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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Did a song like that really need a 7 minute video? The label must've really been feeling like wasting money.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    The way I've been tagged in every single elimination so far......the struggle is real -___-
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  3. fff I'm sorry unnie, but if it's any consolation, your ballot in particular brought me so much joy! I've grown to love 70+ of these songs, and it's very gratifying to know someone else gets it x

    On that note, I took a chunk out of my workday for that post, so now I need to catch up ddd. I'll be back later to bid farewell to Key (Woohyun's not going anywhere just yet) and eliminate another song.
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  4. We will get through this rate together!
  5. [​IMG]

    Farewell to ToHeart

    I realize this could have been bundled with INFINITE’s wrap-up, but a) I have the ToHeart graphic anyway, and b) as my bias group, I don’t want to do that to their average fffff. Judging by how they fared, safe to say this project was a swing and a miss? For most of us, anyway. It’s disappointing when you consider the talents involved – I’ve harped on this a few times, but I (and a lot of others) have plenty of affection for both performers.

    For what it’s worth, I think Key and Woohyun both brought their A-game – watching their live stages, both are phenomenal performers (which we already knew), and they have excellent chemistry. As performers. Leave it alone.

    So that leaves us with… Sweetune. As much as I hate to say it, I feel that they let these guys down. Both title tracks feel like B-sides for other groups, out of which an entire side project was hastily cobbled together. This surprises me, because like… what else were they up to in 2014? The MonoTree contingent was busy with Stellar, which leaves ‘Last Romeo’ and—

    Ah yes. BOYFRIEND. More on that later.

    At the end of the day, ToHeart was little more than a cute side project for everyone involved, and both members would go on to perform some of their work with their respective groups. Normally, this is where I’d plug a bunch of SHINee videos, but SM deserves to be punished for never enlisting Sweetune again. By my count, they’ve got 23 young men in desperate search of a tune!

    That said, I will highlight some solo work by the two members. Both began their mandatory military service in 2019, with Key’s recently finished and Woohyun now reaching the tail end of his. Both also put out a number of solo releases ahead of enlisting.

    We’ll start with Key, whose official solo debut came in 2018. Chances are, you’re already familiar, but these deserve to be revisited:

    All serves! As for Woohyun, his solo debut dates back to 2016, and I’m sorry to say it’s been nonstop balladry ever since.

    …or has it? In May of last year, he released ‘Hold On Me’, and girls, I’m so happy to report it’s a bop!

    2019 wasn’t long ago at all – I would’ve already been kicking around the subforum. What did I have to say at the time, I wonder?

    How things have changed! But some things remain, like my love for this song, or receiving a single like from @Slice of Life and being so grateful for his pity <3

    And that’s that for ToHeart. Regardless of quality, it’s a joy to see beloved idols team up like this. And all pretext aside – I can’t think of a pair I’d rather do brunch with.

    ToHeart – Final Scoreboard

    #82. Delicious (6.622)
    #88. Tell Me Why (6.359)

    ToHeart – Highest Scorers

    #1. @RUNAWAY, @camden_italian (10.000)
    #3. @Slice of Life (9.000)
    #4. @Remorque (8.375)
    #5. @Monkey0 (8.250)

    ToHeart – Lowest Scorers

    #23. @soratami (2.500)
    #22. @Empty Shoebox (3.500)
    #21. @M24 (3.750)
    #20. @Wills (4.500)
    #18. @Hurricane Drunk, @roblognick (5.000)

    ToHeart – Controversy Index
    *based on standard deviation, higher index = more controversial

    #1. Delicious (2.299)
    #2. Tell Me Why (1.844)

    ToHeart – Group Average: 6.490
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  6. fff not me googling "woohyun dating" to see if he's actually dated anyone.

