The Sugababes Discography Rate

While roux (8) wonders if it’s “An ode to the ever-changing lineups? When you see the album title Change you'd think it was a positive thing, but in the context of this song it's the opposite – a bit like the reality of things once Mutya left. But anyway – as for the song itself, it's very generic (just like “About You Now”) but it's "cheesy" enough for me to appreciate it more.” Which is a good place to sign off.

Uh oh...

that's my score and commentary for Change
"It Ain't Easy" went too early.

Totally agree, It Ain't Easy deserved better. Cute little bop.

"I'd take it over most of Catfights & Spotlights.

It Ain't Easy is fine, should have outlasted a few other tracks.

Spiral is indeed boring, it's too William Orbit feat. Sugababes (which I realize, it is) to be a true Black Coffee/Pure Shores moment.