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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Now it's actually finished ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    Well, hello there.

    As a largely image- and personality-driven genre, K-Pop sees a lot of emphasis placed on idol groups and individual performers. Choreo, live stages, merch, variety appearances – all are essential elements of the complete K-Pop package. And yet... none of it would mean anything if not for the music!*

    *notwithstanding certain groups that seem to think otherwise ddd

    For just a moment, I’d like to take a step back from the stage makeup and sus styling to shine a spotlight on Sweetune, the production team responsible for dozens of beloved classics. If I have to conduct this entire countdown using only my own scores… so be it. But I’d love if you would join me!

    As a general rule, I’m not going to regurgitate the Wikipedia articles for everything we cover, but I will try to highlight the most noteworthy (and occasionally cringeworthy) bits. In this vein, let’s begin with a brief Sweetune primer:

    Sweetune has been at least 15 people, but it’s currently 11 people, and it mostly seems to be 2 people

    Confused? Let’s back up: the Sweetune team currently consists of 11 members, working as “music producers, composers, songwriters and engineers” (to quote directly from Wikipedia asdfgh, I’m such a hack). Two of these members are the team’s founders, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo. They're also the only names that appear consistently in production credits... to the extent that I feel kinda bad for the others.

    Well, it seems that some of the others felt kinda bad too: three members split from the team in 2014, going on to form MonoTree, responsible for a boatload of other forum faves. (If y’all behave yourselves, maybe I’ll run a sequel rate; God knows a bunch of you will jump at the chance to rate LOONA songs for the 500th time nñn)

    Another former member was Kim Boa, who went on to debut as the leader of SPICA – more on her later. Honestly, it’s hard to find much in the way of Sweetune history; their official(?) website isn’t particularly helpful, though “Sweetune Woks” does sound promising.

    Sweetune’s tended to work with artists across multiple comebacks

    K-Pop is Pop, meaning agencies want hits; building a cohesive discography isn’t always a priority. Of course, there are exceptions, and a number of the acts we’ll be discussing have worked with Sweetune across numerous comebacks, spanning several years – most notably KARA, INFINITE, 9MUSES, and BOYFRIEND. Other acts worked with Sweetune for fewer comebacks, but the period proved transformational – Stellar is probably the best example here.

    This trend has tapered off somewhat in recent years, and the acts have become… conspicuously more nugu fffff. Perhaps we’ll dig into this a bit later. Or perhaps not, since it makes me a bit sad!

    Sweetune has a signature sound

    Here at forum dot popjustice dot com slash forums slash k hyphen pop dot thirty-three, we love the following:
    • Bops with many beats per minute
    • Noisy bops (when performed by women ONLY)
    • The 80s’, or more specifically, songs that remind us with the ‘80s but with better production​

    Lucky for us, Sweetune has served all of the above! The last point is probably what they’re most broadly known for.

    Personally? For me, a Sweetune production is all about the layers – synths & guitars & horns & deeper synths & bongos (!) & voices stacked up to the cosmos. Also: a heavy focus on melody that gets passed between instrumentals and vocals; if you can recognizably hum any 4 bars of a K-Pop song, there’s a good chance it’s a Sweetune production.

    My Credentials

    Let’s get this out of the way: I didn’t know the vast majority of these songs prior to this year. I think the first Sweetune track I (knowingly) heard was Beautiful by fucking TARGET; for reference, it came out the same day as TWICE’s Fancy. I’m not exactly long in the tooth here.

    But 2020’s had a funny way of chopping & screwing everyone’s sense of time. So while I could swear I started working from home three weeks ago, and binged Love is Blind last Wednesday, I also feel like I’ve been sitting with these songs for an eternity. The tracks linked below have been some of the only joy I’ve experienced in the past 6 mirthless months, and I’ve developed a lot of affection for the material. So… here we are!

    Of course, not having been there for a lot of these releases means I’ll be leaning on you to help fill in the blanks. Tidbits I’ve missed, context I’ve overlooked, forum memories… I want to hear it all! Which brings us to…

    The Rules

    The next post will include 92 songs for you to rate. It’s a lot! I urge you to give them all at least a few listens before scoring – I found many of them took a few weeks to properly sink their hooks in, and even the most unassuming tracks have details worth noting.

    … except for one, but we’ll get to that.

