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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Oh my god this song list is MAASSSSSIVVVE. But it was a rate on this forum that introduced me to 9MUSES and and Figaro and News which are 11 contenders for me in any rate they’d be in. So maybe I should give this a try as I don’t listen to the other artists ever.

    I’m doing two rates though currently though. Argh!
  2. I mentioned this in the intro, but keep me posted - if you're interested in participating and could use some extra time, I'm happy to look at extending the cutoff!
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  4. You're welcome to break every bone in my foot if it makes my life easier. Thank you for sharing!

    Those same two tracks are missing on Canadian Apple Music, so they'll need to be YouTube listens. I'm hoping to get playlists up after work today.
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  5. I'm ready.
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  6. Gotta be 9 Muses' Figaro. Pop perfection. And don't forget that iconic practice video
  7. Alrighty, I've updated the first page with links to YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music playlists. I have no doubt that all three are linked to a bunch of my personal info, so please don't doxx me if you disagree with my scores.

    As @roblognick pointed out, the Japanese BOYFRIEND tracks aren't on Apple Music or Spotify, so you'll need to use YouTube for those. I also couldn't find the A.DE track on Spotify. Let me know if I've accidentally added any incorrect songs!

    Finally, throughout the voting period, I'm going to be doing Road to Sweetune writeups for a bunch of the acts - just some history of their early days, prior to the tracks we'll be rating. Please don't expect these to be comprehensive - they're just a handful of tidbits I found amusing. Hopefully they can stir up some discussion over the coming weeks!

    I'm not sure I'll have time for all 21 acts, so I'm going to be prioritizing groups based on overall impact. So, we'll start with the obvious choice...
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  8. [​IMG]
    Road to Sweetune: A.DE

    I said I wouldn’t spend the rate regurgitating Wikipedia articles. Well, joke’s on me: these girls don’t even have one! But perhaps it’s time that they do, so if anyone wants to submit this post in its entirety, you have my blessing.

    A.DE is confusingly pronounced A-D-E. Why the single period, you ask? Dunno, but we’ve probably already given it more thought than their agency, 2ABLE Company. They’re also the label behind acts like… *checks notes* Takers, Chere, and Underdog. Here’s the latter’s most recent release, which is hilarious in exactly the ways you'd expect:

    Please don’t expect this much research ever again. Anyways, basically no information about 2ABLE Company exists anywhere, except… some allegations of embezzlement and fraud from one of the guys from RAINZ. I can’t really say I’m surprised dddd, but ANYWAY

    A.DE had some pre-debut exposure thanks to members Haeyoung, Suyeon, and Miso participating in Produce 101. The latter two bowed out in the mid-70s, but Miss Haeyoung persisted, ultimately landing in 38th place. Here’s a clip of her performing Into the New World:

    and dancing to Growl:

    A.DE debuted in June of 2016 with Strawberry. I want to say it’s objectively bad, but I’m sure I’ll get chewed out by at least one of you if I do ffff

    The group only ever worked with Sweetune for Good Time, their second release. And... the only other information I could find about their early days was an article about an alleged bullying scandal that won’t load nñ. Not entirely auspicious origins, then, but we all know how much this forum loves an underdog!


    Hey, I still have an embed left!

    Songs We'll be Rating

    Good Time (2016)​
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  9. Super Swedish nugu Stan powers activated.
  10. I guess Spotify agrees! (Thanks for the help!)
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  11. So seeing as how this is obviously the closest I will ever get to an Infinite Rate, I feel compelled to teach the children, aka highlight certain songs in this rate that I think you should take ANOTHER listen to before submitting your scores. First up I want to go ahead and address the elephant in the room, the first Infinite song that will more than likely be out.

    Yes...it is a Christmas song. So, I fear many people will simply give it a lower score based on this fact alone. However, as I said in the thread earlier, this easily sits in my TOP 10 most played Infinite songs and it doesn't leave my playlist, no matter the time of year. Are there bells, yes...does Sungyeol say "Merry Christmas"...yes. Is it the most original song they ever put out, of course not! But you know what, when I hear this song, I smile. Sometimes I think as music connoisseurs, we get a little jaded and nitpicky with how we judge music and at the end of the day forget that at its fundamental basics, music should evoke an emotion from you, and if that emotion happens to be a happy one that just makes you smile, doesn't make it a weak or lazy song. Steps down from soapbox.

