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The Taylor Swift Discography Rate: Finally, We’re Out Of The Woods

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. ugh I just KNOW some of these are going to be on the best songs left.
  2. I’ve just realised I gave 9/13 of these full marks. TASTE. I think I’d bump ‘Red’ up from the 9.6 to a 10 as well now.
  3. I gave 11 out of 13 full marks. So much taste.

    Mine is the only outlier for me left, I gave it a 7. I also gave Delicate a 9 - they're the only 2 I don't think belong at this point.
  4. Love Story is my lowest score left.
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  5. I bet I'm a lowest scorer for some of them...

    EDIT: My lowest score is 5.5, phew!
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  6. Obviously I would make a few changes here or there but this is a pretty excellent top 13. I’m glad Mine has hung around even though I only gave it an 8, but I think it’s sadly time for it to go.
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  7. I only have one 8 among the last 13 songs. Everything else is 9 or higher. The talent of this woman... whew.

    Even the 8 is really good, it's just a song I got burnt out on pretty quickly, compared to other Tay singles.
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  8. These are my remaining scores

    10 x 7
    9 x 2
    7-ish x 3
    3 x 1 dddd
  9. Everyone can sit because I gave full marks to every song left.
    The talent this woman has.
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  10. Sis you literally gave everything full marks.
  11. Not everything. Just...a lot. But I wasn't expecting all full marks in the top 13.
  12. No wonder she didnt evolve lyrically after Red...people keep praising her most basic lyrics..
  13. Great lyricism isn’t just about the choice of words, but how well those words evoke a world or feeling. ‘Red’ is pretty stoic in its deliberation, but theres a rolling pace it sets that just doesn’t let up. The way she boils down entire experiences, like throttling down a highway as a metaphor for wild love, into single words... it’s masterful.
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  14. Ack, I would have liked Wildest Dreams to scrape into the top 10, but whatever. Lush is a word we don’t use much anymore, but that chorus is just sweeping.

    Anyway, State if Grace is the most obvious one to go (despite some lovely lyrics), then Red, and then everything is pretty great.
  15. First, I am not sure if that a spelling error by mistake or intentional.

    Second, if anything should go it is you now for calling it to go before the top 10.
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  16. In what world is State of Grace an obvious elimination before Top 3? Like did you get lost and end up in another dimension?
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  17. You do know that State of Grace is one of the most beloved Taylor songs on this forum, right?
  18. I'm surprised how far Mine made it. "I was a flight risk with a fear of falling" and "you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter" are great lyrics, but I think it's definitely one of the weaker remaining songs. I'd expect Love Story and Sparks Fly to last a little longer, but not by much.
  19. Of the songs left, the ones that figure to take up #13, #12, #11 are You Belong With Me, Mine, and Sparks Fly.
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  20. Hell, even I loved State of Grace.
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