The Sugababes Discography Rate

Favourite Song received my lowest score. The nerve of them actually calling it "Favourite Song"...

#723 of Ironheade's Rules: Don't give things a title that makes them easy to mock. (I'm just looking forward to seeing how many people went for the obvious joke, really.)
I was very surprised when it hit me that this is the highest number of 10s I've ever given in a rate. Twice as many as Girls Aloud, actually.

Also, I've only just discovered that YouTube video of Keisha's shady/diva moments, oh my God, there are no words!

" You go girl! "
"Siobhan Mutya...Hilary"
That interview with Keisha and Amelle where she wouldn't shut up about Mutya (and then went on to give Amelle a so-called "compliment").
That performance where she did Amelle's part in About A Girl and sang like a builder.

I'm sure there's more than that!

I sent Keisha that video on snapchat and she blocked me.

Surprised to see it go so early. BEFORE songs like Groove Is Going On and Favourite Song.

I enjoyed it a lot when it first came out, catchy and fun song. Too long? Yes. Repetitive? Probably yes. Didn't aged well? Yes, I don't like it much now. Weak lyrics? Yes. But worst b-side? I disagree. But I'm not too attached to this song, so I don't mind it's out already.

I rated it 6.
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Favourite Song needs to go.
Favourite Song received my lowest score. The nerve of them actually calling it "Favourite Song"...
"Favourite Song" is worse
Okay then.



Favourite Song

Average: 4.889
Highest: 9.5 x 2 (@Methyn Marquis, @Conan)
Lowest: 0 x 4 (@GhettoPrincess, @Solenciennes, @Zar-Unity, @ohnostalgia)
My score: 5/10

“Favourite Song” was one of the B-sides off “Push The Button”. Unlike its parent song, and fewllow B-Side “Like The Weather”, this is a bit aimless. It seems to have at least two songs running concurrently especially on the choruses. This makes the verses seem even more disjointed. Something could have been made of the backing vocals on the chorus and maybe not having Keisha doing some weird talk singing on it. The rather clueless production ruins all of this, though. I think I gave it a relatively high score despite everything because I tend to look upon all their experiments rather favourably, and a noble failure is better than, for instance, whatever Sweet 7 was supposed to be.

Well done y’all for not running away with the title tew much in your commentaries. Let’s start with kal (7) who is confused, “What genre even is this?! Alternative? Essentially it’s a solo Keisha song. I like it.” PCDPG (1) is also confused but in an ungenerous way: “What the hell is this?” Likewise, londonrain (1) asks “What is this mess? It's muddled and sounds so cheap. The verses are particularly horrible (and aren't even in the same key as the chorus).”

roux (0) doesn’t like being scammed: “The song itself is between a 1 and a 2 but I docked all of those points for the fraudulent title.” Speaking of scammers, Solenciennes twists himself a bitsy in trying to justify his 0 for this: “this is a bit of a racket in the beginning and then it turns into Keisha the ringmaster at the circus… just a strange, tuneless mess of a song that feels badly put together and I’d gladly never listen to this again. I really hate when people throw out zeroes in rates because I think it shows a lack of consideration of what they've been asked to rate, but, truly, in this instance... I find there to be nothing redeemable about this song, it's a gigantic mess that makes no sense, is utterly tuneless and just the biggest pile of garbage they've ever put their name to. Awful.”

“No *insert Michelle Visage gif*” says mrdonut (5) without specifying which Michelle Visage gif. Former Seduction member Mina (3) finds it “Cacophonous” as does Chanex (2) who speaks to me as I do this write-up “WTF? What is this cacophony? BW let me aid you in creating a theme in the comments by being the 20th entrant to mention that this is certainly not my favorite song. The best I can say is that it was an interesting choice? Choices.” Speaking of choices, P'NutButter is contrarian by giving it a 9 and calling it “One of their best B-Sides”. Sprockrooster (4) is someone who, of course, deletes songs “One of the B-sides I deleted. And it is going into the bin again.”

Ironheade (4) doesn’t find it his “favourite song. Doubt it'll be anyone else's either, to be honest. OK, it's not the worst thing really, but why does it sound like it was recorded in a bin?! The drums are just… wrong (they sound almost as bad as Lars Ulrich's snare on St. Anger, and are tuned really badly to boot), and they're turned up over the thin, watery instrumental melodies, while the girls sound rather flat and unlovely. And while I kinda see what they're trying to do with the contrast between the light verses and loud guitar-driven chorus, the transition between verses and chorus is quite awkward as well, though the layering of Mutya and Keisha's vocals in the chorus is an interesting element. It could potentially be a good song, but the shoddy production more or less totally ruins it. Where's Trevor Horn when you need him?”

Deborux (5) “always liked the chorus but the rest is terrible”. “They're above this kind of material, honestly,” says DJHazey (4). Not when “Shake It” exists! CasuallyCrazed (4) thinks “There’s a good chorus in there somewhere, but the song is missing half the required instruments and sounds like it was recorded in Keisha’s basement, with Heidi haphazardly banging the drums.” I’ll have you know that Keisha charged very reasonable rent from Heidi for that basement tenancy.

Blayke (4) needs some extra strong Nurofen: “This song sometimes gives me a migraine. Considering it’s basically a Keisha-Only track, I’m disappointed. The verses are alright but the brash crap of “everything in the kitchen sink” noise that is that chorus. I wish they would have just tacked on ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’ or ‘Heatwave’ on here instead of this. I have only listened to this song about 5 times. On the other hand, I appreciate Keisha willing to experiment with different sounds and gave it a good go with this one.” Epic Chocolat (1) is also having sore ears “Kind of painful to my ears.”

Filler (7) starts with the Sugababes and ends at … Lady Gugantaur: “Those are some B-side-ass verses, but it stumbles its way to an oddly euphoric chorus. Not sure what they're singing though. "OH OH. OH OH. TELEPHONE. EVERYBODY'S GOT THEIR "? That is my favourite Lady Gaga song so fair enough”. Someone who found this a DISASTAH is Runawaywithme (3.5): “God this is a mess, I think it might be the worst song this line up recorded,” clearly having Sweet 7 amnesia already.

Jam (6) “didn’t like this at all when I first heard it, but it steadily grew on me”. “I love the grittiness and the crunchiness that the guitars provide, but the title created an expectation that the song itself just couldn’t meet…” says Constantino (7). Let’s close things off with acl (7.3) who provides a very fair assessment “Never heard this before. Bit of a racket to start with. Keisha’s verse gets a 10. I love “there’s 2 people in this sad affair had to think it so I did declare”, but again the chorus is a racket. Weirdly like the guitar instrumental on the bridge. The structure is really interesting like there’s loads of different styles in there but is too messy.”

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