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Hmmm Forever is cute but next please! I'm on the edge of my seat over here. A 6.2 while still being in the 90s makes me feel like we're going to be doing a lot of arguing about good vs. great songs as we progress!
TOP 90

A quick roundup before we hit the Top 90

The eliminations so far:

Which means what's left is:

One Touch: 12/12 | 1/4
Angels With Dirty Faces: 12/12 | 0/12
Three: 14/14 | 5/6
Taller In More Ways: 12/12 | 2/4
Change: 11/12 | 1/2
Catfights and Spotlights: 12/12
Sweet 7: 3/12
Extras: 5/7

Four albums remain completely untouched. That's about to change immediately for two albums...
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'Twisted' still being in is confusing.



Score: 6.262
Highest: 9 x 1 (@Zar-Unity)
Lowest: 1 x 2 (@GhettoPrincess, @BeingBoring)
My score: 6/10

This is pretty filler-y and give or take “We Could Have It All” or “Sometimes” seems to be a right enough pick for the first album track to go from Three. I like the shuffling beat, and the girls are on fine form vocally but it’s lacking a certain energy and by the end becomes quite a chore. It’s surprisingly lacklustre effort from Xenomania as well. In the context of the album, this puts an especial damper after the high energy run from “Hole In The Head” to “Million Different Ways”. They had a wealth of B-Sides in the wings which could have replaced this (“Who” and “Colder In The Rain” in particular), and kept the tight flow of the album going.

“This wouldn’t have been out of place on the previous album,” observes Solenciennes (6) correctly, “The chorus is an earworm but the song itself doesn’t stack up against some of the stronger material on the album and I don’t think backwards facing to a very immature album is a good idea, the finest moments on this album are the weirder and more mature songs. “Twisted” is not among them.” Londonrain (7.5) also notes that it has leftover-like qualities “I like this but it sounds like it was left off Angels With Dirty Faces.”

mrdonut (7.5) is on that GA juice, “Gives me The Aloud’s “Fix Me Up” thrills. Speaking of the Aloud, P'NutButter (3) is not impressed, calling it “Xenomania's filler”. “This starts all fantastic,” for Sprockrooster (6), “ but in the end I am wishing it is over.” PCDPG (6) says it “Sounds like an album filler to me.”

Ironheade (6) is also a bit underwhelmed “Bash. Thud. Bash. Thud. Bash. Thud. Bash. Thud. Could they have chosen a clunkier drum loop for this song? The record scratches and sharp downstroke guitar riff are nice, I guess, and I like how they introduce the synth washes later on, but they're left in service of this statically thumping beat, and prevented from really taking off. The same goes for the vocal lines - nicely rhythmic and swinging, with strong tone by Mutya and Keisha and a solid chorus, but they sound restrained, somehow. The bridge is the best part, by far, with some decent vocals from Heidi over atmospheric synths and a sitar adding a little bit of intrigue. Otherwise, ehh.” Runawaywithme (6.5) is also a fan of the middle eight, and that’s about it “find it all a bit generic until the breakdown and the middle eight comes along and I find myself shook, then I find it all a bit generic and boring again.”

“Has its moments,” for Chanex (5), but “I guess but kinda forgettable...Heidi's middle 8 is awesome per usual.” Constantino (6.5) likes the lounge-y vibe but it doesn’t quite ~pop~ to me…nor does it grow with repeated listens.” Lounge-pop enthusiaste CasuallyCrazed (5) is not a fan, however, calling it the “Return of the Fillerbabes. I always get this song confused with Switch and upon further investigation, this one’s slightly worse.” I also get them mixed up and yeah, this is notably worse. kal (5) finds this “very basic. I like that Mutya can talk about her period in the opening line itself, but it’s just a “cute” song that doesn’t really go anywhere."

Let’s close with a smattering of its fans. Blayke (8) also liked that it’s a menstruation bop: “My personality is quite rude, only to the point where I’m on girly dues”. What kind of smart rhyming avoidant period talk realness? This song is a bit of a dip in the album but I still enjoy it. It’s far from being single material but I do think this could have been replaced with ‘Colder In The Rain’ for a B-Side.” Which is very true. DJHazey (7) thinks that it “Just sounds like too many of their other songs and doesn't really add anything. As you can see from my 7, their music is just too good to call that even average.” acl (8) thinks “This song is so Mutya & Keisha. I love it. “My personality is quite rude” is the best line.” Meanwhile Filler (8) forgets about half the album’s songs saying “Nobody else gives a toss about this do they? Weirdly addictive beat and the catchiest chorus on the album after Hole in the Head, I reckon. Happy to keep it to myself if nobody else is using it.” ‘ave it, love!

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The fact that nobody could be bothered to give this either a 0 or a 10 says a lot. It's a lot less... divisive than a lot of the early eliminations.
Could've picked worse for the first song from Three to go. Don't hate this one, but it's fairly meh, all things considered.

I'm getting the uneasy feeling that people like the clunky off-time "Personal Jesus" ripoff from Taller in More Ways that's inexplicably still in here. Who are you?!