    Send me a PM scoring each song from 0 to 10. Decimals are fine – get as specific as you want (within reason, i.e. don’t be a twit about it)! And, as usual, you get a single 11 to give to your favourite song of all.

    I encourage you to use as much light and shade in your scoring as possible by taking advantage of the whole scale. I have some ideas about how to showcase everyone’s absolute favourite songs, and variety in your scores will help make sure you’re spotlighted; again, more on this later.

    Finally, commentary please! It makes me look good, plus it helps you get a word in even if you need a break from the forum messery.

    The Deadline

    You have until Tuesday, December 15th at 11:59 AM MST, so get cracking!

    … but actually, it’s super important to me that everyone feels they have enough time to sit with these tracks. I’d rather delay a bit if it means more participants! So let me know in the thread if you’re feeling a different timeline.

    And… that’s it for post #1! Thanks for skimming!​
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  2. The Songs
    Rock U (2008)
    Pretty Girl (2008)
    Honey (2009)
    Wanna (2009)
    Mister (2009)
    Lupin (2010)
    Jumping (2010)
    We’re With You (2010)
    Step (2011)
    Pandora (2012)
    Damaged Lady (2013)

    Lost (feat. Jeong Jinwoon) (Nicole solo - 2012)
    Mama (Nicole solo - 2014)
    Guilty (Seungyeon solo - 2012)
    Daydream (Gyuri solo - 2012)
    Midnight Queen (Hara solo - 2019)

    She’s Back (2010)
    BTD (Before the Dawn) (2011)
    Nothing’s Over (2011)
    Be Mine (2011)
    Paradise (2011)
    White Confession (Lately) (2011)
    The Chaser (2012)
    Man in Love (2013)
    Last Romeo (2014)

    60 Seconds (Sunggyu solo - 2012)

    A (2010)
    Mach (2010)

    Let it Go (feat. Hyuna) (2011)
    The Art of Seduction (2013)

    Figaro (2011)
    News (2012)
    Ticket (2012)
    Dolls (2013)
    Wild (2013)
    Gun (2013)
    Glue (2013)

    Don’t Touch My Girl (2011)
    I’ll Be There (2011)
    Love Style (2012)
    Be My Shine (2012)
    Janus (2012)
    My Lady (2012)
    I Yah (2013)
    On & On (2013)
    Obsession (2014)
    Witch (2014)
    White Out (2014)
    Bounce (2015)

    Russian Roulette (2012)
    Lonely (2012)
    Ghost (2014)

    Hateful Person (2012)

    Study (2013)
    Marionette (2014)
    Mask (2014)
    Fool (2015)

    Delicious (2014)
    Tell Me Why (2014)

    Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya) (2014)

    Lovesick (2015)
    Target (2015)

    Shall We Dance (2015)
    Platonic Love (2016)
    You=Heaven (2016)
    It’s Raining (2016)
    Back:Hug (2017)
    The Star of Stars (2017)
    Dear (2017)

    Better Day (2016)
    Sketch U (2017)

    Good Time (2016)

    She (2017)
    Mind Control (2017)
    Love Story (2018)
    Paradise (2018)
    Wake Up (2019)

    Hot Feeling (2017)
    (the Korean version exists on streaming as ‘Afterwards’, which… might be the official title dd, but we’ve already used ‘Hot Feeling’ for the elimination banner, so we’re sticking with it!)
    Awake (2018)
    Beautiful (2019)

    It’s U (2018)
    Lady (2018)
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  3. [​IMG]
    That Day (2018)
    Lost N Found (2018)

    Delight (Jiae solo) (2013)
    Gone (Jin solo) (2013)

    Eden (2019)
    Final Kiss (2019)
    Memento (2019)
    The Day (2020)

    Scandalous (2020)
    99 (2020)
    Scene (2020)

    The Playlists

    Apple Music

    KARA - Rock U:
    KARA - Pretty Girl:
    KARA - Honey:
    KARA - Wanna:
    KARA - Mr.:
    KARA - Lupin:
    KARA - Jumping:
    KARA - We’re With You:
    KARA - Step:
    KARA - Pandora:
    KARA - Damaged Lady:

    Nicole (KARA) - Lost (feat. Jeong Jinwoon):
    Nicole (KARA) - Mama:
    Seungyeon (KARA) - Guilty:
    Gyuri (KARA) - Daydream:
    Hara (KARA) - Midnight Queen:

