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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. not to speak ill of the dead but they ran another Makestar project to fund a comeback but when the project ended there was no comeback, no updates and apparently no refunds. 2able company took the money and ran

    kind of iconic tbh​
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  2. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2019

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9) @Remorque (8.5) @Slice of Life, @junglefish, @ysev (8) @Hurricane Drunk, @roblognick
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @Wills (5) @Monkey0 (6) @junkos (6.5) @BeingNormal, @M24
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 4

    TST has gone from untouched to losing over half their tracks in the last 8 eliminations, with only ‘Love Story’ and ‘Paradise’ remaining. ‘Wake Up’ is their most recent Sweetune collaboration – and, brilliantly, shares its name with their 2017 Wake Up EP (the one that featured ‘Mind Control’). Maybe they took inspo from 9Muses forgetting 'Remember'!

    I’m gagged that this did as well as it did, given that it got one of my lowest scores. Granted, it was maybe a bit of a sacrificial lamb so I wouldn’t seem too bg-biased… but also I just really don’t like it fff. I find the chorus underwritten to the point of annoyance; next to some of the hooks in this rate, “na-ah-ah-ah-an” sounds downright laughable. This was the first song I heard by TST, and it took me hosting this rate to give them another chance dd.

    That said, there are redeeming qualities here – the rhythm guitar in the instrumental’s a bit of a hoot, and the prechorus is pretty strong. I’d scream and cry and bemoan the fact that this outlasted ‘Mind Control’, but truthfully, I’m just glad some of you found a new song to enjoy. That’s always worth celebrating!

    Monkey0 joins me in not really understanding the fuss: “I wouldn't guess Sweetune had anything to do with this song.” But we know better than to underestimate the girls’ predilection for an upbeat bop: roblognick calls this “One of those happy happy boyband sounding songs that for some reason I can't stop myself bopping to,” while M24 contradicts his spot in the Lowest Scorers: “Yes, I live for that basic chorus ♥ Kings!

    Below is the video, which takes place in a museum of sorts. Our local science centre used to live in a really cool Brutalist building from the ‘60s, which has since been converted into an art gallery. Last February, they exhibited a giant moon just like the one at 0:23, and it’s one of my last fond memories of the Before Times, although I did have mono at that point.

    Also highkey hate the styling here, they look 15 years older than they actually are.

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  3. Well this is hateful.
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  4. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2016

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @RUNAWAY (9) @Monkey0 (8.75) @thommyh (8.5) @Slice of Life, @ysev, @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @Empty Shoebox (5) @Hurricane Drunk, @evilsin (5.5) @M24 (6) @roblognick
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 6.5

    We last heard from SNUPER when ‘Dear’ was eliminated back at #80, and now ‘You=Heaven’ becomes their second song to leave us. Released as their third feature track, it came on the heels of their biggest success with ‘Platonic Love’ and ahead of their image overhaul with ‘It’s Raining’, making it feel like the overlooked sibling among their 2016 singles. This is reinforced by the YouTube view count, which is markedly lower than the songs bookending it; I’d have looked at sales or chart placements, but sadly there isn’t much of a conversation to be had for SNUPER in general ddd.

    As much as I love the group, I’m fine with this getting the chop, as I do think it’s one of their lesser tracks – but that’s not to say it’s uninteresting. Far from it: structurally, this is unlike anything else Sweetune has done, pulling directly from the ‘I Will Survive’ school of ballad-cum-disco banger. (Obviously, it’s killing me not to reference ‘Back’ here, but it’s not a Sweetune production, so… in good time.)

    As the first part of that equation, the slow bit actually doesn’t bother me as much as I’d expect: the melody’s quite lovely, and it's interesting that it isn’t recycled later on. I also really like the kettle-whistle synths here – they complement the melody while also hinting at what’s right around the corner. And then…

    (this stale-ass reference fff, quarantine has me revisiting too much reality tv)

    This is actually my favourite bit of the track, it’s just so goofy and fun. Again, its stop-start nature could’ve derailed the whole thing, but I think it works great as a transition between segments, and then later leading into the key change.

    Where this starts to lose me is… everything else. Between ‘Shall We Dance’, ‘Platonic Love’, and this, Sweetune’s retro vision for SNUPER could get real pastichey, which worked better in some cases than others. Here, the references are glaringly obvious: disco circa… the late ‘70s? Okay maybe “glaringly” wasn’t the right word as a child of the ’90, but my point remains – this feels like a throwback in style, but without the songwriting to let it stand on its own. The ballad section comes and goes surprisingly quickly, but the upbeat portion seems to spin its wheels, despite only clocking in at a couple minutes.

    Still, though, I’ll give them this: no one did feel-good jams quite like SNUPER at their peak. Despite my quibbles, this is still a nice bit of bottled sunshine.

