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The Sugababes Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by beyoncésweave, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Solenciennes

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    My only gripe against Ace Reject winning the whole rate is that the harmonising that this band are renowned for is totally absent, I just hear Keisha on the chorus! But it's still a fantastically crafted pop song and is on regular rotation for me all these years later.
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  2. I'm gooing through a revived Sugaphase listening spree, and this still goes down as my favorite rate this forum has ever seen. The depth, the taste, the back catalog. I'm still in awe -- I need to go back and re-read it one of these days... (although how y'all let "Spiral" cap out at 53 is still a mystery to me).

    I'm still so proud a hidden track like "Ace Reject" pulled out this win with 17 11s, including my own. Now that is a true popjustice. Have the girls ever even really commented on the song? Someone needs to tell Keisha or Mutya about this thread, I legitimately think MKS would theoretically perform it on their next buzz tour.

    @beyoncésweave - how can we convince you to do a solo Sugababe and/or MKS unreleased rate?
  3. Keisha tweeted about it way back in 2009 right before she was kicked out of the group. Oh what could have been..
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  4. This beautiful farce ended just over three years ago, if you could believe it. I certainly can't. Thank you for the experience, and much love to the many loves catching up.

    Is it time for a new venture?

  5. Yes yes YES it is.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Yes, please.
  8. I enjoyed tanking Sweet 7. Let's do it again!
  10. Oh god my 16 year old self was very emo and had some questionable moments here ddd. Run For Cover being my 11 was taste tho, the best Sugababes song ever.
  11. My average for Three will be a bit ridiculous if a re-rate really is in the works poor Sometimes though.
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  12. I'm ready to fight with every single humourless member who tanks Easy just to feel edgy.
  13. Engine’s runnin hot just thinking about that mess.
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  14. Siobhan needs her moment to shine. I'm ready to give everything on Ghosts a ten.
  15. Wait. Is it a re-rate or just Siobhan?

    I kind of hope for the all girls solo-material. I still come back to Mutya's output a lot too. Her rendition of Fast Car is also almost on par with the original. I am not ready for a write-up from this as @beyoncésweave gives queen Tracy Chapman an appraisal for this magnificent track, well WHEW. The thought alone.

    We also need to this cheap Amelle songs or collabs and whatever that Jade Ewen Eurovision song was to make sure the bottom spots are filled with actual trash.
  16. [​IMG]

    I feel personally attacked at the sheer homophobia of Easy and Good to Be Gone not being available on Spotify anymore.
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  17. Can’t believe y’all scored Mended By You so low.
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