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One Touch took some time for me to appreciate it but it's definitely a great album. I think it's probably objectively their best, but it's not my favorite or what I consider to be their best.

Obsession was on an album track list so that's why it was included.
Oh gosh, that is so wrong especially for a ballad. Now go and listen to Heidi's special live vocals here on repeat for ruining this moment for me!

It's like that moment when you'd have a scratched CD and it just wouldn't unjam from that one moment.

"You go girl!"

In the words of Keisha.


As the hugest of Heidi stans this might be the biggest test of my faith ever. I just can't process it. Keisha's reaction is amazing though!
"Obsession" is a cover and not a single.

It's not like we need to be rating "Hey There Delilah", but "Killer" feels like an important Sugababes moment - let her in.
Basically I’ve included all tracks released on albums and non-cover B-Sides. Splitting hairs further would have ballooned the tracklist. I personally wouldn’t have minded but not everyone would have been thrilled to rate 120+ tracks, and the current number (111) is massive as it is.
BUSTED! @GhettoPrincess probably doesn't like George Michael and that's why Killer has been removed.
I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ my erasure, on my own rate!
Also, @beyoncésweave I forgot to say, well done for the write up on the first page, I absolutely loved it.
Thank you very much! Feel free to give it a like!
I know we should leave Kim alone! Frankie and Mollie are worse singers anyway.

Thank god the Sugababes never had a bad vocalist.
Don't call Frankie a vocalist.. Mollie is quite good.. At least she managed to sound live like she did on the studio version.. That is something Kimberley never managed to do..
Sugababes had Heidi btw..


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Just finished One Touch and I already have 7 10's! I didn't realize until I started rating how much I love it.

I've just finished my scores and I'm surprised that One Touch isn't scoring higher. I mean, it's done consistently well, but I haven't given it (or any of the other albums) seven 10s.
Right, back on the horse after a few days off, and time to properly do commentary for the 2.0 albums! I don't think they'll have a chance of beating One Touch in my scores, but Three should be second and Catfights and Taller in More Ways will probably be tied for third.

As I’m sure with anyone attempting to do a large rate for a popular(???) act, I have been, and still am, filled with a sense foreboding and inadequacy: who am I to take this on? What makes me especially qualified? This feeling is heightened, as I highlighted in the opening post, of the Sugababes’ singular relationship with Popjustice as a forum. We are talking about a decade and a half’s worth of words, sweat and tears being spilled. I’ve read through most of the innumerate threads on the band littered throughout the forum (or at least the ones @Dennis hadn’t "accidentally" deleted). I’m talking literally thousands of pages here.; of joys and heartbreaks and pile-ons and kiis and revelations and messes. Enough to invigorate and madden and terrify and exhaust in varying degrees.

The feeling I get whenever I take trips down those memory highway lanes is this weird sense of temporal dissonance; so many souls with views similar to mine; or interesting enough; or raucously hilarious for me to have definitely interacted with them had I coexisted with them. And, of course, so many with views messy enough for me to definitely have kept my distance. So many who have simply passed on. But common to all, a deep commitment to this bizarre, glorious, messy little girlband; to pull and pluck and blare away for years and years and years about three women singing a bunch of pop songs.

But to answer the question, I have no special qualifications. I joined this forum (only) three years ago. I haven’t even been a stan from the start. I only have my experiences, and my own relationship with the band. These women have been a part of my life in a myriad incalculable ways. The soundtrack to large tracts of it. And comparing these experiences with those of hunties past and present in this space, all I have is a deep affinity. The Sugababes are, in so many ways, and simply, Popjustice for me.

I hope that’s enough.
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