    True to form, yall complained about the slow part. Joli Chat is simply “Not a fan of the ballad intro”, while M24 elaborates a bit: “I was ready to tank it when it started off as a boring ballad… it got better indeed, I like the "STOP" parts. The rest of the song though is a bit messy, so I give it a low-ish score.” Meanwhile, BeingNormal bravely attempts to dismantle the song’s structure: “Weird production choice on the second verses and chorus.” I’m not sure I could even tell you which parts these are!

    By now, RUNAWAY is no stranger to losing his faves, though I suspect the sting never quite goes away. Let’s hear what the unnie had to say about this one: “yes this song is saccharine and overly sweet, but I have so much love for it anyway. Sebin with his pink hair in the video is EVERYTHING, and the chorus just feels magical. Like the song would be the theme of a magical boy anime or something. I love this song so much.” Agreed that the pink hair + blue contacts are a serve!

    Below is the video, which sees them reframing the shoestring budget as a feature. Kings of thrift! The epilogue has absolutely nothing to do with anything, perhaps suggesting a business venture that never came to fruition. A shame, I’d love to assemble us all on a boat and pay Snuper Island Restaurant a visit.

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  5. As a total aside, I was looking into MonoTree’s output, with eyes on a possible sequel rate at some point. Go figure the best resource wound up being the LOONA wiki, thanks to the Orbits extensively documenting everything ddd.

    Unfortunately, they haven’t been super prolific with title tracks just yet - apart from a few odd singles, it’d mostly be LOONA feat. ONF, which seems like a good way to have half the subforum descend and savage my faves asdhfgks. We’ll give it a few years!
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  6. Oh I'll definitely participate if you choose to do it! In fact......here's something that might help (not everything is in there, just the songs I like but still)
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  8. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2015

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @camden_italian (9.25) @ysev (9) @Slice of Life, @Remorque (8.5) @junkos (8.25) @RUNAWAY
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @Hurricane Drunk, @Empty Shoebox (5.5) @BeingNormal, @M24 (6) @roblognick, @soratami
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming as BOYFRIEND loses their ninth track. The good news is they’re confirmed to have at least one song not in the bottom third of the rate! These guys stuck close to Sweetune right to the bitter end – barring a few “special” tracks in their later years, this was the group’s final Korean release before shifting focus to the Japanese market.

    Within the context of this final run of singles, I’d say they went out on a high, and I’m pleased that this result backs that up. Where ‘Obsession’ and ‘Witch’ both felt like awkward attempts at maturing BOYFRIEND’s sound, ‘Bounce’ saw Sweetune apply their learnings, making it the strongest take of the three.

    Honestly, their production was never really in question – both previous attempts sounded great; it just seemed like they didn’t know how to write a song to match the style. With ‘Bounce’, the hook is easily one of the strongest in BOYFRIEND’s arsenal – very boyband by-the-numbers (the BSB teas just keep brewing tbh), but it’s a classic sound that works. The other highlight is the brass, which echoes the hook throughout the other segments of the song; adding these melodic touches to rap sections is something that’s come up in a few writeups so far, and I always find it elevates a track.

    Once again, the lot of you were quiet, presumably to conserve energy after the BOYFRIEND marathon. Frankly, congratulations are in order for even making it this far! Let’s hear from M24 with our sole bit of commentary: “Parts of it reminded me of Obsession… anyway, I like the distorted "bounce more" bits.” Good catch, unnie – another great hook!

    Below is the Alice in Wonderland-inspired video; I’d say “aping,” but the nutcracker is an… inspired touch of its own. I imagine this all began with casting the twins as Tweedledee and Tweedledum and working from there. The whole thing’s a bit Panic! At the Disco, but much like the song itself, it’s their best crack at a “harder” concept – a bit of lighthearted whimsy goes a long way.

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  9. I think probably just the one elimination today, it's my first day back at work post-holidays and I'm tuckered.

    Next track out is a girlgroup - I'll leave you to mull that over! x
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  10. This is one of those songs that suddenly sound better through another listen, and that I now regret underscoring. Typical me!

    I also hate that the title reminds me of this stupidly catchy bop I used to blast a lot ffff

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  11. Oh wow, of the non Infinite or ToHeart songs, I had put a * by my score for this song and I found myself keep going back to it and watching the video and even kinda singing the chorus a little bit. Yes, very boyband paint by numbers, but so what? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sometimes I get irked by folks who are like “this is has been done..., etc” like it’s music, they aren’t curing cancer, know what I mean? Especially when it comes to boy groups. But a girl group could literally have each member hiccup over a non copyrighted generic dance beat from the early 2000s and 3/4 the forum would be yelling “Queens! Werk! Your Faves Could Never! Cultural Reset!”(And not you guys obviously but sometimes I see some comments and I’m like, dude calm the hell down it’s not that damn serious...)

