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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Don't worry, I'm appending it as a 9.5 to everyone's ballot - giving the credit it's due without disrupting the very top of the leaderboard!
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  2. Choosing an 11 in this rate is just...
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  3. Okay so I am making my way through this list...well I have one already but I'm listening to everything multiple times because I don't want to be like, well let's be honest, they aren't Infinite so...now without giving away spoilers, the first couple of KARA songs I went, are you all playing a prank on me? Thankfully, then things got GOOD. I can't even get into the solo songs. Had Infinite not been a part of this rate, my 11 very likely would have come from them. I think there is a song that is probably the universal favorite, that while I like, another track that maybe not be as high on everyone's list is my favorite. I've been jumping around the list some so I was pleasantly surprised by Rainbow (though I have heard about them around here before) and I quite liked the BEAST song as well. The real gag is that for .0001 seconds I contemplated giving my 11 to a Toheart song. I literally could watch the video for Delicious thousands of times because the combination of Woohyun and Key is just...ugh, I'm going to say it, it's adorable, it's relationship goals (not that I'm shipping but I mean...really?) I think 9Muses and Boyfriend are going to be my next chunk to relisten to next!

    Also special shout out to our fearless leader Sungkyu's 60sec. I fear for him getting lost in the shuffle since it's only the one track but it's an amazing one, and I adore the video because it stars my future husband (in my mind obviously). As much as I love my boys together, there was no need for them to re-record it as Infinite.
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  4. SCENE could probably be added to the rate? I don't think having one extra song to rate would upset anyone.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Road to Sweetune: 100%

    Probably time to step on the gas a bit, hmm? I’m not even going to pretend to present a comprehensive history from this point on, just spotlighting a few tracks that stood out and moving on. No disrespect to the groups if these get shorter and shorter, I’ve just got a deadline to hit. And based on the number of DMs I’ve received so far, you all understand the struggle!

    Anyways, 100%. They were the second group debuted by TOP Media, after Teen Top and ahead of UP10TION and MCND. That’s right, an agency of boy groups, no wonder I never hear about them around these parts. I feel like 100% has had the lowest profile of the four - at least as long as I’ve been paying attention – but I’ve also heard that they have a remarkably consistent discography. Having finally delved in, I’m happy to say that I agree!

    The other assessment I’ve heard is that the group lacks any real artistic identity, which I only kinda agree with. Since debut, 100% has traded in high-octane dance cuts with particular emphasis on vocals, which I’m gay so obviously I love. Admittedly… their work also sounds a bit like what everyone else was doing around the time, so I’ll concede that it errs on the side of anonymous. Still, few groups are consistent in both sound and quality, so I'd say 100% deserves our attention.

    An early standout was their 2012 debut, ‘Bad Boy’. Right out the gate, this hits most of the hallmarks I noted above, with an insistent beat and an endless barrage of hooks. In my opinion, it’s the kind of debut that’s informed by everything that came after; if the group had flamed out right away, it’d be a solid first shot, reeking of untapped potential. Luckily, it was instead the first in a string of strong comebacks, which basically tricks my brain into hearing it as a spectacular debut. That’s bias at work, folks!

    The formula was refined on 2013’s ‘Want U Back’. This one’s all about the synth riff – it couples nicely with the chorus as a vocal hook, but I find the icy verses especially striking, when everything else is peeled back. Overall, it’s a simpler composition than their debut, but I’d argue it’s a stronger package for knowing exactly when to deploy each idea.

    … like the idea to get rid of their shirts in the video! TOP Media, indeed. They knew they had a hot group on their hands, and this wouldn’t be the last time they reminded us. I try not to let thirst supersede taste – even cute boys can sing a shit song – but it’s always a nice bonus. Kii!

    2014 was shaping up to be a disaster for the group: member Sanghoon decided to take some time off (spoiler: he never returned), while leader Minwoo – a full 6 years older than the next eldest member! – left to serve his time in the military. In spite of this, the year still saw a couple strong releases from the group. ‘U Beauty’ was a solid summer single, bolstering the group’s trademark electronic pulse with bright horns and subtler vocal hooks.

    But I’d say ‘Beat’, from their BANG the BUSH EP (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!), better fits the overall evolution of their sound. 100% had a knack for sticking a driving beat under literally anything and making it work – here, it’s the plink-plonk piano intro that probably should’ve been a disaster. The harmonized vocal takes in the chorus also stand out – it doesn’t seem particularly novel, but I can’t think of anything else that sounds like it.

    The cartoonishly dark MV is very VIXX, and makes no tonal sense with the song, but it’s a return to TOPless Media so I’ll allow it.

    And then literally nothing happened for over two years. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this somewhere, but the Wikipedia page doesn’t even acknowledge the hiatus, literally jumping straight from “100% released Bang the Bush on March 17, 2014” to “On September 12, 2016, Changbum had left the group.” Oh, yeah, that also happened, though Minwoo was also back by this point, I guess disappearing for a couple years is one way of working around mandatory enlistment. Still, I can’t imagine this did much for the group’s profile, less than two years after their debut.

    So… what the hell happened? We might not know, but it came with a silver lining: in Octotober 2016, the group released ‘Better Day’, their first collaboration with Sweetune. And can you believe we got this far before I mentioned them even once? I’m pretty sure 100% has the longest gap from debut to Sweetune, and quite honestly it’s hard to fault them, they certainly didn’t need the same degree of scavenging as some other groups we’ve discussed.

