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ϟ The Sweetune Singles Rate: Now it's actually finished ϟ

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    They had a good run, but now it’s time to say goodbye.


    YEAR: 2013

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10 x 13) @Slice of Life, @aux, @RUNAWAY, @thommyh, @BeingNormal, @junglefish, @ysev, @junkos, @Joli Chat, @roblognick, @Crisp X, @Ana Raquel, @vague (9.5) @Hurricane Drunk (9) @Monkey0, @Remorque, @Empty Shoebox
    HATE TO SEE IT: (6) @M24 (6.5) @evilsin (7) @Wills
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 10

    LUCKY UNNIES*: @Wills (7), @M24 (6)
    *meaning this was their lowest remaining score

    Well, well, well, here we are. 9MUSES officially lose their first song at number sixteen, meaning they constitute 40% of the TOP 20. Now, that’s a big slice of the pie! Deservedly so, if you ask me.

    Glue was the fourth and last 9MUSES single of 2013, ending the busiest and one of the most successful years during the group’s history. After much of their career feeling like a constant struggle for stability and floating in limbo, 2013 seemed like 9MUSES finally found their footing. One year after Hyuna and Gyeongree, Sungah joined the group making them a nine-piece for the first time since their debut in 2010.

    Glue sees the girls alluringly bopping, hopping, stomping and dancing on very familiar territory. It’s a groovy funk-pop track very reminiscent of earlier singles and album tracks. It would’ve perfectly fit into the sonic palette of their first (and only) studio album Prima Donna. The production is breezy, electronic and heavily influenced by 70s funk and disco, making it a timeless song that could’ve easily been released last Friday. It gives you a feeling of… future nostalgia, if you will.

    Unfortunately Glue was the last time we’d see this line up of Namyu, as Sera, Eunji and Lee Sem left the group after promotions concluded. These heartbreaking departures don’t take away from the fact that Glue remains one of the finest retro-styled K-pop songs and surprisingly one of the few singles of a larger group where every member has their fair share of time to shine. Every girl has at least two verses which led to less exposed vocalists like Minha and Lee Sem finally proving themselves as the competent singers that they are.

    All things considered, Glue feels like a euphoria-filled celebration of 9MUSES’ most legendary year as it combines all things that made them the phenomenal group that they were: sexiness, elegance and enormously catchy melodies.

    Now let’s move on to the commentary:

    Let’s start with M24’s very wrong assessment “9Muses's most boring title track for me. Decent, but kind of a snooze.BeingNormal does a full 180 and claims the opposite! “Actually my favorite from the 4 singles they released that year. Yeah it's fairly standard for Sweetune, but it's just so catchy and easy to listen. Miss Lee Sem serving vocals before leaving, go off queen.

    roblognick keeps it simple and says “Banger”. I wonder what he has to say about their other songs?

    Our dear Crisp X is filled with mixed emotions and has some threatening words to say to 9MUSES’ company “I'll forever be bitter that this was the goodbye single for Sera, Eunji, and Lee Sem because I felt like they hadn't done enough with 9Muses and Glue in particular made me crave more straightforward funk boppery with them. Witnessing such a big line-up change just after getting into the group... honestly, I think I still have trauma. Star Empire, it's ON SIGHT.

    Joli Chat, unlike former leader and main vocalist Sera, sees dollar signs while listening to Glue “MAJESTIC!!! the way everything here sounds so… high class, VIP, expensive, velvety, this song is the musical version of wearing a fur coat on a cold winter day, in front of the fireplace, while drinking some old wine that was made before you were even born, all this whilst your cat eats some caviar next to you”.