    Since I’m on a role expressing my feelings and possibly have upset a person or two, I think we’re do for another girl group cut...I mean at least one.
  12. thoroughly enjoying the anti-meninism of this rate and sweetune’s body of work in general
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  13. Happy anniversary to BTD!


    No, this isn’t getting eliminated today, just marking the occasion. I’m trying to line up an anniversary elimination at some point but I give it like a 3% chance of working out fjsjdhajs.​
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  14. A day to remember. Never forget Hoya himself came up with the epic scorpion dance. P.S., having my bias and my wrecker fight each other was a little much. Is this the first in the series of Infinite getting beaten up/fighting/captured/dying/dead? ---I mean this, Paradise, Back, The Eye...(which just happen to be some of my favorite songs and definitely some of my favorite videos). Wonder what that says about me?
  15. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2010

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (9.5) @aux (9) @thommyh (8.5) @junglefish (8) @RUNAWAY, @camden_italian, @Monkey0
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @Empty Shoebox (4.5) @ysev (6) @Joli Chat, @Crisp X (6.8) @junkos
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 7

    Buckle up folks, here comes a happy one! This is ‘We’re With You’, released to cheer on team Korea for the FIFA World Cup. And let me tell you, this is exactly the type of song that would get me pumped to play elite-level sports with the boys! This campaign was backed by SBS, so in the spirit of patriotism and unity, KBS and MBC banned it from playing on their channels.

    Once again, this was narrowly bumped up a spot thanks to a 0.05 point boost from @junkos. Or should I say ‘Bounce’ was bumped down a spot! Take that, silly boys! Of course, it’s hard to ignore that KARA’s haemorrhaged a few more songs than the other girlgroups… but we’re all about positivity in this writeup, so we’re choosing gratitude for how good their other tracks are in comparison!

    There’s quite a lot going on in this one, but one thing stands out most of all: warp-speed bongos! They’re a little-known Sweetune staple, i.e. they also showed up in another song we already eliminated, but I forgot to mention it, so points to anyone who correctly identifies it.

    Otherwise, everything here is pretty syrupy sweet, but a couple good production decisions keep it from getting too cloying. The first is the electric guitar sprinkled throughout, which helps ground the instrumental and add some needed texture. The other is the pitch: I could see, erm, certain other groups doing this an octave or three higher, and I’d be tanking it so hard. Luckily, even after a key change, this stays in a range that could reasonably be expected of adult women, meaning my score stays in a range that could reasonably be expected of a sports promo.

    For such a chipper song, y’all sure were cranky in the comments section! Simply put, Joli Chat is “Not a fan of this one,” and M24 continues to surprise with their… idiosyncratic scoring: “It's cute enough. The K-A-R-A chants though… ugh. I must sound grumpy because most of my complaints with Kara are those kinds of cheerleading chants.” This landed a full point above your average, unnie! We love an unpredictable king!

    Below is the video, which should cater to anyone who found the song a bit understated. Their styling here… wow! It’s sure perky! And maybe I’m projecting a bit, but Gyuri looks like she’d rather be anywhere else, and I’m loving that energy from her.

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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Fffffffffbdhdhdhdkdkdksnsjd NOOOOOOOOŒR
  17. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2018

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @BeingNormal, @Joli Chat (9) @Slice of Life, @junkos (8.5) @Monkey0 (8.25) @thommyh
    HATE TO SEE IT: (3) @Empty Shoebox (4) @soratami (4.5) @M24 (6) @Crisp X (6.25) @ysev (6.5) @aux
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 7

    Woollim Entertainment takes its second hit of the rate (and no, I’m not blaming them for ToHeart!). Golden Child debuted in 2017 and, like their sunbaes in INFINITE, didn’t begin working with Sweetune until their first comeback. 'With U' was also noteworthy for being the first Sweetune/Woollim collaboration since ‘Last Romeo’ nearly four years prior. Understandably, Golden Child needed to stand apart from their predecessors; a recycled INFINITE title track just wouldn’t do. So instead, Sweetune gave them… a recycled INFINITE B-side.

    I’ve become quite fond of Golcha over the past couple years, but I don’t consider this one of their strongest. For one, the instrumental feels oddly dimensionless – the synths sparkle as always, but everything sounds weirdly compressed and – by Sweetune’s standards – synthetic. There also isn’t much depth to the arrangement, with little low-end in the mix. Then there are the verses, which just feel aimless – Sweetune must’ve known which side their bread was buttered on, because a lot of time here is spent waiting around for the chorus.