    Headline: Infinite Nam Woohyun And Jang Dongwoo Rumored To Be Dating

    Me: wait

    The actual article: Infinite Nam Woohyun and Jang Dongwoo rumored to be dating unknown girls

    Me: ah
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  7. You just know they have some good stories...Like I said before, when your bias wreckers joint forces, their personalities and chemistry alone was worth the re-watch and re-listen. Woohyun does stick to ballads mostly, but ballads I believe is one of the most popular genres of music in Korea, and with that voice he will have no trouble in a singing career when the inevitable day comes that Infinite is over for good. And again, I’m prepared to die on this mountain alone, Woohyun is one of the best male vocalists of his generation and had he been signed by SM his name would be spoken of more in these parts...but that’s a battle for another day.

    Anyways, Kibum...Namu, you did good. Idk if I’m okay with them being out already because I expected it, because it’s not an official Infinite track, or that my Instagram has been flooded from stills from L’s (Infinite visual and future husband) new drama and he’s both in water and shirtless...so yeah.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I just did some quick searching and.......


    Also, RIP ToHeart, you will be missed <3
  9. As I've stated before, "Toheart" went completely over my head, so their two songs were a bit of a discovery of the rate for me. The songs might not be the best, but that had enough memorable moment and quirks to garner my attention. And yeah, the chorus of "Delicious" sounds like a prototype for SHINee's "Dream Girl", dddd.
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  10. [​IMG]

    0.005 more would've been so iconic, where's @junkos when you need her
    YEAR: 2014

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9.5) @Monkey0 (9.25) @thommyh (8.75) @RUNAWAY (8.5) @camden_italian (7.75) @Remorque, @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @soratami (5) @BeingNormal, @Hurricane Drunk, @ysev, @codecat, @roblognick, @M24
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 6

    BOYFRIEND loses one more track just outside the top 80, but don’t worry, they have at least another dozen or so hanging around. This is also the fourth track from 2014 we’ve eliminated – double that of any other year so far. Was this the year the wheels started to come off a bit? If a chunk of the team leaving to do their own thing is any indication, the answer’s probably yes.

    ‘Witch’ falls smack in the middle of BOYFRIEND’s later career, where they put out a bunch of songs that sound roughly the same (not to be confused with BOYFRIEND's earlier career, where they put out a bunch of songs that sound roughly the same). Sweetune apparently developed a thing for mid-tempo, hip hop-influenced productions that shoved aside everything people loved about their earlier work, and poor BOYFRIEND were the beneficiaries of this new artistic vision. Steadily plummeting sales didn’t help the impression that everyone involved might’ve been past their peak.

    ‘Witch’ was the second in this string of singles, sandwiched between ‘Obsession’ and ‘Bounce’. It’s also my middlemost favourite of the three – “body goes boom bara boom” isn’t much of a hook, but least there is one, unlike… well, we’ll get to that. My biggest gripe here is how one-note it is – there are no real peaks or valleys to the instrumental or the vocal performance. Even after most of the instrumental drops out for the middle eight, it returns without added vigour, just a final lurch to the end. I just listened back to hear if there’s a patented Sweetune Power Note – there is, but somehow even that’s muted. Hmm.

    After enduring the gauntlet of their early singles run, M24 thought he’d finally caught a break. Not so: “Promising start, I like the change-up from typical Sweetune pop to something a bit more hip hop inspired. It loses steam eventually as the track goes on, as it's all a bit monotonous. Again, I still welcome the change of style because I was getting bored of more of the same.” Didn’t you listen to ‘Obsession’ right before this, unnie? Or maybe you didn’t realize the track had changed!

    Meanwhile, I’ve nothing but love for roblognick, but I have no clue what he’s talking about fff: “Can't hear anything other than"cause your bibles go baboon, cause your bibles go baboon, na na na na na na na na na."” I’m trying to hear this, and failing. Does it make the song any better, sis?