    Our lovely(z) host Wills, whose DMs are open for a little harassment and bullying after being a low scorer for this absolute gem, says: “fff I feel like I’m gonna get dragged for this… and 7 isn’t even a bad score! I’ve just never connected with this the way so many others seem to, and frankly, I know it’s my loss. But none of you are here to listen to me defend my score, so I’m grateful I could hide behind hand the reins over to the incomparable @ysev unnie to explain why this is a masterpiece. And if this mea culpa isn’t enough… the petition link is probably still live!” Here, once again the link xx

    And last but not least, let’s give it up for 9MUSES’ biggest stan on the forum, RUNAWAY! The stage is yours unnie.
    I-CON-IC. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO~ Lee Sem saying “for my last single, I’m getting THE CHORUS.” What a way to go out. For both her, and Sweetune. Literally nothing after this song has really felt like a genuine Nine Muses song. They were such an incredible partnership, and we truly lost something special when they stopped working together. Glue is just one of those songs. You know songs like that...they are STORIES that people can IDENTIFY WITH. You know what I mean? Anybody. Children were singing this song...at graduations, at weddings, at funerals.

    Below are the infamous “low budget” video and choreo practice where the girls do what they did best: serve legs legs legs! A feast for the eyes.

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  2. Hm. That’s... not the one that should have left first fff
  3. After all those KARA songs leaving, I'm happy some of you are gonna suffer now!

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  4. A J-Rock group that I remember from the Bleach soundtrack.

    00s weebs, rise up!
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  5. Hmm hmm... lemme whip up a lil something real quick as penance.


    @ysev baby that was perfection, I knew you were just the broad for the job ♡
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay um......NO.
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  7. it was time for 9muses to lose one song, but Glue?! iamdisgusted.gif
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  8. Oh? Should it have been your lone remaining 9.75? Or perhaps one of your 14 other tens?


    Only kidding ♡ but this is how you break democracy!!!
  9. Glue being the first 9MUSES song out is a joke indeed, but well whatever makes KARA safe. Eliminate Scandalous

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  10. And if anyone had mentioned that it was the opening track to our monthly charts videos, I would have felt obligated to start doing them again.
  11. That's still the first thing I associate the song with! Hearing the full thing during the Sweet Sexy KPSC and having it finally click... whew, that was magic

  12. Honestly, nothing much more needs to be said.

    The video isn't great and neither is choreography, but as song it's got the funky guitar lick, Eunji's and Euaerin's raps are super fun to sing, trademark 9Muses harmonies, the whole thing has got such a great rhythm. But why the fuck is it called Glue?

    << Asia O'Hara I'm Not Done.gif >>

    Let's look at see what I said in the 9Muses rate back in 2019 (wow, it feels so much longer ago than that).

    Wow. I'm an idiot. Proof that I need I need at least two years with a song to fully get into it.
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  13. Fine!

    @junglefish I screamed so much at this one fhajskf it’s perfect

    YEAR: 2020

    NO SERIOUSLY, THEY PEAKED: (11) @soratami

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10 x 11) @Wills, @Slice of Life, @aux, @RUNAWAY, @thommyh, @junglefish, @Hurricane Drunk, @Monkey0, @junkos, @Crisp X, @vague (9) @camden_italian, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel
    HATE TO SEE IT: (6.5) @M24 (7.5) @BeingNormal
    AS FOR ME: it’s a 10

    LUCKY UNNIES*: @BeingNormal (7.5), @M24 (6.5)
    *meaning this was their lowest remaining score

    They outlasted their forebearers by five spots, but now Keembo joins Spica in the great dungeon in the sky. Actually, that’s not fair: Keembo’s been incredibly prolific over the past year, with six videos and a full-length album to their name. …which, come to think, sounds a lot like Spica’s first year. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum going!

    Let's jump back to where the journey began ignoring for the millionth time their actual debut – ‘Scandalous’ was released five months into the Year from Hell, offering a whisper of a promise that Sweetune might be clawing their way back to former glories. Of course, this didn’t really pan out – Keembo was their sole project for the balance of the year and has done nothing commercially – but in a spring where literally everything else fell apart, it'd be foolish not to celebrate what we got!

