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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]


    YEAR: 2013

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @thommyh (9.5) @aux (9) @junglefish, @vague (8.75) @codecat
    HATE TO SEE IT: (5) @Monkey0, @M24, @Empty Shoebox (6) @Wills, @Hurricane Drunk (6.5) @evilsin, @junkos
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 6

    They’ve had some time away from the spotlight, but now, Lovelyz takes another hit. Like Jin’s ‘Gone’, ‘Delight’ was another pre-debut solo, this time featuring vocalist, rapper, and total babe Yoo Jiae. I’m not enough of a Lovelyz stan to know much about their line distributions etc., but based on YouTube comments, it sounds like Jiae’s been unfairly shafted. Hopefully Woollim sees this result and gives her a little more airtime – after all, while Jin couldn’t manage to clamber out of the bottom ten, Jiae nearly made it to the halfway point. Talent!

    I’m a bit surprised at my score for this – I was sure I’d given it at least half a point more. That said, I’m fine with this leaving now: lovely as it is, it feels pretty slight next to the competition. The production is bright, but a bit understated – rather than knock us about with instrumental hooks, it sets the mood while taking a backseat to Jiae’s vocals. It does crest occasionally with background strings and… drum hits that sound like gunshots??? Tonally I guess it’s a good fit for the lyrics (this is a very deceptively cheerful track), but damn Sweetune, that’s dark!

    Trigger warning for what I’m about to say: I love the male backing vocals here ddd. Jiae has a gorgeous, airy tone and sounds amazing, but her voice is so light, it threatens to float away. The background vox add some dimension to the mix and – I think – highlight the central star, rather than distract. So yeah, this is very good, and sis deserves more chances to go solo.

    Only one bit of commentary, and it’s from low-scorer Monkey0: “The vocals and music don't match very well. Ostensibly nasally.” I’ll defer to our resident Lovelinuses (Lovelini?) to rebut!

    Below is the video, which features B1A4’s Baro and is a most pleasing display of heterosexuality. I SCREAMED at Jiae’s lil kiss-off moment at the end though! He thinks you’re just being cute sis, but we read the lyrics, we know where this goes!!!

  2. [​IMG]


    YEAR: 2015

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @RUNAWAY (9.5) @ysev (9) @Slice of Life, @thommyh, @BeingNormal (8.25) @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (5.5) @aux, @evilsin (6) @roblognick, @soratami (6.5) @Wills, @Hurricane Drunk
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 6.5

    I just crunched the numbers – fourteen eliminations separated ‘Dear’ and ‘You=Heaven’, and now we have ‘Shall We Dance’ fourteen more songs later. This means Snuper’s on track to overshoot the crown, landing in negative fourth place! Talk about elusive; talk about legendaric!

    ‘Shall We Dance’ was Snuper’s debut, and unlike most of the other dummies here, they barrelled out the gate with Sweetune right from the start. Granted, “barrelled” might be a bit strong for a debut EP with “823+” sales, but there’s no upper limit to that number, so we’ll call it a hundred million.

    Umm… I think this is another case of Snuper getting a bit too kitsch for their own good nn. I put this on par with ‘You=Heaven’ – it suffers a bit for being less inventive, but makes up for it by generally holding together better as a song. True to form, the instrumental is a complete joy – the synths sound like triumphant trumpet blasts, especially leading into the key change. Whew, a moment!

    But then the chorus… look, I like cheese as much as the next aging gay, but this overdoes it. I’d probably be easier on it if it weren’t in English tbh, but even melodically, I find it weak by Sweetune’s standards.

    I’ll say this: ‘Shall We Dance (Instrumental)’ is a 10/10. I’ll also say this: this never should have gone before 'Dear', but as of now, the correct four Snuper songs remain.

    As always with a group’s first song on the ballot, this attracted a fair bit of commentary. roblognick ran into the same hurdles as me: “I can hear the grinning as they sing this song. It's super cheesy sounding and I don't think they sound particularly great.” Meanwhile, Joli Chat damns with faint praise: “The last chorus is nice!

    The track drew some comparisons to other groups, some likelier than others. M24 shouts out another 2015 upstart: “Again, I could see Seventeen singing this upbeat and funky song. I give it a generous score because I'm a sucker for this kind of bops.” And then, uh, there’s BeingNormal: “I just realize why Loona Vivi looks familiar, she looks like Taewoong from Snuper” fsdhskjdhfa a mess unnie and I see it.

