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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. An excellent development. It has got that Backstreet Boys style about it, doesn't it? But to be fair, I don't like it when Backstreet Boys sound like this either.

    I will never listen to this song (willingly) ever again.
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  2. Funny to see Backstreet Boys be brought up, because while listening to the 11 song long BOYFRIEND section I literally thought it felt like I was listening to a Backstreet Boys album. And for the record there are very few things I'd rather do less. Backstreet Boys were a very formative group for me in the sense that they're basically the reason I've become a life-long boy group hater.
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  3. I've come to accept that I'll probably be in the high group for most of the boy stuff and I'm fine with that. Looking back on it...I think I gave this one as high as I did because it was a little different compared to the rest. I fully admit that a lot of the non-Infinite boy group songs that sounded like they could have been an Infinite track, I was instinctively in my mind thinking of who in the group would have had which part...and how that would have made it better. *And me and my best friend in middle school totally went to a Backstreet Boys concert...LOOK, where I live I wasn't anywhere near the Spice World tour to even dream of getting tickets, so sue me.*
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  4. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2017

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (8.25) @RUNAWAY (8) @Wills, @ysev, @Remorque (7.5) @thommyh, @BeingNormal, @Hurricane Drunk, @evilsin
    HATE TO SEE IT: (0) @Empty Shoebox (3) @junkos, @Joli Chat (4) @M24
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8

    I guess the real TARGET was the one on their backs all along. You lot really hate these guys, huh? Even with an assortment of boygroups on offer, they managed to land twice in the bottom three. Not everyone has that! Just like ‘Awake’, I’m a fan of this track; and also like ‘Awake’, I won’t pretend I'm shocked it’s out.

    About a month before their Korean debut, ‘Hot Feeling’ (AKA ‘Afterwards’ AKA ‘Atsui Omoi’ AKA ‘熱い思い’) was released in Japanese, alongside a video. A Korean version was later included as a B-side to ‘Awake’. This release strategy confused Monkey0, too: “Too basic, noisy, high energy boy group Japanese album track for me.” Not quite, unnie! … but also I realize that wasn’t the point of your comment at all fajkfsfh, carry on.

    (As an aside, these guys are so nugu, I could only really find info from this Reddit thread. The only person who seemed to know anything followed up with “My knowledge of them doesn’t go much beyond knowing they exist. I follow them on twitter since a friend of mine saw them busking in japan a few months ago.” Nñ.)

    This starts off on the wrong foot for Joli Chat: “That intro is just bad, really bad.” That’s the chorus, unnie! Structurally, this is one of Sweetune’s weirdest compositions: it begins with its chorus, then moves into a rapped verse, followed by a sung segue… and then the whole thing loops a couple times. I don’t know that ABC-ABC-ABC is the strongest song structure around, but I appreciate it for being unique. (But also to sis’ point, the chorus is really annoying dd.)

    I like a lot of the synth textures that pop up throughout, which help give each section a bit of personality. What I don’t find sonically pleasing are the vocals, which sound like ass, but I honestly hadn’t really noticed until junkos pointed it out: “They just… don’t sound good at all.” I mean this is true of a lot of groups we all love but you’re not wrong, unnie! The bizarre “oww-ooooo” at the end is kind of iconic, though.

    I doubt I’ve changed anyone’s mind with my attempt at defending this track, so I’ll let M24 speak for the rest of y’all: “This kind of plods along… Sweetune's done better.” And thank God they have!

    Below is the video, which has a service-industry concept. I typically have a very low threshold for boygroups acting cutesy, but this one doesn’t bother me as much. I think it’s because it’s presented as choreographed, instead of trying to convince us that the average teenaged boy spends all his time doing aegyo with his pals.

