The Sugababes Discography Rate

I just checked and my 10x10 AND my 11 are still in.

Left out the top three, even! (Side Chick, No Can Do, Every Heart Broken)

It was hard leaving behind No Can Do as I love the back and forth between Amelle and Keisha. However the Yes it's You sample is too strong in it and so makes the song sound unoriginal and tired to me.
Side chick and Every Heart Broken are good but I can't save all of them, some have to be left to perish in the bloodbath.
Bar a couple of songs, Catfights never really clicked with me. Even now, I feel a lot of the tracks have lost the impact they used to have since they were released. For instance - I used to love Every Heart Broken but now I realise how weak the chorus is compared to the excellent verses. Beware also suffered from that disjointed structure. The ones that are still okay to my ears these days are Truce and No Can Do..


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What do we think will be the next single to go? Thinking Change or Easy...

Unfortunately I expect it will be one of the flop singles ("No Can Do", "Follow Me Home" or "Soul Sound"), with the other two following in short order.

All three are great songs so I hope I'm wrong and it's "Ugly" or "In The Middle" instead.
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