    We’ll wrap with our resident super duper Snuper stan, Miss RUNAWAY – which reminds me, we should probably stop disappointing the mod team sooner or later: “I don’t understand where the original upload of the video went...so weird. Anyway this song is a ten, and one of my favorite debut songs of all time. Everything about this song is perfection, and that chorus is utter brilliance and I STILL can’t get enough.

    Below is the video, and if the above commentary is to be believed, (English version music video) was not God’s original intent. Bright side, it does make the leap in views for Platonic Love look all the more astounding. 15K to 1.4M? We love an imperial era!

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  3. Top 50

    Rock U
    Pretty Girl

    We’re With You
    Damaged Lady

    Lost (feat. Jeong Jinwoon) (Nicole solo)
    Mama (Nicole solo)
    Guilty (Sungyeon solo)

    Daydream (Gyuri solo)
    Midnight Queen (Hara solo)

    She’s Back
    BTD (Before the Dawn)
    Nothing’s Over
    Be Mine

    White Confession (Lately)
    The Chaser
    Man in Love
    Last Romeo

    60Sec (Sunggyu solo)


    Heo Youngsaeng
    Let it Go (feat. Hyuna)
    The Art of Seduction


    Don’t Touch My Girl
    I’ll Be There
    Love Style
    Be My Shine

    My Lady
    I Yah
    On & On
    White Out

    Russian Roulette

    Hateful Person



    Tell Me Why

    Eric Nam
    Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya)


    Shall We Dance
    Platonic Love
    It’s Raining
    The Star of Stars


    Better Day
    Sketch U

    Good Time

    Mind Control
    Love Story

    Wake Up

    Hot Feeling

    Golden Child
    It’s U

    That Day
    Lost N Found

    Delight (Jiae solo)
    Gone (Jin solo)

    Final Kiss

    The Day


    Untouched Since Top 60

    KARA (full group)
    INFINITE (full group)
    Heo Youngsaeng
    Lovelyz (full group)

    Elevens Remaining

    22 / 22
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    KARA needs to lose two more songs and they are practically invincible. Time to lose the entirety of Romeo, TST and IZ too. LET'S GO!!!
  6. Okay since we have another farewell tomorrow, lemme get these off my conscience real quick.


    Farewell to BEAST (i.e. Highlight)

    No, I’m not giving Beast the full eulogy treatment. Nothing against them, they seem like lovely guys (except the one nn) and I’m sure I’ll stan their music eventually, but a) I don’t have the background knowledge to make this easy for me, and b) they barely bothered to show up, with only one OST in the rate.

    Please help yourselves to the following selection of Beast/Highlight songs:

    (I know this is their big one, but… idk, I never really got it)

    BEAST – Final Scoreboard

    #57. Hateful Person (7.315)

    BEAST – Highest Scorers

    #1. @Remorque, @BeingNormal (9.000)
    #3. @Ana Raquel, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @aux, @Monkey0 (8.500)

    BEAST – Lowest Scorers

    #21. @evilsin, @Joli Chat, @M24 (5.000)
    #18. @codecat, @soratami, @Empty Shoebox (6.000)

    BEAST – Controversy Index
    *based on standard deviation, higher index = more controversial

    #1. Hateful Person (1.288)

    BEAST – Group Average: 7.315
  7. [​IMG]

    Farewell to Eric Nam

    No, I’m not giving Eric Nam the full eulogy treatment. Nothing against him, he seems like a lovely guy and I’m sure I’ll stan his music eventually, but a) I don’t have the background knowledge to make this easy for me, and b) he barely bothered to show up with only one digital single in the rate.