    Most of you just wanted to talk about the video. RUNAWAY takes issue with the pick’n’mix approach to horror tropes: “why this was called Witch when the video is more vampire/werewolf is strange….but whatever. The chorus lyrics are so stupid, but the production is next level as usual.” They’ve got six skinny, woefully unthreatening boys to work with – I’ll forgive them for throwing it all at the wall!

    is BeingConcise - “I can't at the MV” – and… uh, Joli Chat says what I was about to say to end this, so I’ll let him have the floor. Take it away, unnie:

    Lovely song, but can we talk about the MV? The way that girl kicked their asses, as if she knew their entire discography is going to vacate in the first half of this rate lmao

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  11. Ah this halloweeny synthy classique.. with that woman beating up all the men at the end of the MV.. y'all WILL pay for this
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  12. Top 80

    Rock U
    Pretty Girl
    We’re With You
    Damaged Lady

    Lost (feat. Jeong Jinwoon) (Nicole solo)
    Mama (Nicole solo)
    Guilty (Sungyeon solo)
    Daydream (Gyuri solo)
    Midnight Queen (Hara solo)

    She’s Back
    BTD (Before the Dawn)
    Nothing’s Over
    Be Mine
    White Confession (Lately)
    The Chaser
    Man in Love
    Last Romeo

    60Sec (Sunggyu solo)


    Heo Youngsaeng
    Let it Go (feat. Hyuna)
    The Art of Seduction


    Don’t Touch My Girl
    I’ll Be There
    Love Style
    Be My Shine
    My Lady
    I Yah
    On & On
    White Out


    Russian Roulette

    Hateful Person


    Tell Me Why

    Eric Nam
    Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya)


    Shall We Dance
    Platonic Love
    It’s Raining
    The Star of Stars

    Better Day
    Sketch U

    Good Time

    Mind Control
    Love Story
    Wake Up

    Hot Feeling

    Golden Child
    It’s U

    That Day
    Lost N Found

    Delight (Jiae solo)
    Gone (Jin solo)

    Final Kiss
    The Day


    Today was a "victory" lap for a couple acts we've met before. Tomorrow, two fresh faces are on the chopping block. Any guesses? x​
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  13. Mmm... I’m gonna say ROMEO and Heo Youngsaeng.
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  14. It’s throughout the whole song! The lyrics are actually “Cause you body goes boom bara boom” apparently. Much like Rock Your Body I Say... It sounds nothing like that. Sweetune clearly know how to sneak subliminal English lyrics into their songs.
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  15. [​IMG]



    YEAR: 2017

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @RUNAWAY (9) @Monkey0 (8.5) @Slice of Life (8.25) @thommyh (8) @BeingNormal, @ysev, @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (3) @Empty Shoebox (4.5) @Hurricane Drunk (5) @junglefish, @junkos, @codecat, @Ana Raquel
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 7.5

    This one’s going to break a couple hearts. SNUPER takes their first hit, and not only is it too soon, it’s also the wrong song! ‘Dear’ ended up being their final Sweetune-produced track, released to coincide with their second anniversary, which mostly leaves me dumbfounded at how much they accomplished in two years. Titans!

    I’d probably class this as the weakest of Sweetune’s ‘80s prom trilogy, behind TARGET’s ‘Beautiful’ and Golcha’s ‘Lady’, but only by a hair. In terms of production, it’s actually my favourite of the three: the instrumental is suitably sweeping and grand, and the electronic flourishes add some excitement throughout. The middle eight is a lovely bit of drama, with the instrumental hitting a fevered pitch under Sebin’s rap, followed by the key change – maybe the stateliest in Sweetune’s history.

    Where this falls short for me is the songwriting. The verses in particular come across as underwritten, meaning I spend most of my time waiting for the chorus – and even as that goes, it’s hardly one of Sweetune’s most memorable melodies. All told, I think this nails the atmosphere they were going for; it just doesn’t quite stack up among the finest this rate has to offer.