    Luckily, this refrain is more than capable of handling the heavy lifting. The star here is the hyper-rhythmic vocal line, which uses the boys’ voices more percussively than anything. It’s far from my favourite in Sweetune’s catalogue, but I appreciate that they tried something unique.

    After trundling through the TARGET songs, it seems you were all in a chatty mood. Naturally, the latter couldn’t avoid one final drive-by dragging from junkos: “I probably over scored this, but listening to it right after TARGET made it sound like a masterpiece. Their vocals are great.” Let my boys live!!! Monkey0 also draws a comparison, this one favourable: “Clearly younger brother group of Infinite. Cute, uplifiting, energetic bop that doesn't sound too saccharine.

    The comparison trend continues with high-scorer BeingNormal, who calls this “Pretty refreshing. Cute & cheerful without being overly done, instrumental sounds great without being so pastiche-y like Sweetune recent stuff.” Meanwhile, RUNAWAY must be new to Kpop. Please be welcoming, everyone! “11 guys?!?!! I can’t stan groups this large, I just get so disoriented. This song was cute, but a bit faceless.” They were actually down to 10 by then! …but I suspect that only reinforces your point. Kii!

    To close, let’s everyone sing along with Joli Chat! Ready?

    "Me hago, me hago como araña! Me hago, me hago chica araña!



    Below is the video, in which the boys develop telekinetic powers, then use them to harass their schoolmates. Honestly this is cut too quickly for me to tell what’s going on, but I’m also really feeling my age today.

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  18. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2012

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @thommyh, @BeingNormal, @junkos, @Remorque (9.25) @RUNAWAY (9) @Wills
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4) @Joli Chat, @soratami, @Empty Shoebox (5.5) @M24 (6) @Slice of Life, @junglefish, @Hurricane Drunk, @codecat
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 9

    Oof. Now this, I don’t agree with. And with four tens, too – our highest number yet! Sadly, even that wasn’t enough to overcome the anti-BOYFRIEND brigade, who’ve successfully whittled the group down to their last two tracks. I sound mad, but I’m really just disappointed. ...in all of YOU!!!

    ‘Love Style’ was BOYFRIEND’s first 2012 single, and man oh man, what a glow-up. I like their 2011 singles, but this was such a refinement of their early sound. The song's a complete avalanche of hooks – I was just trying to puzzle out the structure, and I’m still not entirely sure I’ve got it figured out!

    The first two-thirds of the track are five unique segments that loop, with one section (the “nanananana”) swapped out for a rap the second time through. Part of what makes this structure so weird – and thrilling – is that the energy never flags up until the… chorus? Middle-eight? The second “love style” bit, where everything’s finally pulled back for a breather. Then comes the homestretch, where various bits of the previous sections are thrown in a blender and spat out in different combinations.

    Quick production detail: every time the chord progression repeats, there’s a little four-note transition walking back up to the home chord. Normally, this is accompanied by electric guitar; but just once, during the first “love style” bit, it’s done by an almost organ-like synth. It’s a stupidly small detail, but also my favourite moment in the song. Special mention also to the bass – is that a talk box??

    Honestly… fuck. I loved this before, but sitting with it like this, I’m totally smitten. Should have been a ten! But though I squawk about it being out so soon, it's invigorating to get to write about a song I really love - I needed this today!

    But alas, it’s time to let some of you rain on my parade a bit. M24 sees potential: “It's got potential, but it ends up being a bit of a mess. I would've liked the "nanana" hook of the first chorus to be repeated later on.” It’s interesting you say that – I consider that the only real fat on the song’s bones! Low-scorer Joli Chat deserves some grace after losing a ten, so I’ll cut him some slack: “Boyfriend huh?? Well, sorry but I have a GFriend already” Bisexuals stay winning!! (Not that I’m bi, but the added selection always seemed nice~)

    roblognick gives the boys credit for stepping up their game: “After the first two songs in this rate I was super surprised. It still has that cheesy undercurrent but there's a fun spirit in there.” You say “cheesy undercurrent” like it’s a bad thing! BeingNormal serves some tea – maybe not my tea, but tea nonetheless: “Their best song, so damn funky.” Yaaas.

    We’ll wrap with thommyh, who experienced growth.gif: “This is actually really fucking good what the hell... I started my score off with an 8.75, then I went to a 9, then I kept getting snatched all the way up to a 10.” I only hope the rest of y'all experience this too – everyone deserves to hear what we’re hearing!

    Below is the video, which probably has a lot happening. I don't know, I’m too distracted by the guy in the spiked jacket dancing within inches of his bandmates. Starship protect your damn artists!

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  19. And with that, we're officially a third of the way through the rate! A little over a third, actually - meaning BOYFRIEND successfully scammed three tracks into our top 2/3rds. Rainbow literally could never!~
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