    (On that note, please continue ignoring the fact that I missed two other Sweetune singles when I set this up nñ, neither of them sounds very good though so consider it a kindness)

    Please help yourselves to the following selection of Eric Nam songs:

    (Not his freaking DEBUT being one of the songs I missed dhaskljdhj, a mess)


    Eric Nam – Final Scoreboard

    #56. Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya) (7.324)

    Eric Nam – Highest Scorers

    #1. @RUNAWAY (9.500) - suddenly the username makes so much sense!!!
    #2. @junkos (9.200)
    #3. @Remorque, @Slice of Life, @aux, @Monkey0, @Joli Chat (9.000)

    Eric Nam – Lowest Scorers

    #23. @Hurricane Drunk (3.000)
    #22. @Empty Shoebox (4.000)
    #21. @codecat (5.000)
    #19. @soratami, @roblognick (6.000)

    Eric Nam – Controversy Index
    *based on standard deviation, higher index = more controversial

    #1. Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya) (1.684)

    Eric Nam – Solo Average: 7.324
  8. That SNUPER song was fine, but I really didn't like the vocals in it. I physically shuddered listening to it.
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  9. The excellence! All those are 10s so you better leave those poor boys alone for a while.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    .....I would've traded It's raining for Shall We Dance.

    Also, no, I did not name myself after an Eric Nam single dddddddd. My namesake is the KARA single!

    Also, I don't think I will ever like the music of Beast.

    Whew it feels good to get all those things out there. Now bring on the messery!
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  11. Yes, I suppose you’ve been here a bit too long for that. New theory: Eric named his song after you!
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. How are we friends?
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  14. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2013

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10) @junkos (9.25) @RUNAWAY (9) @Slice of Life, @BeingNormal, @roblognick, @vague
    HATE TO SEE IT: (4.5) @Hurricane Drunk (5) @aux, @soratami (6) @Joli Chat, @codecat
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8

    And introducing… LUCKY UNNIES: For the rest of the top 50, I’ll be highlighting anyone who’s losing their lowest remaining score. Some of our more generous participants may even find themselves a high scorer while also being a lucky unnie!
    LUCKY UNNIES: @aux (5), @Monkey0 (7)

    Youngsaeng makes it to the top 50 by the skin of his teeth with ‘The Art of Seduction’, his third Korean-language single. The Wiki article for his Life EP is jarringly thorough, so I’m hoping it’ll shed some light on the song’s composition; after all, the title's a bit… troubling. Let’s see what it has to say:

    It was no coincidence that the music video was released during White Day as Heo said: "The event itself is the comeback." On White Day, men are supposed to give something back to women who gave them gifts on Valentine's Day, In the same way, the idea behind "The Art of Seduction" is that Heo approaches women and gives himself to them. While the lyrics talk about a man aggressively seducing ladies, the music video is the complete opposite in that Heo is shown held captive by a delusional fan.

    Hmm, no, I do not feel better. It seems they were going for something ~subversive~ here, but it’s hard to ignore clangers like “If you reject me, what will I do? / I’ll hit on you and hit on you again / I don’t give up” – even by 2013 standards, it’s pretty ew. And the very next Wiki paragraph goes on to reference Shindong – even as the forum’s resident (alleged) SuJu stan, I know that’s never a good sign.

    I’m hoping I’ve overlooked some redeeming factor in the subject matter, because as it stands, it does the song itself a disservice. ‘The Art of Seduction’ is a fun, disco-inspired cut with killer synth riffs and some great use of multitracked vocals. I especially like the middle-eight, where the tone takes an eerie turn, punctuated by Youngsaeng's falsetto slide up the octave. Then comes the key change, which lets the final chorus really take flight.

    No doubt, this is one of the lighter numbers here (and perhaps a bit nondescript by the rate’s standards), so it’s hard to argue its placement. I’m glad it scraped into the top 50, though, especially over the Hyuna track, which only sounds worse the further it fades into the rearview ddd.

    It seems y’all also clocked the shadier-corners-of-Reddit atmosphere: BeingNormal implores, “Wtf with the creepy smile ? Stop staring at me like that. The song is a bop tho.” and Crisp X feels redpilled: “What in the incelery is this title?” The alternate translation is ‘How to Get Girls’, if that makes it more palatable by comparison fff.

    RUNAWAY reveals that Beast isn’t the only expired bg he can’t get behind: “I was never a huge fan of SS501, but this song is a fucking bop, and he’s got such a fantastic voice.” And finally, M24 is also glad Hyuna got dropped some 30 songs back: “This is more like it, a million times better than Let It Go!

    Below is the video – quarantine gave me time to catch up on movies, so I can finally make this reference: it’s Kpop Misery feat. Sia’s discarded wig. Seems like someone’s listened to ‘Study’ a few too many times!