    Their entire Time Leap EP was also produced by Sweetune. It’s a strong collection, though ‘Not Today’ is easily my favourite B-side. It plays a lot like SNUPER’s ‘Platonic Love’ from the same year; for one, these tracks are the closest Sweetune’s gotten to full-on ‘80s pastiche, and both feature prominent electric guitar at the climax. As an aside, this track also slots nicely alongside the synthwave revival we’ve heard recently. Paved the way!

    In early 2017, group took a brief detour between Sweetune releases for their Japanese debut, ‘How to Cry’. The track has a bunch of amazing moments, but the chorus strikes as a tad too undercooked to merit an embed. Instead, I’ll give the honour to another album track, this time from the Sketchbook EP. Alongside title track ‘Sketch U’, all four B-sides were once again Sweetune compositions (though sadly, they would move onto other producers after this point). A couple tracks here share similarities with songs we’ll be rating: ‘Dreaming’ sounds like it was written alongside TARGET’s ‘Hot Feeling’, while ‘Gorgeous’ shares a lot of DNA with TST’s ‘She’.

    Was latter-day Sweetune running out of ideas? Is it depressing (or wrong) that I referred to this as “latter-day Sweetune?”

    ... anyways, here’s ‘Dreaming’:

    And that about does it for 100%. I mentioned before that this rate’s introduced me to a number of Sweetune tracks, but I’ve gotten almost as much enjoyment from familiarizing myself with these groups’ other works. Of all the groups, this one might have been the furthest off my radar prior to starting, which would have been my loss. Even if it took them longer than most, their early music shared a lot of traits I associate with Sweetune, making their eventual collaboration feel like an inevitability – and a 100% perfect match.

    Songs We'll be Rating

    Better Day (2016)
    Sketch U (2017)​
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  6. And an update: 'SCENE' is IN.

    Thanks to the unnies who championed it, and thanks to @junglefish for his willingness to do another graphic!

    I've updated the intro list and playlists, and I've also DMed those who've already submitted to request one last score.

    ... which means I sent out a grand total of ONE DM. IF YOU UNNIES LET THIS FLOP I S2G!!!!!

    Targeted harassment coming soon.
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  7. Not me sending 50+ DMs only to see the gif I lovingly made stop working intermittently fff.


    I’m never aspiring to anything ever again.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Refresh your screen unnie! You just have to take out the s from https when embedding from imgur. I fixed it for you in this post <3
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  9. Thank you unnie, please consider this legal written consent to go through all my DMs and do the same, I promise not to sue xo
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Also, I made the mistake of actually reading about some of these groups I'd never heard of, and now I'm not only sad, but also angry. I'm reading NOTHING about TARGET and IZ, so let's hope they're unproblematic.
  11. fff yeah there's some gloomy stuff to get into eventually. Luckily I think TARGET's so nugu that anything unsavoury would go undocumented, so you're probably safe there.
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  12. @Wills knocked on my door and handed me a generic invitation to this pre-Christmas party. Guess I'll have to try and make it.
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  13. So...I am finishing up my scores and starting on commentary...the girls were SO much easier to score than the boy groups because I'm gonna be real because it's Sweettune, EVERY song by any boy group in my head I was like...Woohyun would have had that part, etc and my Infinite bias was clouding my judgement, so I might have to take another run at them before I send them in. KARA (once I got passed...yeah) and 9Muses were a DELIGHT and I really enjoyed one of the SPICA songs especially. I keep forgetting poor Eric Nam sings since I know him mostly as a personality but I was pleasantly surprised and that was before my boy Hoya appeared! My only other major dilemma is my 11, do I want to go strategic and give it to the song I think will get the highest scores from the casuals so it wins, or do I go with my heart, which eliminated me early (Looking at you Taeyeon rate!).
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  14. Is it just me or do Sweetune songs just sound better when they're done by girl groups? I had to cleanse yay soul by listening to all the 9Muses songs again after getting through the Boyfriend tracks. Apart from one they were all god awful. Sorry. I felt the same about the Infinite tracks though too.

    And yes. I'm very, very behind on this rate. I'm sorry!

    On the plus side, KARA were a delight.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @camden_italian @RUNAWAY we have a new enemy.
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  16. I'm sure they have better tracks that weren't Sweetune. I've just never listed to them, ha!
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  17. Not when "The Chaser" is arguably the best Sweetune track that ever existed.
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  18. Hmmmmmmmm.

    It only matters that everyone votes with their heart. But I also will be a bit sad if the upper reaches aren't a healthy mix of boy and girl groups. I think this rate has many shining examples of each.
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    @roblognick I'm not going to take it personally yet...however, my blood pressure did rise significantly when I read your post...I'll wait until I see your low scores before I come for you! *totally kidding, kinda, my personal Top 3 Infinite songs aren't Sweettune songs, however, a lot of the rest of my top 10 do come from this list.*
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  20. You'll all be glad to know the since my last post I have scored a couple of 10s, a couple of 9s and a couple of 8s to some boy groups. I don't think anyone is in danger of dethroning 9Muses though.

    This one is my favourite of all the Infinite tracks actually.
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