    Even after dozens of plays, ‘Scandalous’ still makes my jaw drop. It’s far from the most immediate or impactful tune in the rate, but it’s nothing short of fascinating: I swear I heard a new instrumental line with each of my first 20 listens, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are even more buried in the mix somewhere. Normally I’d list my favourite elements, but there’s so much happening that it feels futile: give it a listen and try picking out everything going on, you’ll marvel just like me!

    The track also subverts expectations for its chorus, if you can even call it that: the intro riff is heard throughout, usually as an instrumental followed by BoA and Bohyung singing along. And I think it’s absolute genius!!! Not only is this passage obscenely catchy, it’s also a wonderful vocal showcase that doesn't sacrifice even an ounce of melody. Their voices have always been their calling card, and Sweetune was brilliant to make them the centerpiece. Even better is the outro: their harmonized “She’s a beauty, but scandalous!” never fails to bowl me over.

    I’m so thrilled with how this project’s extended Spica’s legacy, all while quashing any lingering doubts that Sweetune can still deliver masterpieces this side of 2012.

    No shade to M24, but we’ll get his commentary out of the way first: “This bops a little, great production and it's got the hooks to become a favorite of mine.” Girl that 6.5 says differently idk!!! Also in the gently shady corner is roblognick, who outs himself as a… 2Pac stan maybe? “Not the best song called Scandalous but a bloody good effort!

    Since Soratami didn’t provide commentary for his eleven, we’ll hand it over to the tens: Monkey0 correctly calls this the “SPICA reincarnation we deserve and need,” and RUNAWAY does his best RUNAWAY impression and gushes: “amazing SO AMAZING. Kim Boa is such an incredible talent. The way she sings, raps, writes and composes is incredible to see, and this was such an amazing comeback for these 2 enormously talented girls.” Nothing wrong with gushing when it’s all tea!

    Below is the video, which had roughly the same budget as this rate… but after umpteen views, I can’t help but adore it, shoddy as it might be. Both the live-action and animated parts are a bit… hmm, so it was wise to juxtapose the two and at least divert attention a bit. If nothing else, I love that this guarantees viewers come away knowing who BoA and Bohyung are: if there are any two faces in Kpop that ought to be recognized, it’s these!

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  14. Oops meant to do this yesterday, oh well! Anyone wanna take a stab at which four songs will be leaving us prior to the top 10?

    Top 14

    Rock U
    Pretty Girl



    We’re With You

    Damaged Lady

    Lost (feat. Jeong Jinwoon) (Nicole solo)
    Mama (Nicole solo)
    Guilty (Sungyeon solo)
    Daydream (Gyuri solo)

    Midnight Queen (Hara solo)

    She’s Back
    BTD (Before the Dawn)
    Nothing’s Over
    Be Mine

    White Confession (Lately)
    The Chaser
    Man in Love
    Last Romeo

    60Sec (Sunggyu solo)


    Heo Youngsaeng
    Let it Go (feat. Hyuna)
    The Art of Seduction



    Don’t Touch My Girl
    I’ll Be There
    Love Style
    Be My Shine

    My Lady
    I Yah
    On & On
    White Out

    Russian Roulette

    Hateful Person


    Tell Me Why

    Eric Nam
    Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya)


    Shall We Dance
    Platonic Love

    It’s Raining
    The Star of Stars


    Better Day
    Sketch U

    Good Time

    Mind Control
    Love Story

    Wake Up

    Hot Feeling

    Golden Child
    It’s U

    That Day
    Lost N Found

    Delight (Jiae solo)
    Gone (Jin solo)

    Final Kiss

    The Day


    Untouched Since Top 20


    Elevens Remaining

    19 / 22
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Aww I was really hoping Scandalous would make the top 10 because I feel like the Sweetune of today needs to be represented somehow........ but...
    THE CHASER IS STILL ALIVE SO YAYYYYYYYYYYY I can't be too mad with this elimination.
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  16. Scandalous is great, but it's still a 9 in a sea of 10s.

