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I Can't Take It No More

Average: 5.592
Highest: 10 x 2 (@Methyn Marquis, @Mr.Arroz)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Blayke)
My score: 6/10

"I Can't Take It No More” was the B-Side on “Change”, the second single off the eponymous album. It’s a cute experiment, but meanders a bit too long. The semi-grooving production is the best part of it, but the chorus doesn’t really take it any higher than the plodding pace the verses set. While seemingly unfinished, it could easily have fitted onto Change, which says as much about that album as it does about this. As it is, the semi-retro vibes of the song make it a good enough bridge between Change and Catfights.

Ironheade (6) sums up the proceedings for us “Again, well-executed vocals (but when do AKH ever not have those?) and a not-bad melody, but it's taken apart by a serious crippling flaw. This one starts out well, with its moody, tense scatter of guitar notes set against sparse handclaps, but it sets out that stall quickly and never deviates from it, quickly getting a bit tedious in its repetition. Until the bridge, with its unwelcome, ugly slashes of chorused guitar and ear-poking vocal sample. Yeugh. Thankfully, it doesn't last too long, leaving what is otherwise a song that seems unfinished - and too long for what it is.”

kal (7) faces a conundrum “This is catchy, but forgettable at the same time.” Solenciennes (2) reaches the same conclusion, in less generous terms, “this is quite forgettable, Amelle sounds great but the song sort of stutters and stumbles along without ever really going anywhere interesting.” “Forgettable” is also the word on Mina’s lips (5). mrdonut (4) gets shady: “Sums up my feelings to listening to the majority of Change” BAM! Sprockrooster (4) thinks it’s “A songtitle that says it all.” ZING! “Dull” croaks P'NutButter (3). “Not that good” dit PCDPG (4). And it’s “too repetitive” for Jam (2).

CasuallyCrazed (0.5) is severely unimpressed: “Zero melody, Keisha’s pitch is off, Heidi sounds like she needs to clear her throat. Are we sure this was officially released? It’s clearly unfinished.” With Blayke it’s either a 0 or a 10. This one is a 0. “Awful song. I haven’t listened to this since it was first released (as a B-Side). It’s boring. They should have used another Taller In More Ways reject in place of this.”

uno (6) evokes the past “Small flashes of old-school Sugababes in the chorus, but the verses don't hold up very well.” tylerc904 (6) reminisces “The Change B-sides really weren't up to much. Justice for those leaked titles Black Sunglasses and Under Water from the era as potential Denial B-sides. Wonder if those were real.” londonrain (6.5) is like “I like this but it doesn't really go anywhere.” Filler (6) gives it a backhanded compliment “Would have fit perfectly in the latter half of Change, if only in lyrical sentiment.” Runawaywithme (7) also thinks it could’ve been upgraded “I like the kind of motown vibe of this. It’s a nice little experiment and would again make a nice addition to the main album.

Chanex is feeling generous (8.5): “Wow this is soooo good! I am loving many of these 3.0 songs I knew nothing about (unsurprisingly). I love how they layer the three takes on the chorus together and the rest of the harmonies are on point.” acl (7.8) is getting stronger “Oh wow this is really quite nice after getting through Change. The chorus gives me strength to leave Change behind and get on with the imminent Catfights and Spotlights.” Constantino (8) is also a bitsy shook “WAIT at this being legitimately incredible. The harmonies are giving me 90s girl group teas and I’m living for it. This is gonna be soooo robbed.” Correct!

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Hmm... "Nasty Ghetto" or "It Ain't Easy", possibly? I feel like some of the weaker Change tracks are going to get dumped soon, so "Back When" and "Surprise" could be in for it.

I should probably start praying for "Gotta Be You" (Mutya Cut, natch).


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I'm living for @beyoncésweave destroying the lyrical content of Sweet 7. I was too mortified by the music to focus on the lyrics which is probably a good thing since I'd give an average of like 1.5 instead of the 3 average I did.


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Hmm... "Nasty Ghetto" or "It Ain't Easy", possibly? I feel like some of the weaker Change tracks are going to get dumped soon, so "Back When" and "Surprise" could be in for it.

I should probably start praying for "Gotta Be You" (Mutya Cut, natch).

Nasty Ghetto and It Ain't Easy are definitely due an early elimination.
I'm in minority, but I like I Can't Take It No More. Actually, it seemed pretty average to me at first, but then it grew on me and now I like it.