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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. I still have to go through my scores again before sending them but I had never given this many 10's in a rate, so many legendary bops
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  2. I definitely had to knock a lot of songs down by a point or two from where I'd """objectively""" place them. I just know that I'll eventually feel frustrated that song X outlasted song Y, even if I scored them the same.

    (Getting this out of the way now, before I start taking heat for giving everyone's faves an 8.5 xo)
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  3. [​IMG]

    Road to Sweetune: 9Muses

    My ego’s a bit bruised after my 100% writeup only got a measly 10 likes, time to bring in the big guns I guess. In all honesty, I’m going to kind of blitz this one because… you already did my job for me! @vague unnie’s rate from last year covered the Muses’ entire history, and in far better quality than I could ever manage. So I’ll hit my personal highlights, but for further reading, you know where to look!

    Suffice to say that 9Muses is one of the forum’s most beloved groups. Less beloved: Star Empire Entertainment, their (mis)management company. Their other most notable acts include ZE:A and IMFACT, and you’d better believe I stan both. Then there’s poor ARIAZ, who had the misfortune of debuting just ahead of a global pandemic. Surely their ‘Figaro’ is due anytime now?

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. Like KARA and INFINITE before them, 9Muses debuted sans Sweetune before quickly correcting course on their followup. But unlike KARA and INFINITE, whose debuts were actually quite solid, 9Muses’ was…

    … also actually quite solid. Time has been kind to ‘No Playboy’, partly because nothing sounds like it anymore and partly because we’ve heard enough actual HORRIBLE DEBUTS in the intervening years. I wouldn’t actively seek it out, and I’m glad they never sounded this faceless again, but… actually I’m talking myself out of liking it aghjsklfh, let’s move on.

    Things started to get awfully fucking good on their Sweet Rendezvous EP. It seems like Sweetune came to the partnership with a fully-formed sound in mind – retro-leaning, groove-forward, and with the Muses vocalizing over every square inch of the track. It’d take a very special B-side to stack up against the likes of ‘Ticket’, ‘News’, and ‘Figaro’, but they more than came through with ‘WHO R U’, rounding out one hell of an EP. This track landed in 12th place in the previous rate, making it their second-highest B-side.

    And that brings us to 2013. Four releases, across four different formats, featuring four title tracks that would cement these ladies’ status as Kpop deities. …in certain circles, anyways! First up was the ‘Dolls’ single album, released right at the top of the year. The B-side ‘Just Looking’ was also a Sweetune production, and… it’s cute! I love the guitar that pops up periodically, and the laid-back energy complements ‘Dolls’ nicely. This ranked 30th (out of 45) in the earlier rate, and received some gentle critique for being Sweetune at their most featherweight.

    Then came May, and the ‘Wild’ EP, and if we wanna talk about B-sides matching the energy of the title track… well. It would take a special kind of girl to keep up with ‘Wild’, and ‘Action’ is THAT girl. Y’all awarded it the title of their 8th-best track, and best B-side, and… tea. 9Muses has always been at their best when they’re unleashing one hook after another at breakneck pace, and this is one of their finest examples. The post-chorus in particular is the kind of timeless vocal hook I absolutely come to Sweetune for. Whew!

    October brought Prima Donna, their first (and only) full-length album. Apart from ‘Gun’, there was no shortage of Sweetune all over this thing… including their very worst song (as voted by you), ‘Just a Girl’. We all have our off days!

    Syntactical nightmare ‘A FEW GOOD MAN’ didn’t fare particularly well either, landing at #34, but I’d argue it’s much more in line with the quality we’ve come to expect. A bunch of commentary noted that it sounds like a Girls Aloud track, which makes me think I should stop ignoring them ddd. I’m not great with pinpointing eras, but this gives me kitschy early-‘00s pastiche of ‘60s sounds. That’s probably way off asjkdhasjkdlhas.

    Their final release of the year was digital single ‘Glue’, which came with no B-sides, so that’s all we’ll say on the matter for now!

    I realize now that I never got into the revolving door aspect of the group’s history, nor the documentary of their early days, nor… anything that a true fan ought to address. But let’s be real: I’m just here trying to encourage you all to bump the thread along by talking about your faves. And hey, while you’re at it… help me crack 10 likes. Kii!

    Songs We'll be Rating

    Figaro (2011)
    News (2012)
    Ticket (2012)
    Dolls (2013)
    Wild (2013)
    Gun (2013)
    Glue (2013)​
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  4. Slice of Life

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    They may have scored a ten average from me.....
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  6. dkfkahdkqjdj after receiving both your votes the thought occurred that I might be staring down the barrel of a 7-way tie…

    Prob unlikely, but I’d love having the most iconique rate of all time!

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  7. I... haven't even started.
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  8. Extension until Dec. 14th

    Hope that helps x​
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  9. Oh definitely!
  10. And to be clear, that wasn't just for @evilsin, a number of DMs suggested it would be helpful!

    If this doesn't drive engagement.....................

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  11. No, no, it was for me only, thank you.
  12. Oh this is massively helpful! Maybe a few scores will go up as I get more time with some songs too.
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  13. Done and submitted, rejoice @Wills !

