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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Final Stats ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. For those of you who haven’t submitted your scores...for the holidays I would like for this to not be an ALL female top ten. If we could show love to my loves it would be a bonus, not that I’m trying to tip the scales in Infinite’s favor. I’m just saying, dear friends, can we celebrate a song of theirs besides The Chaser. They are more than that one song. Happy scoring!
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  2. They're my loves too so don't worry, my scores WILL raise Infinite's average!
    Only if I can actually finish rating the entire thing dddd with amount of gg bangers in this rate I think it's very likely we'll have an all female top 10, just so you know!
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  3. I’m sure you’re doing great unnie, keep up the good work xoxoxoxoxo
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  4. Thank you!....I know it’s going to be all female Top 10, if not Top 15-20 (which is insanity but...I know my audience.) If this rate makes ONE person look up an Infinite song that wasn’t part of the rate or check out a guide on YouTube, my work, well @Wills work, hahaha, will have been worth it!
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  5. The way I got sad that I didn't give them a perfect 10 average, since I gave two of the songs like a 9.25 / 9.75, but then I remembered my 11 evened it out so it WAS a perfect 10 average. Septuple #1 here we go!
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  6. This is me looking in my bedroom mirrors when listening to this song.

    (What are they actually singing?)
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  7. Officially they’re singing “rock your body, I say”... but that’s not what those ears are hearing!
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  8. How are they singing four syllables when there's clearly only two. Someone knew what they were doing...
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  9. I'm finally rating and, honestly, Sweetune are the kings of key changes. Every single one of those is immaculate.
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  10. BOYFRIEND were certainly... prolific, I'll give them that.
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  11. M24


    Hii, is it too late for me to take part in this?

    Disclaimer: I don't rate "Step" or "The Chaser" as much as everyone else does. I'd rather listen to "Lupin" and "Be Mine" from KARA and Infinite, respectively. So... I'd completely understand it if you don't want me participating kii.

    Another disclaimer... there are a lot of songs from this list I haven't listened to, but I think I can give them a couple spins before the deadline!
  12. Not too late at all - more voters (and variety of opinions) is always a good thing! Just DM me your scores and commentary (if you choose) by the deadline. Also feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the process! x
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  13. M24


    That's awesome, thank you! I'll get to work on it rightaway!
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  14. Since Wills already have the go ahead let me say WELCOME, anyone who openly loves Be Mine over The Chaser is welcome as the resident crazy Inspirit! LOL
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  15. M24


    Hahaha thank you! Be Mine and BTD are my jams ♥

    After the rate is over, if it's not too much to ask, I'd love to be recommended some similar songs from them in the same vein. I only know their title tracks!
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  16. I included a few recommendations in this post, there may be something you like!
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  17. M24


    Thanks!! I noticed you put a lot of dedication into your writeups, but I still have to read them (and listen to the songs you link)! Hope I find the time before I send my vote!!
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  18. Five days to vote!

    I finally got around to this bit of essential viewing tonight:

    For those not in the know (e.g. me, until very recently), Sera was the one-time leader and main vocalist of 9Muses. Her reaction to 'No Playboy' is pretty distressing to watch, but it's so cathartic to see her light up from 'Figaro' on.

    What an absolutely fierce partnership Sweetune x Muses was. We're right there stanning with you, sis.​
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  19. [​IMG]
    Road to Sweetune: SPICA

    Vocals have arrived.

    SPICA debuted in 2012 under B2M Entertainment, a now-defunct agency that was once home to Lee Hyori (and do get ready to see her name come up once or twice more). They’re inarguably the best-known female vocal group in all of Kpop, and no one else has ever deigned to come for the title.

    Well, there was one other group that tried it, but they ultimately gave up to hem and haw over appropriated beats, so SPICA reigns supreme. Anyways!

    SPICA’s debut year was pretty massive, with five videos released. The first, ‘Doggedly’, was their “Prologue Single,” which I guess just means it didn’t have SPICA in the video. What it did have was Lee Hyori, playing a woman who deserved better, which Wikipedia says “sparked high interest” enough to clear 1M views.

    Their actual debut came a month later with ‘Russian Roulette’, which leaned into rock sounds much more heavily than the RnB-inspired ‘Doggedly’. ‘Painkiller’, the title track from the re-release, split the difference between the two styles; aesthetically and sonically, it’s the darkest the group ever got, meaning it’s cool as hell, and I don’t even need to tell you that they sound amazing:

    The video for ‘I’ll Be There’ looked to be more of the same until the jarring bait-and-switch where it revealed itself as a Spice Girls song. It’s… proficient, but not at all what I come to SPICA for. Finally, the group closed out 2012 with ‘Lonely’, their second track we’ll be rating. Not a bad first showing!

