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Groove Is Going On
Score: 5.942
Highest: 10 x 1 (@Mr.Arroz)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Lucas)
My score: 7.5/10

Oh, the culling is starting to pinch a little. I long suspected that the quieter, more relaxed jams from One Touch and Angels would be marked for slaughter, and the last few eliminations have borne that out. “Groove Is Going On” was the B-Side to “Round Round” and is in fact the only B-Side from the era. It’s perhaps the most reminiscent of the One Touch days, and one suspects is actually a holdover from then. Heidi being particularly muted on this adds to that.

It sorta tinkers along in this lazy, quiet way, the harmonies floating through. There’s a very endearing, rough-around-the-edges quality to this that was a hallmark of the early Babes, and which would get progressively sanded down and polished. The bits of conversation captured on tape really reflect that, as if this was just recorded in one session as a bit of an impromptu jam. This for me is somehow crazily evocative of a Sunday afternoon hanging out with a few friends, with that faded yellow sunlight of 4pm streaming in. There’s a sense of the impending week lingering, but in that mellow contentment, you simply feel that things are quite alright. Like most of the quieter cuts from this period, it definitely requires you to get in the “mood” to appreciate it. Clearly, and sadly, many of you were either unwilling or unable to do so.

Let’s commence with the few that did. kal (8) finds “this song very soothing and laid back. Most people call it boring, but I highly enjoy the talky bits throughout the whole thing. This was also “such a laidback jam” for tylerc904 (7), who is starting to make up for ha Sweet 7 scores.

Blayke (8) was paying attention: “This is such a smooth track. I live for Mutya harmonising with herself with parts of it eerily sounding like Siobhan. The talking parts are my favourite bit. It’s like as if the producers didn’t think Mutya was on the track enough so they added bits of her talking about random things and telling Keisha that “HE’S REALLY NICE! He’s really nice – get over it” with Keisha saying “Mutya!” in despair. It’s a shame that we never got to see this song performed live because I wonder what “certain move” required Heidi to need some space. What a mystery!” Remorque’s (8.5) ears are also functioning: “Title says it all, really… I love how laid back the girls sound here. This is such a fun summer track. Mutya’s definitely the highlight here and I love them having fun in the background when they’re shading Mutya for liking some guy. Kii.”

Solenciennes (6) is annoyed “Keisha teaching us how to spell Sugababes at the start and people still throw an R in there even now. Pearls before swine, honestly. This sounds like something 1.0 would have recorded, it doesn’t feel right for Heidi. Evidently the album after someone’s departure will be an identity crisis and that’s true of Angels With Dirty Faces, Change and Sweet 7. Little Mix’s How Ya Doin’ bears some resemblance to this.” Was that some Little Mix shade? Is Solenciennes a secret Harmoniser? Will I ever learn all their names? Questions to ponder.

Queen of time mrdonut (7) notes that it’s “a great 90s R&B jam that isn’t from the 90s”. londonrain (7) finds it “Cool but not exceptional.” “Bland,” bleats P'NutButter (4). Chanex (3) is not a fan of cake: “"little cutie with a tight booty"? "particalurly"? this is so bad it's like trying to be Summertime or some kind of chill new-Jack moment but yikes.”cryctall (1) comes to a hateful realisation: “Somehow I hate this song. Boring and just unlistenable for me.” Someone who also could not locate the groove is poor Filler (3) who does their best Erica Dixon impression “Really? Where?”

Similarly, PCDPG is ... disgusted: "Not something I would listen to very often,” whileSounds kinda like a generic English 90’s RnB remix,” finds acl (5). Ironheade (6) crosses the Atlantic: "Sugababes" is not a word you can spell out like a rapper, it turns out. Anyway… this sounds really, really American. Coming off the US #1s rate, the laid-back beat and electric piano, with the little bits of wah-wah around the edges, remind me of a lot of the R&B songs from around this time. And it falls into the same bag as a lot of those - not-great lyrics (which also sound rather American in style, and render the Babes sounding quite uncomfortable), a solid enough melody and pretty good harmonies, but ultimately disposable and shallow. Nice bumpin' bassline, though.”

Sooner or later this drunken elevator is gonna stop where Constantino (7) is supposed to be: “I lowkey love hotel elevator/lounge music and this totally fits that ~aesthetic~ for me. The vocals are fantastic, as per.” CasuallyCrazed (6) picks up on the 1.0 backward glance: “Feels more 1.0 than 2.0, is that Siobhán I hear talking in the background? Nice if forgettable 90s throwback.” Turns out sound carries in through windows as well!More generously, Runawaywithme (7.5) feels likewise and is correct on all fronts: “This really sounds like something 1.0 would have recorded and that can’t really be a bad thing.” Not at all.

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No More You (8/10) is pretty great song which shows a better side of Sweet 7 and vocals of 4.0 in better light than majority of that album. Even if im not a big fan of Ne-yo songs.

Groove Is Going On (3/10) despite nice vocals is pretty boring and didnt age well at all which is a problem with majority of AWDF tracks. Just a b-side for a reason
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Just catching up and glad the demon is out. I went to relisten to it after years and am frankly glad that Spotify is doing its part to prevent deafness in its users:

That was actually Keisha, changing the ID tags before the were submitted to Spotify. She also made sure the Sugababes profile pictures on Spotify are all ones of 1.0.

Oh, and where were your votes, precious?