    Finally, can anyone tell me what he's holding in the album art? I swear I’ve seen these Mickey Mouse things before – were they, like, a trend at some point???

  15. [​IMG]

    Farewell to Heo Youngsaeng

    This one might get a bit sorry_to_this_man.gif – I have like zero prior knowledge of his work, and it’s tough to justify dumping more words on someone with two songs here. Plus, crucially, I doubt many of you care ddd.

    Youngsaeng first rose to prominence as SS501’s main vocalist, under – who else? – DSP Media. Their run pretty much happened during Kpop's Before Times, which fuels my apathy. Here’s a song that folks seem to like, even if I don’t:

    Honestly thank god for SNSD. Next up came Youngsaeng’s solo career – we’ve already covered the important bits, but we’ll take a peek at his only other charting hit, 2012’s ‘Crying’:

    … wait, did that slap? Just a bit? I’ll have to revisit. A few of the SS501 guys later reunited to form Double S 301 (because they were down from 5 members to 3, see?), and they released a bunch of singles throughout 2016. If anyone’s reading this, let me know and maybe I’ll let you break the tie at #12. I have it on good authority that ‘AH HA’ was the best of the lot, so enjoy!

    Finally, let’s fast forward to four months ago, when Youngsaeng featured on ‘Why Are U OK?’ by, um, O.K.

    … right. Even by 2020 standards – a LOW bar – this is aggressively shit fhsajkdhasjkld, what the hell. I know this is meant to be a eulogy, but I’m struggling to make this reverent or funny, I just don’t really care and I don’t think any of you do either. GOODBYE to Heo Youngsaeng!

    (And all that said, don’t get it twisted – ‘The Art of Seduction’ is great and wholly deserved its spot in the top 50, even if it did get shooed away immediately.)

    Heo Youngsaeng – Final Scoreboard

    #50. The Art of Seduction (7.533)
    #79. Let it Go (feat. Hyuna) (6.817)

    Heo Youngsaeng – Highest Scorers

    #1. @RUNAWAY (9.000)
    #2. @thommyh, @Slice of Life (8.500)
    #4. @vague (8.375)
    #5. @junkos (8.150)

    Heo Youngsaeng – Lowest Scorers

    #23. @Hurricane Drunk (4.250)
    #22. @soratami (5.500)
    #21. @aux (5.750)
    #20. @Empty Shoebox (6.000)
    #16. @codecat, @Wills, @evilsin, @Joli Chat (6.500)

    Heo Youngsaeng – Controversy Index
    *based on standard deviation, higher index = more controversial

    #1. The Art of Seduction (1.453)
    #2. Let it Go (feat. Hyuna) (1.300)

    Heo Youngsaeng – Solo Average: 7.175
  16. If i was to wake up and see Heo Youngsaeng standing in a corner of my room with that orange hair, smiling at me the way he does in the MV, I'm going to be honest, I'm not going to lie...


    I would call the police.
  17. I'm feeling masochistic.

    Boygroup to Girlgroup Ratio

    53 to 40 (+13 boys)
    Top 80: 41 to 39 (+2 boys)
    Top 69: 32 to 37 (+2 girls)
    Top 60: 25 to 35 (+10 girls)
    Top 50: 19 to 31 (+12 girls)
    Current: 18 to 31 (+13 girls)

    So despite a tremendous head start, the boys have been trailing the girls since 'I'll Be There' was axed at #78... and are now behind by the same number they were originally ahead.


    The Sweetune Singles Rate will return! ...once I've finished processing this development.​
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  18. I'm going to confess to finding him super cute in pictures and listening to this song blind as I did I couldn't get the catchy parts of this song out of my head. But 9 is totally over scoring and watching the video - his dancing is terrible (he still cute though). The lyrics are indeed a little questionable. Ugh. To be fair I probably will never listen to this song again.
  19. Posting this made me realize - most of you probably weren't around back when we could have animated gifs as our forum avatars. Honestly, it was a... tackier time all around dhajkdhaskj, I remember folks getting up in arms when we lost that ability, but in retrospect it was for the best.

    Anyway, I bring this up now because crestfallen_woohyun.gif would be my avi of choice for this next one...
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  20. Ignore what you saw here, I don't know how to count ffffffffffff.​
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