic.” “Underrated,” burps P'NutButter (9.5). Likewise, Chanex (8.5) is blown away (hehe): “Wow I've never heard it and it's a very pleasant surprise and not only because it's not the 10,000 Maniacs cover I feared. They all sound amazing and it keeps up a "fast like a hurricane" pace that's propulsive even if the line itself is kind of a clunker.” Solenciennes (8) is still cleaning up the vomit from his walls after his disastrous Halloween bender, “what is with them and their knack for putting out songs that remind me of Halloween? It’s quite good, but I’m shook because it started thundering as I’m listening to this and writing this commentary up. Mutya’s ability to emote shines on these kinds of songs, it’s only right that she leads here.”

Sprockrooster (10) recounts a cute story “I remember my first boyfriend made me a personal CD with songs featuring geographical themes. No I didnot break it off, because of that. I was much pleased, since I am a geography teacher. I have lost the CD due to moving and only remember a few tracks. This however was the first track from that CD. I cannot listen to this song without thinking of that. And this song was also the reason to dive into their B-side discography and I was much pleased.” That first boyfriend may have been Constantino (7.5) but I suspect he’s about 11, “As a keen geographer I am a BIG fan of the lyrics! The chorus is pretty great too, especially for a mere bonus track!” Blayke (10) recounts another day of record buying, “I really like this song. I remember when I bought the “Push The Button single”, it took me a while to get into the song because I oddly thought it didn’t sound like them. I absolutely love it and Mutya’s delivery on “Boy I never know which way to turn”. The chorus is a nice blend of their voices, I feel like it’s Mutya and Heidi leading this song. I really enjoy Heidi’s middle-8 too.”

Leading the coterie of those screaming for album inclusion and single release is ssa (10), “Why this only got tucked away on a cd single is beyond me. Contender for my 11.” londonrain (9) finally gets on track, “This should have been on the album, and would have been one of their better singles (it's definitely better than “Girls”).” Deborux (10) goes one step further, “easily their best B-side, should have been on the album, even a single." CasuallyCrazed (10) also froths at the mouth, “Possibly their best B-side of all time.” Of all time! kal (10) exclaims that it’s the closest we got to a Three-era b-side from the Taller campaign. I wonder why this was left off the album because it’s about twice as good as 50% of the album. The Sugababes bond theme that never was.” Finally, Robinho#1 (10) diagnoses the alberm very accurately, “Despite the album being an overt commercial affair, this was probably one of their least mainstream songs. It would have elevated the entire feel and flow of the album if it were included.” Catch the muthafuckin’ tea on that.

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Not too bothered by this loss, and thrilled that My Love is Pink is out.

Can we eliminate all of my remaining sub-6 scores now? I'm looking at you, Catfights and One Touch (and my final zero).
Aww, no! Like The Weather is one of the best tracks from the Taller era and yes, I prefer it to its A-side. The B-sides really deserved so much better than this. Speaking of underrated stuff, I also like their unreleased track Tease.

I don't really have an issue with My Love Is Pink, but it should have been a Girls Aloud B-side. It's a bit like a limp version of Girl Overboard. And I don't care what the real lyric is, that line really doesn't sound like anything other than "butthole tight".

Bruised and Angels With Dirty Faces are better than a lot of what's still hanging on in there.