  5. Oh, come on, there are worse songs in. This one at least has a very bubbly instrumental.
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  6. I'd agree there are worse songs in this rate. I found this really unremarkable.
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  7. That first Rap sounds really unpleasant. I'd rather not hear it again. Thanks.
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  8. I really didn't expect TARGET to do this badly, I thought their songs were nice enough, definitely not bottom 3 material. At this rate I imagine they'll be fully out of the rate soon, I really don't see their last song's scores being particularly higher than the other two's (I actually scored it slightly lower than both Awake and Hot Feeling).
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Yeah, Awake was my highest score for them, so Beautiful sticking around is....weird. Also TST songs need to exit, Mind Control especially.
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  10. Absolutely not!
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  11. I don't really have much to add at this point. Like our wonderful host, I just really enjoy Sweettune production so I didn't bomb anything. I know my number is coming up soon though...Just rip the bandaid off for White Confession quickly so I can go into a tangent about how you all ruined Christmas. I'm conserving my energy for when I really have to let some people know about their...choices. Hahahaha.
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  12. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2013

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9) @Remorque (8) @Wills, @Slice of Life (7.5) @camden_italian, @Monkey0 (7.25) @RUNAWAY
    HATE TO SEE IT: (1) @Empty Shoebox (4) @soratami, @M24 (5) @roblognick (5.5) @BeingNormal, @Hurricane Drunk
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8

    Our second BOYFRIEND cut; based on the pattern we’re seeing, things aren’t looking so good for TARGET nñ.

    ‘On & On’ was released as a digital single to celebrate the group’s second anniversary, and even as a fan of the group, this is JARRING – it feels like they’d been around fucking forever by this point fffff. It was later included on the Witch EP, alongside the title track and ‘White Out’, making for an absurd collection of songs.

    Back when this came out, BOYFRIEND was on a trajectory of maturing their sound. Sandwiched between ‘I-Yah’ and ‘Obsession’, ‘On & On’ felt like a final revisit of their early work. And really, this might be the quintessential early-BOYFRIEND track: it’s as featherweight as a boygroup song could possibly be.

    I really don’t mind (hence my score), but I can understand why it underwhelms; admittedly, I spend most of the runtime waiting for the beefed-up final chorus. That’s a lot of time spent waiting for it to get good! I sometimes fear I might have overscored this, but the breezy chorus always manages to sink its hooks in.

    Or maybe I’m just a BOYFRIEND stan. :(

    From what little commentary we got, it seems ‘On & On’ is considered a low point in an already-maligned discography. M24 spoils a later result: “Just boring, "I'll Be There" pt. 2 for me (my other lowest score from BOYFRIEND).” Something tells me we’ll be revisiting this conversation soon enough!

    Meanwhile, roblognick conjures an image that sounds like heaven in this godforsaken year: “I feel Boyfriend have cornered the market with songs don’t sound awful but also don't sound amazing. The perfect songs to have on the background of a department store.” My therapist told me to visualize the end of the pandemic when I’m sad; I’ll be sure to put this on when I do.

    Below is the exact type of putrid video I was talking about yesterday, I genuinely can't bring myself to watch the whole thing. Why do they all act bewildered by every insignificant thing happening around them? Literally no young adult has ever behaved like that. I bet some of you watched this while listening for the first time, which explains why it’s out already!

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  13. Gonna go find out if Among Us lives up to the hype, but I'll be back later to ruin Christmas.
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  14. Christmas is cancelled.

    Well, partly.

    YEAR: 2012

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (8.5) @aux, @Monkey0 (8) @Slice of Life, @ysev (7.5) @camden_italian, @Joli Chat, @Crisp X (7.25) @thommyh, @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (3) @Empty Shoebox (3.5) @Hurricane Drunk (4) @soratami, @M24 (5) @codecat, @roblognick
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 7

    I’m going to assume a few of you did the same thing as me: saw this wasn’t available on streaming, gave it a couple spins on YouTube, slapped a score on it and never looked back. I probably shouldn’t cop to this as a rate host, but if anything I overscored it, so BOYFRIEND should just be grateful this didn’t end up worse!

    ‘My Lady’ was BOYFRIEND’s second Japanese release, following ‘Be My Shine’, and other than that… I can basically copy/paste my notes from ‘On & On’: by this point, they’d already released ‘Janus’, signalling a shift in sound. And, just like ‘On & On’, this track winds up feeling like a rehash of their earlier efforts.

    That said, I find this oddly hookless in comparison to their Korean tracks. Again, this could just be because I haven’t given it a proper chance, but the only thing that stands out is some of the harmonic movement. There’s a specific musical idea where the harmonies seem to rise, step by step, within each chord – I’m doing a dreadful job of explaining it, but Nicole’s ‘Mama’ kind of does it in reverse. Anyways, I’m a total slut for this sound, whatever it is.

