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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I've just finished reading the amazing book The Supremes: A Saga Of Motown Dreams, Success & Betrayal, which everyone with an interest in Motown girl groups pop music should read.

    What a fucked up story. Y'all think Sugababes are a band with a history of bitchiness? Those wannabes wish they could stand up with the bitchiest of them all, Miss Diana Ross. Diana arguably indirectly killed one of her bandmates, then upstaged her at her funeral! Also, if you count all the incarnations of the band from start to finish, they went through ten members.

    Aside from the fascinating story, the music is absolutely brilliant, they were the only group in the sixties to come close to the commercial dominance of the Beatles, and they were the first superstar girl group. Without them, the girl groups we have today would be very different, I can hear their influence in songs like 'Stop', 'The Promise' (and of course the video, in which Girls Aloud basically dress up as the Supremes) and the whole of Catfights & Spotlights.

    There must be some other Supremes fans here! Show yourselves!

    *topic sinks to the bottom of the page*

    My top five Supremes songs:

    1. Stop! In The Name Of Love
    2. Baby Love
    3. You Keep Me Hangin' On
    4. Love Child
    5. I Hear A Symphony
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  2. I go through random phases of listening to something 'old' relentlessly. I definitely had a Supremes phase about a year and a half ago. You can't deny they were probably the best overall 'Motown' act (even if they didn't record Motown's best songs, or be, you know, Michael Jackson). They sum up so much about that era and sound. The book sounds brilliant, it's going on my todo list.
  3. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    While the Jackson 5 will always be my favourite Motown act overall, some will say that the start of the Jackson 5 was the end of the "classic period" of Motown (i.e. the sixties) - so within that period, I don't think anyone comes close to the Supremes. So many classic singles, one after the other.

    But then again I don't know toooo much about Motown, I'm shopping around now for good compilations that don't rely too heavily on Supremes & J5 songs, which I of course already have.
  4. duckface

    duckface Guest

    My Top 5-

    1. Stoned Love
    2. Someday We'll Be Together
    3. Come See About Me
    4. You Can't Hurry Love
    5. You Keep Me Hangin' On
    6. You're My Driving Wheel (I kid, I kid)
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  5. 1. You Can't Hurry Love
    2. Stop! In The Name Of Love
    3. You Just Keep Me Hangin' On
    4. Where Did Our Love Go?
    5. Someday We'll Be Together
  6. I think Baby Love is one of the greatest pop songs ever.
  7. You Can't Hurry Love is the greatest pop song ever
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  8. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    There is nothing more fun in the world than lip syncing to 'Love Child' and pretending you're Diana Ross.

    *does overexaggerated Miss Ross hand movements*
  9. duckface

    duckface Guest

  10. 1 - Where Did Our Love Go
    2 - Come See About Me
    3 - You Keep Me Hangin On
    4 - Reflections
    5 - Keep An Eye

    The 70s Supremes to me were a completely different group, and their early singles were certainly on a par with many Ross led ones so they deserve their own top 5:

    1 - Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love
    2 - Automatically Sunshine
    3 - Floy Joy
    4 - Up The Ladder To The Roof
    5 - Bad Weather
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  11. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    When I saw this thread I imagined of what PopJustice would've been like during the 60's/70's...

    Anyway, they were great even if I haven't exactly listened to a lot of their post-Diana material. Is it any good?
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  12. The Jean Terrell lead 70s Supremes material is definitely worth checking out. They had some big hits in the early 70s that rival many of the Ross Supremes material, or at least the records they made after Holland Dozier Holland departed Motown leaving them without their producers.

    "The Story Of The Supremes" from 2008 is a great overview collection of all eras of The Supremes, and still in print.
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  13. Every poplar girl group is only an extension of The Supremes. They made the template and perfected it.
  14. Definitely a fan here, i think i was listening to them even before i was listening to Bananarama!

    Love Child
    I'm Livin In Shame
    It's Time To Break Down
    Love Is Here And Now You're Gone.

    Their catalogue is vast, they're always a forgotten pleasure when they come my i-pod, when it's on shuffle.
  15. ...and modern pop music is an extension of Motown.
  16. I'm belatedly gaining a real appreciation for much of the Motown catalogue. They were playing some compilation or other in a store yesterday, and Love Child came on and my mind instinctively expected You Want This by Janet Jackson after the intro kicked in, haha.

    We've got a Motown Gold 3CD set somewhere in the house, which I ought to dig out again in light of my Damascus moment.

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  17. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    "I like Supremes 1.0 best, when Florence was in the band! That's the REAL Supremes!"

    "Whatever, Florence never did shit. If she's so great why has her solo career failed?"

    "Mary Wilson is where it's at, she's a real girl."

    "I can't wait for Diana Ross' solo career, but who is this "Jean" person who's replaced her? Seriously, she'll never be Diana. I'll give her a chance, but, the Supremes I once knew are long dead."

  18. fan-bloody-tastic... everything til 1970 anyway.

    someday we'll be together
    i hear a symphony
    keep an eye
    i'm living in shame
    love child
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  19. duckface

    duckface Guest

  20. Tommie

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