    INFINITE - She’s Back:
    INFINITE - BTD (Before the Dawn):
    INFINITE - Nothing’s Over:
    INFINITE - Be Mine:
    INFINITE - Paradise:
    INFINITE - White Confession (Lately):
    INFINITE - The Chaser:
    INFINITE - Man in Love:
    INFINITE - Last Romeo:

    Sunggyu (INFINITE) - 60Sec:

    Rainbow - A:
    Rainbow - Mach:

    Heo Youngsaeng - Let it Go (feat. Hyuna):
    Heo Youngsaeng - The Art of Seduction:

    9MUSES - Figaro:
    9MUSES - News:
    9MUSES - Ticket:
    9MUSES - Dolls:
    9MUSES - Wild:
    9MUSES - Gun:
    9MUSES - Glue:

    BOYFRIEND - Don’t Touch My Girl:
    BOYFRIEND - I’ll Be There:
    BOYFRIEND - Love Style:
    BOYFRIEND - Be My Shine:
    BOYFRIEND - Janus:
    BOYFRIEND - My Lady
    BOYFRIEND - I Yah:
    BOYFRIEND - On & On:
    BOYFRIEND - Obsession:
    BOYFRIEND - Witch:
    BOYFRIEND - White Out:
    BOYFRIEND - Bounce:

    SPICA - Russian Roulette:
    SPICA - Lonely:
    SPICA - Ghost:

    BEAST - Hateful Person:

    Stellar - Study:
    Stellar - Marionette:
    Stellar - Mask:
    Stellar - Fool:

    ToHeart - Delicious:
    ToHeart - Tell Me Why:

    Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya):

    ROMEO - Lovesick:
    ROMEO - Target:

    SNUPER - Shall We Dance:
    SNUPER - Platonic Love:
    SNUPER - You=Heaven:
    SNUPER - It’s Raining:
    SNUPER - Back:Hug:
    SNUPER - The Star of Stars:
    SNUPER - Dear:

    100% - Better Day:
    100% - Sketch U:

    A.DE - Good Time:

    TST - She:
    TST - Mind Control:
    TST - Love Story:
    TST - Paradise:
    TST - Wake Up:

    TARGET - Hot Feeling:
    TARGET - Awake:
    TARGET - Beautiful:

    Golden Child - It’s U:
    Golden Child - Lady:

    Lovelyz - That Day:
    Lovelyz - Lost N Found:

    Jiae (Lovelyz) - Delight:
    Jin (Lovelyz) - Gone:

    IZ - Eden:
    IZ - Final Kiss:
    IZ - Memento:
    IZ - The Day:

    KEEMBO - Scandalous:
    KEEMBO - 99:
    KEEMBO - Scene:
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  4. Results

    93. TARGET - Awake
    92. BOYFRIEND - White Out
    91. TARGET - Hot Feeling

    90. BOYFRIEND - On & On
    89. BOYFRIEND - My Lady
    88. ToHeart - Tell Me Why
    87. TARGET - Beautiful
    86. Jin (Lovelyz) - Gone

    85. BOYFRIEND - Be My Shine
    84. IZ - The Day
    83. 100% - Sketch U
    82. ToHeart - Delicious
    81. BOYFRIEND - Witch

    80. SNUPER - Dear
    79. Heo Youngsaeng - Let it Go (feat. Hyuna)
    78. BOYFRIEND - I'll Be There
    77. BOYFRIEND - Obsession
    76. BOYFRIEND - Don't Touch My Girl

    75. INFINITE - White Confession (Lately)
    74. TST - She
    (Tie) 72. IZ - Memento
    (Tie) 72. KARA - Rock U

    (Tie) 70. Nicole (KARA) - Lost (feat. Jeong Jinwoon)
    (Tie) 70. TST - Mind Control
    69. 100% - Better Day
    68. A.DE - Good Time
    67. TST - Wake Up
    66. SNUPER - You=Heaven

    65. BOYFRIEND - Bounce
    64. KARA - We're With You
    63. Golden Child - It's U
    62. BOYFRIEND - Love Style
    61. TST - Love Story

    60. Stellar - Fool
    59. Golden Child - Lady
    (Tie) 57. Gyuri (KARA) - Daydream
    (Tie) 57. BEAST - Hateful Person
    56. Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya)

