The Sugababes Discography Rate


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So, do I give my 11 to Push the Button for being their actual best song, or No Can Do for reasons of iconicness?

One Touch will be my lowest-rated (unless Sweet 7 manages to outdo it, which is just barely possible). Sorry 'bout it.

Get Sexy and Freedom will be getting 10's. Not sorry 'bout it.

Easy will, appropriately, be one of my easiest 0's ever.

But the question is... Will this finish before the Corrie characters rate?
Insert "SOON" joke here.
I've concluded that I need about a half dozen 11's. Whatever Makes You Happy, Conversation's Over, Push the Button, No Can Do, Murder One, and my actual 11 all really deserve it.

And yes, that does mean that in the space of half an hour I've settled on an 11 that is neither No Can Do nor Push the Button. It was obvious once I thought about it for like fifteen seconds.