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Chanex (2) dares to bring up “Flatline” in the same breath as this: “Rivalled only by ‘Flatline’ in the ironic title category. Nothing is less sexy than this flaccid flop.”

Speaking of flaccid flops,
kal (6) thinks it’s “tragic but still catchy.”

And speaking of tragic but still catchy,
Solenciennes (7) pleas that “alright, hear me out.

This is masterful.

@beyoncésweave I'm sorry for being a flop and not participating, but I'm dutifully following along! Your write-ups are absolutely impeccable.
I can't believe that I genuinely used to love Get Sexy. It's just so ... flat. Not to mention embarrassing. Those live performances...
Angels finally loses its first track.



No Man, No Cry
Average: 5.807
Highest: 10 x 1 (@marie_05
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Lucas)
My score: 6/10

This is quite alright, and quite acceptable as the first cut off Angels With Dirty Faces. It’s well intentioned, but the carry through is not there in the execution which feels a little plodding, mostly due to the rather lazy (and by now dated) production. You get the sense that Keisha heard “No Woman, No Cry” at her uncle’s place and thought it would be clever to do a gender inversion, but couldn’t quite pull it off. The album wouldn’t have suffered if this was chopped and used as a B-Side (especially as, despite its four/five singles, the era only yielded one B-Side). Nevertheless, an intended empowerment bop which comes off as boring at worse is far preferable to some of the offensive ones we’ve already terminated. Oh, and the “No man, no cry/No man telling me lies” couplet is pretty neat.

kal (4) finds it “alright, if a bit basic, I guess. I’ve never been a big fan of it.” Also not a fan is Solenciennes (4): “more Keisha talk-singing, more dated production, it just has all the ingredients of another song I want to skip whenever it plays. The album’s certainly cohesive but this track does nothing much for me.” PCDPG (5) follows suit: “the spoken-singing verses brings the song down and the chorus isn't interesting enough to make up for it.”

“I don’t think the album needs this,” says mrdonut (4), while “Just Don't Need This” repeats Jam (5) [Ed: see what they did there!] “Filler,” fills in acl (5.5), whilst tylerc904 (5) hasn’t let it steep enough, calling it “Weak filler”. “Unnecessary” screeches Voodoo (4). “I did not know this one before this rate,” begins Sprockrooster (4), “and the time I spent to get to know this was a waste of time.” Oh.

“Terrible. Who asked for this?” queries Robinho#1 (3). Not Bob Marley, replies Ironheade (5): “The word that comes to mind here is "damp". Damp is not a good adjective for a song. Alright, I'll say this - they actually try some reasonably authentic reggae touches with the one-drop groove, half-toasted vocal delivery from Keisha and timbale-like sounds, but they suffer from a dry and strangely thin production and a fairly limp melody. And then there's that weird squall of distorted guitar, way too scuzzy for the light backdrop, a really bizarre touch. Nothing special at all, undistinguished melodically and musically. I think Bob Marley would spit on this.” Spit is the essence of dampness, and dampness is the essence of beauty.

Blayke manages to somehow give out a score that is not a 0 or a 10 (it’s a 6) and deems it “another shitty UK Bonus Track. (I really hated them). Whilst I appreciate the slight reggae influence, this song is fairly boring. I still bop to it on the odd occasion.” "As it happens, "no", "man", "no", and "cry" is also a list of my reactions to this song" for Filler (3). Remorque (7.5) does more with these words: “One that did absolutely nothing for me when I was younger. But it has really resonated with me over all these years… I mean… Haven’t we all been there, ladies? HAVEN’T WE?????” DJHazey (6) who has not says: “That "no maaaan" chorus is a chore for me, otherwise it's decent.”

On the more generous side is londonrain (7.5) who is rather fair: “Feels very typical of the album tracks on Angels With Dirty Face – not awful, not amazing, but a decent 7.5.” Meanwhile “Come through with that sassy bop queens,” says Runawaywithme (7). Constantino (7) is also complimentary, “Considering it’s clearly a filler track, it still kinda knocks in a 90s R&B girl group kinda way. It sounds as if it could’ve been a B side for No Scrubs or something.” Speaking of scrubs and busters and 90s R&B girl group vibes, watch this space for “Buster”. When will that go out, you ask. One wonders...

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No Angels or Three tracks should be going yet when there's still Delete 7 in and lots of B-Sides too.

Still waiting for Nasty Ghetto to go. That should definitely have gone before this, but I'm not crying into my beer about this elimination. Any particular B-sides in mind?

We've lost the worst of Sweet 7 already so I'm not sharpening any knives for it just yet.


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Still waiting for Nasty Ghetto to go. That should definitely have gone before this, but I'm not crying into my beer about this elimination. Any particular B-sides in mind?

We've lost the worst of Sweet 7 already so I'm not sharpening any knives for it just yet.

Who and In Recline are a bit forgettable so I'd choose those. About A Girl is the only Sweet 7 track that deserves to stay a little while longer, but the rest can vacate asap.
I've always had a soft spot for No Man, No Cry and its typical early 00s production, but I can't be too upset because Get Sexy is out. YES! Nearly all of the bottom-of-the-barrel trash is gone now.


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No Man No Cry is definitely a filler track, but this album has loads of them. I had it pegged for next deserving to go out after Virgin Sexy and Obsession so I'm happy enough with it going out here.
That ultimately is the reason why I can’t really be mad at the existence of “Get Sexy”: the world needs a bit of ridiculousness. It’s a bit undignifying that the Sugababes had to provide it, but I'd rather have the ludicrous, the farce, the spectacle, than not. So there we go.

I think this sums up Get Sexy very well, its fun, its bonkers, its a bit mad. As a song on its own its good enough for the odd fun listen but its just a bit sour that it had to come from the Sugababes, and can't compare to what any line up managed to achieve beforehand.
There are even a few better songs that could have been lead singles (or singles at all) on the parent album. Bizarre choice in every way.
Not a bad choice at all for the first AWDF song to go. Still think "More than a Million Miles" is worse, though.

Honestly, I'm kinda happy. We've cut all the absolute shit and none of my faves have gone unexpectedly early (and I suspect they will). It's a good place to be.