    55. ROMEO - Lovesick
    54. Kim Sunggyu (INFINITE) - 60 Seconds
    53. Stellar - Study
    (Tie) 51. Jiae (Lovelyz) - Delight
    (Tie) 51. SNUPER - Shall We Dance

    50. Heo Youngsaeng - The Art of Seduction
    49. INFINITE - Last Romeo
    48. TST - Paradise
    47. Nicole (KARA) - Mama
    46. KARA - Pretty Girl

    (Tie) 44. IZ - Final Kiss
    (Tie) 44. INFINITE - She's Back
    43. IZ - Eden
    42. BOYFRIEND - Janus
    41. INFINITE - Nothing's Over

    40. SPICA - Ghost
    39. Seungyeon (KARA) - Guilty
    38. ROMEO - Target
    37. INFINITE - BTD (Before the Dawn)
    36. SNUPER - Back:Hug

    35. INFINITE - Man in Love
    34. KEEMBO - 99
    33. SNUPER - It's Raining
    32. SNUPER - The Star of Stars
    31. BOYFRIEND - I Yah

    30. KARA - Honey
    29. INFINITE - Paradise
    28. Stellar - Mask
    27. SPICA - Lonely
    26. KEEMBO - Scene

    25. Lovelyz - That Day

    Road to Sweetune: Introductory Posts


    Farewell Posts

    Rainbow (9.418)
    9Muses (9.374)

    KEEMBO (8.656)

    SPICA (8.430)
    KARA (8.414)
    INFINITE (8.037)
    Stellar (8.006)

    SNUPER (7.804)
    Lovelyz (7.791)
    ROMEO (7.663)

    Eric Nam (7.324)
    BEAST (7.315)
    Golden Child (7.255)
    IZ (7.239)
    TST (7.200)
    Heo Youngsaeng (7.175)
    A.DE (7.109)

    BOYFRIEND (6.875)
    100% (6.837)
    ToHeart (6.490)
    TARGET (6.080)
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  5. And, as a final introductory note – a moment of gratitude for @junglefish unnie, who’s provided all rate graphics. Other than being a complete joy to work with, he’s done some excellent work – I’ve been gazing lovingly at the song images for weeks, and I can’t wait to share them with you all. Please give it up for the good sis by liking this post!​
  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Holy fuck......so many 11s. This is going to be IMPOSSIBLE. I'm still finishing the Anastacia rate, and need to start the City Pop rate, but oh my god I'm so excited to start rating these songs.
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  8. If any one of you beasts tank Dolls by 9Muses... yeah, we're gonna have some problems.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    What with Lee Sem being my ultimate bias in all of K-Pop, heads are gonna roll if that happens.
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  10. [​IMG]

    I'm iiiin, The Chaser for the win or I will riot
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  12. If any one of you beasts tank The Chaser by Infinite... yeah, we're gonna have some problems.

    And no, misandry is not a valid excuse
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  13. The Star of Stars top 10 I'm planting the seed and I will see the harvest.
    It was a pleasure working with you too @Wills
  14. The KARA and INFINITE songs alone...

  15. i wonder what my 11 will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  16. I see that my vehicle for men’s rights on the forum is working.


    All the boy groups except INFINITE & SNUPER:

  17. Now hear this! Per @Wills Infinite alone...pick a song, any song, the magic will touch you! For those of you unfamiliar with them beyond The Chaser, or who think you remember the songs, LISTEN AGAIN! I simply ask that when you get to said Infinite section, you go on with open ears, hearts, and minds like I have in other rates. LOL

    This is also a friendly reminder that I will take low Infinite scores personally and will be be taking notes. So for those of you who will automatically give White Confession a 3 or 4 because it’s a Christmas song, I will let you know that it NEVER leaves my playlists so that argument is suspect. OH, and while I love all the boys, I will especially NOT tolerate any L, Woohyun, or Hoya slander in your commentary!

    Seriously though, as the resident Infinite STAN, I am super excited for this as it is the closest I’m ever going to get to an Infinite rate. I myself can’t wait to dive into Kara. Also check back for motivation as I think I will be taking a few personal favorites and explain to you why you should love them. Hahaha
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    @Wills making my Kara rate obsolete before it's even started fffffffffffff.
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  19. This alone makes yours relevant!
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  20. #JusticeForRainbow
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