    BeingNormal got maybe a biT swept away by it all - “Oh this is actually gorgeous” – while M24 reveals the steep curve he’s grading on: “This is actually good. I like it. Sweetune give it enough variation to not let the song get too boring.” Knowing he said that and then gave this a 5.5 sure puts all the “lowest scorer” appearances into perspective!

    Of course, the final word must go to RUNAWAY – we’re no stranger to seeing him lose precious 10s, but I worry this one might hurt a bit more than most: “It’s sad this was their parting with Sweetune, as this is literally my second favorite song of theirs after Back:Hug. I think they did work with Sweetune again on a Japanese b-side, but this is so bittersweet. I mean, I LOVED and still stan Tulips, but it just isn't the same. The instrumental here is so amazing, and a lot of times, I’ll play it on its own because I love it so much. Also, I find it interesting how the video mix is different to the actual released version. Sebin’s part at the end is also one of my favorite parts of their entire discography. It just gets me so emotional, paired with that powerful instrumental.

    Below is the video which, as mentioned, features a different mix from what’s available on streaming. Red Velvet found pre-empted! I’m torn on how I feel about it: there’s a weird, almost dissonant quality to the electronics that really make them pop, and it’s brilliant. But then it also seems everything else has been muted a bit, which only strengthens the feeling that I’m waiting around for the chorus to hit. It’s also a profoundly gloomy video, which fits the lyrical content, but feels a bit funny for an anniversary song. Perhaps they were mourning the end of their Sweetune streak?

  16. Mess. SNUPER are definitely not the boy group that should be losing songs at this point.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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  18. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2011

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9) @thommyh (8.75) @RUNAWAY (8) @Slice of Life, @Ana Raquel (7.75) @vague (7.5) @camden_italian, @junglefish, @ysev, @Remorque, @Crisp X
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @Hurricane Drunk, @Empty Shoebox (5) @Wills, @evilsin (6) @soratami, @M24
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 5

    @junglefish unnie got this one right! This is our first of two appearances from Heo Youngsaeng, main vocalist from ancient boygroup SS501. I know nothing about them or their music, so I’m already preparing to quote this post when I end up running their discography rate in a year’s time. This is also our earliest elimination so far, being the first 2011 cut – unsurprising, given everything else that year brought.

    ‘Let it Go’ was Youngsaeng’s solo debut, and it did pretty well for him, hitting 19 on Gaon, with its parent EP landing at #1. This also charted better than I expected in this very rate fadsjkhlsjk – I thought this was guaranteed to bow out in the bottom 5, but then I hadn’t factored BOYFRIEND fatigue into my calculations. Including forum fave Hyuna probably didn’t hurt, even if the video went to some lengths to hide that fact.

    I don’t know, I can’t really think of much to say here. This just kind of plods for me, being neither a proper dance track nor a midtempo. Actually, this quote from the Wiki article proved enlightening: “As the main vocalist of SS501, he mostly sings ballads, and wanted to challenge himself and try new genres.” Having read that, I’m now hearing this as a ballad, only sped up and plopped on top of a lowkey dance beat. Who knows if that’s its true origins, but at least it helped me flesh out this paragraph.

    The lot of you were similarly quiet on the subject. M24 highlighted the only bit I can ever remember: “I love the "let it go" hook, the rest of the song is pretty disposable though.” And once again, Joli Chat took the words right out of my mouth: “I couldn't recognize Hyuna at all lol.” Turns out there’s a reason for that!

    Below is the video, which does not feature Hyuna. Instead, her raps are mimed by Park Juhyun – better known as pre-debut Sihyun, of SPICA “fame”. This threw me so bad ddd, I really struggle with faces, so at first I thought it was just that. Then I got thinking that maybe the plastic surgeons had gotten to her a bit in 2011, until I finally looked it up and realized that, yeah, that’s a completely different person.

