The Sugababes Discography Rate


First my 11 and then my almost-11 - what is this rate coming to?!?
Red Dress is such a stomper. I don't listen to it very often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I agree that they should have saved the secondchorus until later on in the song.

I don't know which version I prefer, to me they both offer different takes on the lyrics. Mutya probably would have scored her version a 2, and Amelle's a fat zero.
So many fascinating thoughts with this elimination! For one, that even though I gave it a 10 it doesn't hurt too badly...they have so many great songs still in. Also, what @beyoncésweave and @berserkboi have to say about the song structure makes so much sense, and makes me wonder if I could have even loved it more rearranged. Finally, comparing those performances is so interesting. I love how Heidi basically saves the day in the Davina one, but Keisha is on fire in the TOTP one (which is obviously much better overall). Anyway, it gives me appreciation for them needing to lean on each other more than some other girl groups due to their live vocals. God I love them so much I'm planning my 'Babes tattoo in my head hehe.
From pages and pages ago:

You can guess what the top 10 will be like now, huh?

This is what I think, not what I want (in no particular order):

Run For Cover
New Year
Freak Like Me
Hole in the Head
Too Lost in You
Push the Button
Ace Reject
And one song from Change

So I missed New Year's elimination, but otherwise I've been quite prescient. If the next two eliminations include Round Round, Conversation's Over, or Flatline, I'm at 90% accuracy.

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My commentary for Red Dress:

What a bop, Amelle sounds far more into it so I prefer her version. Can tell very much that it’s an Xenomania production which is a compliment.

I don't mind it leaving at this point though, it's a bit tough to predict this rate but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my 11.
This is ridiculous. Red Dress completely stomps over Denial's pitiful existence.

RIP Red Dress, the only pre-3.0 bop that actually improved with 3.0 <3
I too would rather see Denial out now as opposed to Red Dress, but glad it lasted this long. Regardless what version it's a BAWP. Funnily enough I've never thought how it would sound like with a re-jigged structure a lá Ace Reject.. Maybe it's time to do a fan edit.

Never noticed until now that Heidi obviously mouths along to the Mutya version in the video, as that has "chasing to you" before her verse as opposed to just "to you" in the Amelle mix.
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Im fine with Red Dress leaving now even though id love to see Flatline and Conversations Over to go first. Everything else is top 10 worthy with some tracks being more obvious top 5 contenders (Overload, Freak Like Me, Stronger, Push The Button, Ace Reject)

Also being the odd one as usual: Red Dress Mutya version >>> Amelle version while Follow Me Home Amelle version >>> Mutya version