    I just have two scores lower than 10 now dddddd so fantastic results so far
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  18. [​IMG]

    YEAR: 2010

    LOVE TO HEAR IT: (10 x 12) @RUNAWAY, @BeingNormal, @Hurricane Drunk, @Monkey0, @junkos, @Joli Chat, @codecat, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @vague, @M24, @Empty Shoebox (9.5) @camden_italian, @junglefish (9) @evilsin, @Crisp X, @soratami
    HATE TO SEE IT: (6) @ysev (7) @roblognick
    AS FOR ME: it’s an 8.5

    LUCKY UNNIES*: @Slice of Life (8), @aux (8.5), @ysev (6), @roblognick (7)
    *meaning this was their lowest remaining score

    It’s funny: in the run-up to the rate starting, I had all these songs on repeat for months, but I’ve hardly listened to any of them since the countdown began. This means that each elimination also has me revisiting an old fave, and this one in particular just hit me like a total revelation.

    …which makes that 8.5 painful to see – this is such a tentpole moment in KARA’s catalogue, and it’d be an easy 9-10 in just about any other rate. ‘Lupin’ was the group’s first comeback after ‘Mr.’ ended the careers of all their contemporaries (and yes I said ALL), and it saw them doing what all groups do eventually: making a move towards the dark side. Visually, this was uncharted territory for KARA… but musically? ‘Lupin’ plays like a sequel to ‘Wanna’: edgier, sure, but also bigger in every way imaginable.

    The patented KARA riff is back, only this time it’s handled by the brass section (or synths that sound like horns, anyway). Much like ‘Wanna’, this sets the tone for the darker, minor-key verses; and – also like ‘Wanna’ – it makes the transition into the airy chorus that much more memorable. But where I couldn’t help but feel let down by ‘Wanna’s chorus, here I have no such qualms: the melody feels stately and refined but also kinda weird? Like iono but Sweetune was crazy for picking some of those notes… but it all works!

    I’ll also quickly mention the bridge, which is even crazier if you can believe it: it starts with a deconstruction of the central riff, before turning into an ultra-earnest vocal line that’s just as cheesy as it is triumphant. I feel like I’d need a degree in musicology to wrap my mind around everything happening here, so we’ll cap it at: this slaps.

    In fact, it slaps so hard that Crisp X lost a part of herself: “The drama contained in those strings and those stabs. Okay… take my wig.” ghasfjkh wait strings… are those the “horns” I was talking about?? Poor my untrained ear! Joli Chat makes a reference – “My favorite part about Lupin is that performance in which Seungyeon falls lol” – but unfortunately I’m late for dinner at the Olive Garden so I’ll need someone else to look this one up for me juseyo.

    Monkey0 uses an economy of words to express so much: “Dark KARA, best K-Pop Bond theme.” And RUNAWAY also stans their lil ferking derk moment: “the iconic dark concept that changed everything. That video is still so amazing.

    And finally, M24 knows us too well (but could know us better, come back unnie!): “The best KARA title track in my opinion. I'm sure it must be a forum favorite… I mean, the "hala hala" hook is terrific, and the chorus is an earworm, even if it's not as instant (like a lot of Sweetune's tracks). The only thing I'm not too fond of is the middle-8... it sounds abrupt and a little shouty?

    Hmm wait hala hala? Oomf is an ATINY? Yarr, peglegs up!!!

    Below is the video, and I’d ask why DSP can’t be bothered to reupload in reasonable quality, but I understand they have their hands full with debuting a new group and sealing another one’s casket. If I squint, the video looks great, though it mostly makes me wonder how the fuck @junglefish managed to make the banner look so good. Did she go ae-hacker on DSP servers? Leak the HQ version girl!

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  19. Shit I meant to quote this and say: you girls know better than to engage in this type of rhetoric! It never ends well for your faves!!!

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  20. Fff I think I used a screenshot from this upload:

    In other news y’all are absolutely fucking crazy.
    @ysev it’s on sight.
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