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The Tamperer feat. Maya

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by slimane, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. The ballad is surprisingly good. It could be better but for a dance act it’s good.

    I don’t get why they didn’t follow up If You Buy earlier. Maya was such a great popstar. It’s like she just knew how to be one and went for it!
  2. My favourite was Gotta Shine.
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  3. Oooh it has a shorter version of Get Up Get It On, compared to the UK album version.
  4. I love Feel It & Hammer to the Heart.

    I've always been baffled by the three(?) different radio versions of Feel It. There's the version available on Spotify, which starts with the Jacksons sample building up (the version used in the music video), then there's the radio version which starts similarly to 0:15 of the full length mix (or 'original version' on Spotify). Lastly, there's another radio version with the same structure as the radio version but sounds a lot more polished, with a slightly faster tempo. None of these 'radio versions' appear to be available to stream. Is this just a case of 'UK Radio Edit' coming into force?
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  5. Much like Black Box ten years earlier, Tamperer ft. Maya offered so much in their explosive arrival onto the charts only to disappear as quickly as they'd arrived. The three singles we're all amazing but it's my all-time favourite mash-up I'll remember them best for. Having jumped the train to London one night in a desperate and penniless bid to escape the humdrum of our suburban hell, we found ourselves in Brixton, and I'll never forget my first night in Love Muscle as the doors opened on a clubbers playground, and we entered the room to this...

    The place went berserk!

    The aforementioned Wanna Drop A House (On That Bitch) was soundtrack to a similar eye opener of a night a few years earlier as it goes. Classic.

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  6. When I bought the CD single of 'Feel It' at the time, I thought the first track sounded a bit slower than the version I'd always hear on the radio, but not noticeable enough for me to be sure it was, or if it was just me being silly as the structure of the song was identical. I've since noticed versions on compilations and such sounding a bit faster and from what you've said it probably proves my thoughts correct 20 years ago that the tempo of the radio version on the CD single was indeed a bit slower.
  7. Did Maya sing on any of the tracks or was she just the face of the act?
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  8. I wondered that for Feel It as to me the vocal sounds the same as the one for Drop A House. I assume all others she sang on.

    The UK radio edit of Feel It isn’t acailable digitally and I’ve asked the label if they can get the UK mixes online.

    I was doing my work experience in Virgin Megastore when Feel It came out and I wrongly assumed it was by some new edgy girlband!
  9. Just downloaded this album and it's surprisingly good, I love the ballad at the end where Maya gets to showcase her vocals.

    Just a shame that Hammer To The Heart wasn't included, that was always my favourite Tamperer single and I can't find it anywhere. Maybe another one for @aquaplex to bring back to life!
  10. There's an 8 track Hammer To The Heart single on Google Play and Spotify
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  11. Is the performance of Hammer to the Heart on Top of the Pops available online anywhere? I can’t find it.
  12. Yes here is the Hammer To The Heart release
  13. The Blunt Edit is faster than the original mix, and is remixed as well - the brass stabs are different most noticeably as well as other parts. The version of Feel It on the UK album is similar to the Blunt Edit, but has the original mix sounds in it. All rather peculiar.
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  14. I hope that if they can, they can upload the amazing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Voyeurism Vocal Mix, which was only ever available on CD on a US promo and this compilation which I bought it for -
  15. I'm pretty sure the 'Blunt Edit' that appeared on the single when first released was the original mix but in the radio edit form, I also remember when I got Massive Dance 98 thinking the version on there sounded so much better, it being the faster remixed version. I rebought the pepperrecords single years later and I've just had a listen, the Blunt Edit is now the faster remixed version, perhaps it was changed mid-release?
  16. Tracked down the 8 track remix EP on Amazon and I had forgotten how amazing the FAF Radio Edit that incorporates the riff from Gimme Gimme Gimme is!

    What a banger! Hung Up found rotting!
  17. I always thought this was the main version as it appeared on Now 45, and for years I wasn't aware of any other radio mixes.
  18. Uno


    Speaking of Black Box, they just removed their first album from Apple Music almost as soon as they added Tamperer ft. Maya's. Shame.
  19. This was the version I remember from the time too. I was most disappointed to find that the video version removes the ABBA sample which makes it 50% less amazing.
  20. Regarding Feel It, is it definitely the Blunt Edit that features on the CD? I'm gonna have to buy it and rip it if it is because I need that mix instead of that awful tinny horn version that they're trying to push.
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