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The Supremes

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by multimediac17, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Agree 100%. I'd be so, so up for a singles and selected highlights rate, but gods as much as I love some of the Diana-period albums, so many album tracks are just 'hits by other Motown artists but slightly less good'. Nobody's got time for that, darlings.
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  2. Happy belated birthday to Miss Cindy Birdsong!

    Such a sweet woman.
  3. Absolutely gutted by this news! Mary was a STAR! I’m thankful to have grown up witnessing her beauty not only through The Supremes but her various interviews. I’m thankful to have recently discovered the post Diana years which has given me a greater understanding of just how talented she was.
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  4. This is very sad news indeed. All of the Supremes were very talented women and sad they couldn’t bury the hatchet. May she rest in peace.
  5. This is so sad. Rest in Power, Mary.
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  6. Sad news, Mary's book was my entry into the world of The Supremes! Loved the book and HER ever since. She really made good on her promise to Flo. Rest in peace, Mary!
  7. This still has Speechless. My heart is really heavy. Mary really kept the supremes alive and I have read 3 of her books. Rest Well Queen, You Truly were Supreme
  8. So sad, rest in peace Mary.
  9. Woke up to 3 missed phone calls and my brother desperate to get hold of me. Wasn't expecting that news first thing today. For the last 30 odd years there have only really been 3 stars that I've cared about above all others. Dolly, Cher and Mary Wilson.

    I was lucky enough to meet her on numerous occasions including for the last time in 2019. Always beautiful, always gracious, always pleased to see us. The first time I met her back in 2000 I took 3 valium beforehand cos I was so excited. She once left a message on my answering machine thanking us for our support after she'd toured here. I have all my old Supremes albums signed (And by Jean, Linda and Scherrie). Must put at least 1 on my wall.

    Went to see her a few years ago in London. Managed to wangle our way into the after party to say hello. I was very drunk and in my inebriated state thought it would be a good idea to get her to autograph my arm. Kept it covered and rushed to my tattoo artist friend the next day to get it tattooed on. Have kinda regretted it over the years. Not having it,but being so visible as I'm constantly asked who it is and have to explain that no she wasn't in The Pointer Sister. Forgot all about it until 5 minutes ago when I noticed the writing on my arm and burst into tears. I'm really pleased to have it this morning and am looking forward to explaining who this wonderful lady was for the rest of my life.
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  10. What lovely and personal memories you have of the legend that Mary was. That legacy will live on. She sounded like a lovely person to her fans.
  11. Beautiful post, big hugs and rest in power ms Wilson.
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  12. I know it's not Mary Wilson solo thread, but I feel like this should be here, to showcase the brilliant Gus Dudgeon tracks from 1980:

  13. What a loss. Mary Wilson really was the heart of the Supremes. She kept their legacy going in the '70s and onward. I don't thing she gets enough credit for that. The Supremes didn't end when Diana left. They continued to make great music. I've said it before but the two box sets encompassing the '70s Supremes' music are two of the best box sets I own. Wonderful treasures of music to be discovered.

    And Mary was a fine singer herself. She sang lead on a number of the '70s recordings.

    And her autobiographies are really worth reading.
  14. It's time!!!
  15. So hard to believe this was just days ago.....Mary was so vibrant, full of life and clearly so excited about the music releases and celebrating black history month with her memories during the The Supremes reign....

  16. Since a child, I always found Mary and Flo the real stars of the Supremes. Their vocals were sadly hidden from equally shining.

    Rest in peace Angel Mary.
  17. I've been reliably told (Via another Motown legend) that Mary had been suffering from various health issues over the last few years that she had kept quiet about.
  18. That's such a sweet story. I'm glad you have those memories to cherish forever!

    Never got deep into the music of The Supremes nor Diana Ross, so I've used this opportunity to learn about their story, and it's definitely a fascinating band. If it wasn't for Mary Wilson there would be little or no interest listening to a big part of their albums released by the later lineups.
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  19. Happy birthday, Mary! Finally something is gonna happen with her self-titled solo album from 1979, at least digitally! Long overdue! The new song is very moving as well.

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