    Sweetune's career after Monotree founder leave them :

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  14. [​IMG]
    Road to Sweetune: BOYFRIEND

    I guess we might as well finish off the big ones! And with the biggest one, actually: not counting KARA solos, BOYFRIEND has the most tracks in the rate at 12, helped by a pair of Japanese releases that are nearly impossible to track down. Of all the major groups present, these guys were the most unknown to me – I think I’d only heard ‘Janus’ before starting. Now that I’ve delved in, I’m happy to report I’ve found some of the strongest B-sides yet!

    But first, debut: BOYFRIEND was under Starship Entertainment, and if the name didn’t tip you off, they tended towards a cutesy, wholesome image. Monsta X always felt like an overcorrection for something, so I’m glad to finally know why. Watching their MVs, I wondered why one of the guys was shown so much more than the others, but it turns out two of them are just twins. Wikipedia tells me they starred in over 300 commercials in their first 100 days in the industry, which is king shit tbh.

    Their debut track was 2011’s ‘Boyfriend’, and like everyone else, they thought they could pull it off without Sweetune. Granted, you can generally do a lot worse than hiring Brave Brothers, but… suffice to say I’m looking forward to trashing this in their eventual rate. It’s a feeble take on both BOYFRIEND and Brave Brothers’ eventual sounds, not helped by choreo so cringe they decided to change it a few days into promotions. As always, I’m sure someone here stans this (and please feel free to take the floor and rebut!), but… yeesh. Not for me.

    A few months later, the Sweetune onslaught began, with ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, ‘I’ll Be There’, and ‘Love Style’ released in quick succession. The latter was the title track from their first mini, which included a couple strong B-sides. The first, ‘Super Hero’, was a proto-MonoTree production. It turns out the best BOYFRIEND B-sides sound a lot like the best INFINITE B-sides: gorgeous vocal blend, catchy instrumental riffs, and sparkling, major-key melodies. My favourite bit is when the instrumental drops out after the intro, ushering in an addictive verse melody.

    Equally strong is ‘One Day’, which… also sounds a lot like an INFINITE song ddd. I love the whiny synth that pops up throughout, and the backing vocals provide some welcome percussiveness to the chorus:

    I’m actually just placing that this sounds like ‘White Confession (Lately)’, which makes me wonder if it's a Christmas song, never mind that it was released in June. In fact, I’m adding this to my Christmas playlist, and my English-speaking family will be none the wiser!

    Later in 2012, the group released their first full-length, Janus. Naturally, this came with a number of Sweetune productions, many of which were solo performances. My favourite is the full-group ‘Good Night’, another MonoTree number; the intro and post-chorus feature particularly strong vocal melodies, set to a satisfying thump. This is one of those B-sides that could easily justify the full promotional treatment:

    The album was repackaged in 2013 as I Yah and included another new B-side, ‘Standing With U’. As effusive as my praise was for the previous track, I love this one even more, to the extent that it might be my favourite BOYFRIEND track of all. Subdued, piano-driven verses transition to a pop-rock chorus reminiscent of Sunggyu’s ’60 Seconds’. And, again, that vocal blend; Sweetune were masters of bolstering an arresting melody with gorgeous, interesting harmonies.

    Folks, I genuinely can’t recommend this one enough:

    2013 also saw the release of ‘On & On’, which I consider the ending of the first phase of their career. Starting in 2014, tracks like ‘Obsession’, ‘Witch’, ‘White Out’, and ‘Bounce’ saw the group moving in a different artistic direction; “mature” is probably the word, though years as an NCTzen has taught me that can be a double-edged sword ddddd.

    That said, we’ll chat about the quality of the title tracks when the time comes (but I certainly do think they have their merits). As for the B-sides… welp. It seems a bit like Sweetune fell into a rut where they were trying to expand their sound, and… not really striking gold. Perhaps I just didn’t give them enough of a chance, but I’m also perfectly content to take their earlier songs and run.

    Let’s be honest: BOYFRIEND likely has an uphill battle ahead of them in this rate, with far less name recognition than many of the other groups, more songs in the running, and the cardinal sin of being men. And having the name BOYFRIEND. Christ, they don’t make it easy.

    But personally, I’ve enjoyed acquainting myself with their discography. I know we’re all busy, and I’m leaving a lot of words to read (which, btw, thank you for indulging me!), but I do recommend taking a moment to check out at least a couple of the tracks I’ve linked – as hidden gems go, I think they underline the overall quality of Sweetune’s output over the years.

    Songs We'll be Rating

    Don’t Touch My Girl (2011)
    I’ll Be There (2011)
    Love Style (2012)
    Be My Shine (2012)
    Janus (2012)
    My Lady (2012)
    I Yah (2013)
    On & On (2013)
    Obsession (2014)
    Witch (2014)
    White Out (2014)
    Bounce (2015)​
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  15. Slice of Life

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    The one-two punch of Janus and I Yah (and the whole Janus full album tbh) made me stan Boyfriend briefly. I cannot recommend Janus (the album) enough. One of the very best of that year for sure.
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  16. Their early stuff with Sweetune until I Yah are golden (minus the ultra cheesy Japanese stuff),but starting from On & On the collaboration lose its magic.
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  17. This sent me ddd
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    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!1!!!
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  20. One week to vote!
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