    Other than that, the video’s the exact type of mid-budget tacky I expect from 2011, right down to the Black Eyed Peas-aping intro. …oh God, I just found it on Apple Music, it’s called ‘OUT the CLUB’ and I–

    Let’s move on.

  19. I was eager to listen to SNUPER in general, since @RUNAWAY was gushing about them, but them vocals of someone in the group... they were so grating to me, oh my god, especially on "Shall We Dance". It got better, but some of those takes are still iffy to me. Having said that I gave "Dear" a 7 and it's not the worst SNUPER song in the rate.

    And as for "LET IT GO", it kinda like a trot song in a pop disguise with it's chorus, so even Hyuna couldn't save it.
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  20. Happy holidays to my favourite subset of unnies!

    As my gift to you, I bring you three eliminations today. And as my gift to me, I’m doing them all at once.


    YEAR: 2011

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9) @thommyh (8.5) @Wills, @BeingNormal, @Crisp X, @Ana Raquel (8.25) @RUNAWAY (8) @Monkey0
    HATE TO SEE IT: (3) @soratami (4) @Joli Chat (4.5) @M24 (5) @evilsin, @Empty Shoebox
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8


    YEAR: 2014

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @RUNAWAY (9) @thommyh, @camden_italian, @Monkey0, @junkos (8) @Slice of Life, @Ana Raquel, @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (3) @soratami, @Empty Shoebox (5) @Wills, @Hurricane Drunk (5.5) @aux, @M24
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 5


    YEAR: 2011

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9.5) @RUNAWAY, @BeingNormal (8.5) @vague (8) @Wills, @aux, @thommyh, @Monkey0
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @roblognick, @soratami (4.5) @Joli Chat (5) @codecat, @M24
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8

    Just like that, BOYFRIEND drops from over half their songs remaining, down to one-third. To recap, this just leaves ‘Love Style’, ‘Janus’, ‘I Yah’, and ‘Bounce’. Think we can call this a massacre? I’m calling this a massacre.

    Part of why I made this a single post is because this run of songs is bookended by their 2011 singles, which are very pam-the-office-“they’re-the-same-picture”.jpg. ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ were BOYFRIEND’s first and second comebacks, as well as their first two times working with Sweetune – and boy, was that ever a good move. Listening to these in sequence with their debut, the leap in quality is astounding. But, as I said, these two songs share a lot of DNA, being the type of featherweight dance tracks that characterized early BOYFRIEND. I gave them the exact same score, so I’m not at all surprised to see them bow out side-by-side.

    That said, my 8 is a very good score, and I think both tracks have their strengths. ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ is all about the interplay between the vocal melodies and synth lines in the chorus, which makes for an incredibly addictive refrain. ‘I’ll Be There’ is less immediately catchy, but I think it’s more interesting structurally; I always enjoy seeing what Sweetune chooses as a song’s intro, and here, it’s the post-chorus. But my favourite detail of all is the falsetto harmonies that accompany the rap sections – it’s such a simple addition, but makes those parts all the more engaging. As the overshadowed second child, I have a soft spot for this song in particular – I would’ve bumped it up to a 9 if I felt I could justify it.

    Then, sandwiched in between, there’s ‘Obsession’. I obliquely referenced this in my writeup for ‘Witch’ as being hookless, and I stand by that assessment. I’m not a huge fan of this sound for BOYFRIEND at the best of times, and I find this to be an especially stagnant example. My 5 is probably fair as an assessment of the composition, but when considering whether I’ll ever return to this… I probably could’ve dropped it a notch or two.

    This post is already a mess structurally, so we’ll go through commentary in elimination order. First up is ‘I’ll Be There’, and y’all weren’t pulling any punches. Joli Chat says what we were all already kinda thinking: “poor boys really got all the rejects huh? Sad…” nn the fact that this came out in the same window as ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Paradise’… I’d like to believe Sweetune just had a specific sound in mind for BOYFRIEND, but it’s hard to overlook.