    The song itself. Well, first of all, check the avatar. Any song that has a good amount of Myungsoo, I'm here for. Rightly so, Woohyun and Sungkyu dominate the majority of vocals, as many main vocals do, but I have always had a fondness for L and Hoya's singing voices as well, Dongwoo too. In any other group, they easily could have vocalist positions and not just be the visual or rapper/dancer. While the latter two don't get to sing in this one, it's just a fun fact I would like you reading this to know if you don't know much about them.

    Now when it comes to our leader Sungkyu and our other main vocal Woohyun, what can I say? I think both have amazing and very different voices from each other. Of all of the Infinite songs, and I've also mentioned this before, when Woohyun comes in for his part of the chorus, it is my FAVORITE vocal from him. I honestly can't tell you why, because he has so many, but it just does something for me. I once saw someone say that his voice was like hot cocoa (keeping with the holiday theme, you know that feeling it gives you) and I think that works pretty well. This might get me some flack for saying this but Jonghyun of SHINee, Chen of EXO, Woohyun of Infinite---the mount rushmore of male KPOP vocalists, I said what I said!

    For the video, I appreciate that this is one of those videos where you actually do see their actual personalities. As someone who went out of order, it was jarring to look at the older videos because I sometimes look and go...who is that? To give you a peek inside my mind. I love Myungsoo, but the "character" of L that was given to him by Woolim...ugh he's alright. I appreciate that while some are still sporting extreme guyliner, this is one of the videos where I'm like, they actually look like them and not the super heavy makeup and styling a lot of, especially their early videos have.

    Okay, so I'm done rambling for now...I will return later on. I'm not going to do all the songs, but I might do maybe 2 songs that will be my serious 11 picks (let's be real guys, do you really think I'm going to pick a non Infinite song, no matter how good the others are?)
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  12. ... oh, right. I have a rate to run.

    My apologies for the radio silence since last week. It's been... a very odd few days in Wills' world fkjalsdh, but the rate has never been far from my mind. I will reflect, but I can't guarantee to return with a more mature image (i.e. pray for this rate y'all!!!!)

    But in all seriousness, the time away wasn't completely wasted - no, I was hard at work, listening to about a dozen tracks over and over, all in preparation for...
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  13. [​IMG]
    Road to Sweetune: SNUPER

    There's not a ton of SNUPER pre-history worth sharing here. They debuted in 2015 under WIDMAY Entertainment (which, who?), and despite amassing a bit of a cult following, they've never really managed to clamber out of nugudom in any meaningful way.

    A shame, because SNUPER also had the good sense to start working with Sweetune right from debut, quickly building a remarkably strong discography for a rookie group. And since this means we don't have any early singles to discuss (outside of those we're rating), I'm using this space to highlight some of their best Sweetune-penned B-sides.

    SNUPER debuted with the Shall We EP, featuring Shall We Dance as the title track, alongside a pair of B-sides. Polaroid received a bit of a push as a followup single, being released in both "Day" and "Night" versions, with an MV for the former. Both versions are boring. Hyde, Jekyll fared better as a cute retro moment, but not really anything meriting an embed.

    Things started to take proper form with 2016's Platonic Love mini. Yes or No is the strongest thing here, but I want to highlight Angel, a bizarre little track. It's all chiptune riffs and wistful melodies, but then the prechorus leans hard into the title with a crystalline vocal feature:

    It's an oddly grandiose moment for a simple B-side, and along with segueing out of the mini's intro, makes me wonder if this might have been pitched as a title track before never really coming together.

    The oddities continued with the COMPASS single album, which opens with the title track, You=Heaven, one of the group's frothiest moments. This is followed by Compass, a funky 40-second interlude, which then leads into... this:

    Carry is probably the most abrasive thing we've heard from the group to date - it took me a few listens, but I'm now sold on it being one of their strongest tracks. (The contrast between the two songs isn't without precedent, either: Sweetune pulled a similar trick with INFINITE's Nothing's Over/Shot combo.)

