The Sugababes Discography Rate

We already established that 1/2.0 stans score 3.0 more fairly than the reverse. x

This may come as a shock, but despite Taller/Change being my favorite Sugababes eras, the only albums I scored lower than Change were Sweet 7, Catfights, and One Touch.
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1. Filler – 4.833

Yeah. It's basically ABOUT YOU NOW! ...And Some Other Shit We Had Lying Around I Guess: The Album. Which isn't much use for the one person who hates About You Now.

Certainly my least favourite Sugababes album. At least Sweet 7 was funny.
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This will be the last of these, because we're at the

TOP 10

111. Miss Everything

99. Get Sexy
98. Don't Wanna Wait
97. No Man, No Cry
96. No More You
95. Groove Is Going On
94. This Ain't A Party Thing
93. Crash & Burn
92. Sugababes On The Run
91. Forever

90. Twisted

89. Hanging On A Star
88. Thank You For The Heartbreak
87. Little Lady Love
86. 3 Spoons Of Suga
85. Back When
84. Wait For You
83. It Ain't Easy
82. In Recline
81. Girls

80. Surprise (Goodbye)
79. More Than A Million Miles
78. Down Down
77. Look At Me
76. Sometimes
75. Freedom
74. Same Old Story
73. We Could Have It All
72. Nasty Ghetto
71. Better

70. Virgin Sexy
69. Mended By You
68. Good To Be Gone
67. Just Don't Need This
66. Just Let It Go
65. Switch
64. One Touch
63. Disturbed
62. Undignified
61. Supernatural

60. Joy Division
59. Who
58. Beware
57. Colder In The Rain
56. Someone In My Bed
55. Nothing's As Good As You
54. Open The Door
53. Spiral
52. Buster
51. Real Thing

50. Lush Life
49. Breathe Easy
48. Obsession
47. Now You're Gone
46. Angels With Dirty Faces
45. Bruised
44. My Love Is Pink
43. Like The Weather
42. Sunday Rain
41. Blue

40. Ugly

39. Gotta Be you
38. About A Girl
37. One Foot In
36. Soul Sound
35. Easy
34. 2 Hearts
33. No Can Do
32. In The Middle
31. Change

30. Sound Of Goodbye
29. Promises
28. You On A Good Day
27. Shape
26. Maya
25. Situation's Heavy
24. Every Heart Broken
23. Million Different Ways
22. Unbreakable Heart
21. Side Chick

20. New Year
19. Follow Me Home
18. Can We Call A Truce
17. Never Gonna Dance Again
16. Whatever Makes You Happy
15. About You Now
14. Caught In A Moment
13. Red Dress
12. Conversation's Over

11. Denial



It's perhaps not entirely surprising that 3.0 and 4.0 would be completely shut out of the Top 10. If there is a surprise, it's the relatively high performance of 1.0 (especially given that it scores 3/17, compared to 7/51 for 2.0; 0/31 for 3.0; and 0/13 for 4.0). If there's an oversight, some 3.0 representation would have been nice, but "Denial" needed a bit more juice, and perhaps it was a bit much to expect y'all to push something actually warranted on merit like "Can We Call A Truce" in.

These are all almost peripheral considerations, however, because...
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Man, "Denial". I always thought something about the lyrics, grammatically and phrasing-wise, was pretty awkward, like a slightly off translation (hence my comment @beyoncésweave )... can't put my finger on exactly what, though. That's the only negative I can think of.

I'd want "Too Lost in You" to be the next to go, but nah, of course it's going to be "Stronger" or something else ridiculous like that.


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I swear the opening sound effect in Denial (which is repeated a LOT in the demo) is identical to the sound the Vortex game on the iPod Classic used to make when you lost. Appropriate for an album elimination, then.

Ace Reject for the win (I'd wager it got like 15 11s and it's one of my three remaining 10s).

...aaaaaand @Mina redeems herself again (although how she has only three remaining 10s is beyond me.)

(Watch me flip out again when I see her commentary for Stronger, Run For Cover and Overload.)
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