    The comparisons to their earlier work extend to the video, which has a similar wintry concept to ‘I’ll Be There’. And despite not having anything overtly Christmas-themed in the lyrics or the video, this still reads as particularly festive. Our commentors came away with the same impression: Joli Chat is aghast - “Not their Xmas song being some of their best lmao” – while M24 turns the holidays into a bloodbath: “This makes White Confession (Lately) seem like "All I Want for Christmas is You". A little harsh, but honestly…

    Which brings me to my next point: I’m thrilled to announce that ‘White Confession’ is the best Christmas song in the rate! Maybe even on par with Ms. Mariah herself! @camden_italian ought to be pleased with this development.

    Below is the video, which is less awful than ‘On & On’ but still pretty cringe. Watching boys gently handle their suit jackets in sequence and call it choreo isn’t doing it for me.

    EDIT: Despite having literally only three comments for this, I somehow managed to miss RUNAWAY's, honestly take my job away from me. "I mean I love cute songs, but this song is honestly too much. Minwoo is so cute in the video though, but I also hate what they did to Hyunseong’s hair here...this whole release was such a miss for me honestly. And the stupid “opening the coat” choreography….ugh." Those were literally my same thoughts during the video, except Minwoo was "that guy!" and Hyunseong was "that guy..." Great minds!

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  15. So fun fact, I 1,000% forgot about this song and was already practicing my monologue because I knew the cancelling Christmas comment was for White Confession...based on some comments I know I still need to prepare for it though.
  16. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2014

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @RUNAWAY, @camden_italian (9) @Slice of Life (8) @thommyh, @Monkey0 (7.75) @Remorque
    HATE TO SEE IT: (3) @Empty Shoebox (4) @soratami, @M24 (4.5) @Wills, @aux, @Hurricane Drunk (5) @roblognick
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 4.5

    Our first INFINITE-adjacent elimination, and I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. ‘Tell Me Why’ was initially a B-side on ToHeart’s Delicious EP, but enough fans clamoured and it was released as a followup single. Looking at the charts, I’m impressed by how well this project fared: the album hit #1, and this track reached #36 on the Gaon charts. Not really blowing anyone away, but still a feat for something so slight.

    The track does nothing seriously wrong, I just find it so nothingy. It’s especially disappointing coming from performers like Key and Woohyun - I don’t think this does anything to showcase what makes them so beloved. Once upon a time, I’d have scored this higher, but as I get older and increasingly time-poor… life’s just too short.

    Joli Chat practices discipline and good judgment: “Tell me why I had to listen to this more than once, that’s right, because it’s unfair to rate a song you’ve listened only once.” You wound up giving it a 6, so it must have been a grower! Less of a fan is M24, and even he’ll be disappointed in this elimination: “This is a lot better than their first song with Sweetune, the chorus at least has some melody in it. The "tiny tree" part is still kind of weird, but I'll take that over "come on girl, I'll be so delicious/nutritious".” Fsjakfh that’s “tiny dream” unnie! But I like your version better.

    (Also, speaking of English lyrics – “Wanna go touch, wanna get tips.” What does it mean???)

    I’ve derided this a bit, but I can understand the appeal, so it's only fair that we close with RUNAWAY: “a lovely midtempo with impressive vocals? Sounds like a ten to me.” It is nice to hear Woohyun flex his upper register (and give a slightly more understated performance than usual ddd), I’ll give it that!

    Below is the video, where Golden Child’s Daeyeol falls in love with his sleep paralysis demon:

  17. The pacing of this rate is perfect @Wills and I love your write-ups.
    No big losses for me yet, misandry justice is THRIVING!
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  18. Thank you, unnie! And what great timing: I was just thinking it's time to remind everyone that @junglefish is responsible for all the amazing imagery we're seeing. I like to believe that the professionalism at the top of each post helps elevate everything beneath it!
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  19. WOW, I thought for sure Delicious would go before this but then I remembered how this crowd feels about mid tempo and slow jams. I also figured having the attachment of one of the only two allowed boy groups of the forum would have maybe saved it a little bit. (That’s not meant to be as shady as it comes off, I love SHINee and EXO). Not a huge first loss for me. I let it be known that I would listen to Woohyun sing the items off the $1 menu at McDonalds and I would give it a 10 if it was apart of this rate, that’s how much I love his voice.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    What I wouldn't give to have an EXO (group or solo) Sweetune collab.
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