    Things continued to fall into place with their Rain of Mind EP, which featured three solid B-sides along with It's Raining as the title. So Much in Love sees them taking a stab at some light R&B, which... feels like it could've been a disaster ddd, and the vocals aren't really all the way there, but the synth riff saves it. Lucky's a fun little number - the (oddly soothing? idk) post-chorus synths are the highlight here. And my favourite of the bunch is the funky Please Don't, despite not being the K.Will cover we all hoped for:

    2017's I Wanna? EP is easily their strongest release as far as I'm concerned, particularly in its final form as The Star of Stars mini. Much of this comes down to the opening 1-2-3 punch, beginning with The Star of Stars and closing with Back:Hug. Without giving too much away, I love how both these tracks took the burgeoning tropical house trend and used it to support a bulletproof bit of classic songwriting. As the segue between the two, Hide and Seek pulled a similar trick, but using a Latin influence as its backbone. I'd argue it's on par with the titles quality-wise; if you only check out one B-side, let it be this:

    Of course, this release ended up being bittersweet: the closing track, 해줄게, marked the first non-Sweetune release in the group's Korean discography. And... it stuck: apart from the second-anniversary victory lap of Dear, SNUPER's moved on to other producers.

    Of course, while all of the above was happening, SNUPER also released a handful of Japanese tracks, where they seemed to gain popularity more quickly than in their native Korea. I'll share Oh Yeah!!, since it's the one with a MV:

    As a final note, I'd encourage anyone to check out the instrumentals of their title tracks. Admittedly, I sometimes think Kpop songs succeed in spite of the vocals ddddd. But even where that isn't the case, there are often production details that get easily overlooked when the vocals are at the fore.

    So that's your intro to SNUPER. They never properly caught fire, but it's nice to know they're pretty beloved in certain circles. Plus, let's not forget that all 7 tracks we're rating - a few of which are bona fide classics at this point - were released in the group's first two years. Talent!

    Songs We'll be Rating

    Shall We Dance (2015)
    Platonic Love (2016)
    You=Heaven (2016)
    It’s Raining (2016)
    Back:Hug (2017)
    The Star of Stars (2017)
    Dear (2017)​
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    SNUPER are my faves ♡~ The Shall We Dance instrumental gets a lot of plays from me (along with the actual song), and from their Sweetune material, Dear, Platonic Love, You=Heaven, So much in love, and Meteor are my ultimate tracks. Their Japanese discography is super solid as well, and they deserve more fans....they're also only down to 4 members now as 2 have already enlisted, but they're still releasing great music. They just released their 7th Japanese single Oxygen about a month ago, and it's great as usual, so please check them out!
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  15. Aaaaand echoing pretty much all of this. I fully understand needing to take your festive-themed ire out on something, but there's a far more deserving target! Teehee.

    ... wait. Apparently I gaslit myself into thinking there was another Christmas track here, but it's just a bad song. Guess I'll go back to being your impartial host and stop trying to influence scores!

  16. One of the most underrated boy groups. None of these songs deserve less than a 9 nn.
    I could have given my 11 to The Star of Stars if one particular song wasn't in the rate.
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  17. Ah, yes - Meteor/The Star of Stars, their very own Heat/Yeolgi/9 moment. There are a handful of translations I'm iffy on, so I'm just gonna stubbornly stick with whatever we used for the elimination graphics!
  18. There's no easy way to say this: it's already November. This year continues to collapse any sense of time into a singularity. I'm shook; are you shook?

    But! I digress: we're currently three weeks out from the stated deadline of November 22nd. How are we feeling about this timeline? Would more time be beneficial? Are you all even working on your scores? Should I just go ahead and announce an all-INFINITE top 10?

    Let me know how we're feeling - happy to extend if needed! xx
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  19. I'm currently listening the materials for 2BiTeen because the deadline is closer, but I think I could do with the stated deadline.

    Would be very happy if it's extended tho
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