    And then things came to a screeching halt when everyone around them realized things weren’t really working out commercially. I’ll pause here to note that before I knew anything else about SPICA, I knew that they were “underrated”; apparently, as much as this is a group to be stanned, it’s also to be pitied. Their label only reinforced this perception with a reality show where the group received counsel from – who else? – Lee Hyori. I can’t really speak much, as my attention was focused elsewhere in 2013, but commentary from the time suggests this cemented an underdog narrative that they never managed to overcome.

    Either way, the project resulted in ‘Tonight’, the group’s only Gaon top 10 hit and the only song I knew before starting this rate. Personally, I find it a bit generic (and it raises a cultural double standard, where I’d probably be rolling my eyes if a western artist released the exact same track), but I can understand why it took off. If the entire track were just the build to the second chorus, I wouldn’t mind one bit. Oh, and they sound great:

    Unfortunately, this didn’t end up being a stepping stone to lasting success, resulting in a bizarre 2014 for the group. First came another Hyori collaboration with ‘You Don’t Love Me’; then, the group’s very own ‘Dynamite’ with the English-language ‘I Did It’. Paved the way! Then came ‘Give Your Love’ from SPICA.S, their first subunit. Wikipedia tells me, “The subgroup is composed of four members: Park Sihyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, and Kim Bohyung,” which is a polite way of saying “everyone except Kim BoA.” Apparently ma was hard at work on a solo project, which… I can’t find any record of, but she had plenty of other avenues for cashflow; more on that in a bit.

    Their final release of the year was ‘Ghost’, from their Autumn X Sweetune Special Ghost EP; not the catchiest title, but pretty much tells you everything you need to know. This was also their final Sweetune collaboration, meaning our last stop for the time being.

    And if it seems like I’m blasting through this phase of their career, it’s only because I needed to save a couple embeds for…

    Road to Sweetune: KEEMBO

    It was February of this year, and things were really starting to go to shit. Then KEEMBO showed up out of nowhere, and things have been great ever since. Neat!

    Well, not quite, but life’s a lot better than it might’ve been otherwise. SPICA’s main vocalists, BoA and Bohyung, teamed up to form KEEMBO. And frankly, if you were going to pick any two of the five original members, I’m glad it was them – their two voices were absolutely essential to SPICA’s legendary vocal blend.

    Actually, before I go any further, quick Kim BoA appreciation moment: as I mentioned in the intro to this rate, sis was actually part of the Sweetune team at one point, penning tracks and acting as vocal coach to a bunch of the other acts here. Among idols’ voices, hers is unique in how well-developed her lower range is; I can’t really think of another idol who sounds quite like her. Also, at the age of 25, she was comparatively ancient when SPICA debuted. Basically, I stan the hell out of this woman for being obscenely talented, for bucking ageist standards, and for being an absolute force behind the scenes and in front of the mic. Slé!

    I’ve actually failed you all by omitting KEEMBO’s earliest release, ‘Thank You, Anyway’, which should’ve been eligible for the rate due to having a music video. Sorry! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve uncovered a handful of other songs I missed; if you can forgive me a TEEN TOP Christmas track, I’m sure you can overlook this.

    Truthfully, the track isn’t my cup of tea – OFC they sound amazing, and it builds nicely, but I mostly think it served as a cute teaser of what was to come:

    The ladies have had a great year, resulting in three tracks that we’ll be rating. I want to quickly highlight ‘99’, which stands out from other SPICA releases by… having a Sweetune B-side! ‘Cloud 9’ might boast their most absurd production ever, driven home by a dog going batshit all over the whole thing. Naturally, the insanity is anchored by a tremendous vocal performance:

    In a way, I think the KEEMBO project represents Sweetune pushing their boundaries and getting increasingly experimental with their patented sound. It’s been an absolute joy to watch unfold in this festering wound of a year… even if no one outside of this forum seems to care. Some things never change!

    Songs We'll be Rating

    Russian Roulette (2012)
    Lonely (2012)
    Ghost (2014)

    Scandalous (2020)
    99 (2020)
    Scene (2020)​
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  20. Four days to vote!
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