    M24 already feels the decay starting to set in – “It somehow managed to be worse than their debut title track kii. Too boring and that chorus is quite lacklustre” – and Crisp X makes a comparison that came straight out of left field for me, but might resonate with some of you unnies: “Why can I imagine WJSN singing over this instrumental instead?

    Next up, ‘Obsession’. Roblognick has a very specific critique: “I think the trouble with Boyfriend songs is their voices don't sound individual enough to make any of their songs 'great'. This could be so much better I think if their voices had more personality.” I agree with this, though I think their blend is often great – when it’s used properly. There’s no interesting layering happening here, which makes it feel very one-note, literally and metaphorically.

    This is also why I can’t bring myself to agree with M24: “I get EXO vibes from this one. It's pretty great for Boyfriend's standards.” Man, BOYFRIEND wishes. I understand what you mean stylistically, but SM would never greenlight such a flat chorus. BeingNormal also notes this as a departure, but doesn’t seem to think it’s such a great idea: “Wtf are Sweetune's doing here ? It doesn't sounds like them.”

    Ddd wait, I’m reading RUNAWAY’s commentary now and he’s hearing EXO too: “how this song didn’t take off is beyond me…..the boys were at their hottest in the video, the song is FIRE, the concept was totally the right way to go for them, and yet it charted even lower than their previous single….I just don’t understand. It’s very Growl to me, and was totally on trend in 2014. It makes NO SENSE.” Ah, ‘Growl’ makes more sense – my mind went to ‘Monster’, which, again, BOYFRIEND wishes.

    With that, we’re left with ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’. Joli Chat might be perplexed that this lasted nearly 20 eliminations: “This is probably getting eliminated rather quickly, and I have no problem with that!M24 also isn’t a fan, though that was spoiled a bit further up the page: “I honestly can't find many great things to say about this song. It's serviceable, but a bit bland if you compare it to everything that came before it in this rate.

    Y’all… I think roblognick might be… you know… “Any song that starts with "you're my lady" is just not going to be my sort of song.” Could’ve guessed from the Wonho avi, sis. And true to form, thommyh makes me cackle: “fsdfff that Hanna-Barbera "WEEEE!" sfx that plays at like 1:30s.. Wendy_Williams_What_Was_That?.mp4” adskjhasjkfhaskjld I remember hearing it, but never actually paid attention to how bizarre it is. Hanna-Barbera……….. bye!

    All kiis aside, I’m so pleased to know I’m not alone in my BOYFRIEND appreciation. BeingNormal hits the Sweetune charm on the head: “Boyfriend's cutesy stuff can be tiring and cringeworthy, but this one are more bittersweet and melancholic. I can vibe to this one.” And RUNAWAY has some thoughts that maybe came about eight eliminations too late:

    this song has that iconic Sweetune production style from 2011 that I love. These guys never really got a fair shot, and it’s truly heartbreaking that they never had a hit song in Korea. It’s great that they got all of their Japanese singles into the top ten there, but Korea just never had taste…..especially with not only these guys, but also Nine Muses and Snuper all flopping there. I really wish this song had been their debut single honestly. It might have started them off on a better note than Boyfriend (the song). Also Hyunseong was always my favorite member. Hot AND can sing?! YAS.

    I think this makes us the Korean GP, everyone. I hope you’re all happy. (And FWIW, this will always be their debut in my heart~)

    Sorry for blasting through those three a bit, but you lot have forced me to write SO MUCH about BOYFRIEND back-to-back-to-back, so I figured I’d put most of us out of our misery. Below are the videos. ‘I’ll Be There’ is the rare non-Christmassy winter concept; ‘Obsession’ features libraries, bombs, abs, and what looks to be an inverted pipe organ; and ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ demonstrates what’ll happen if you say things like “Don’t Touch My Girl.” Enjoy!

    Once again, merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! The Sweetune Singles Rate will return after some well-earned rest.

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